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  1. Season 1 is much better than I remembered; and actually really similar to the first arc in Death Note.


    It's such a good show! Also strange seeing Ramsey in it.

  2. You know what, completely hated the idea of Minecraft Steve - but they've somehow pulled it off. There's just so much comedy to the animation and the moves they've picked.


    Also genuinely looks fun to play as Steve as well.

  3. I've been thinking a little about why this isn't a overwhelming success and I honestly think it's down to the dense pixelisation not looking completely amazing when streamed. Hopefully this will change once 1.0 releases - god knows it certainly deserves it!

  4. Brilliant movie, actually a lot better than I expected which is always nice. A lot of emotions wrapped in a easy to follow story 


    It just perfectly tapped into that innocence of being young - which made the Facist brainwashing much more effective.


    Loved it!

  5. I want to shine some light on two great FTP games that I've had a fair bit of fun with and not speant a penny.


    I Wanna Maker.




    I'm sure you've all seen these I Wanna be the Guy style games - well this is the Mario Maker version, easy to edit and play other people's creations with a lot of possibilities (played a pretty good Pac-man level earlier for example). There's filters like difficulty which make this a hell of a lot more accessible then jumping straight into one of those I Wanna games.





    Well it's Bomberman battle-royale and it's pretty fun. One map at the mo but matches cue really quickly and it's a lot of fun for a short blast.





  6. On 21/11/2019 at 22:04, Retroid said:

    3 months to get a better Job, a better PC and a VR headset...




    Did not happen :(


    Enjoy guys I'll play it one day!

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