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  1. I'll be honest, I sort of agree so far. An 8.5 kind of feeling; good in every respect but not mind-blowing. I think because it was made with a handful of people; it sort of became this indie legend that's gotten a little over-hyped.
  2. Retroid


    Can't find Demon Hunter movie anywhere, anybody got a lead?
  3. I think this is more a slice of life/ psychological drama about a girl streamer and the mental toll it may take on you. Perhaps like a modern Perfect Blue. But it's Japanese so it could still swing either way.
  4. I just realized why this is so amazing; it's the closest thing we'll ever get to a live-action Samurai Jack.
  5. Look at this bat, even squeeks as he dodges. Cocky shit. Also: Snake conspiracy.
  6. Retroid


    Season 1 is much better than I remembered; and actually really similar to the first arc in Death Note. It's such a good show! Also strange seeing Ramsey in it.
  7. Until recently when I wanted to add a few JSRF tracks to my Amazon playlist - I didn't realise just how many tracks Hideki Naganuma had made (basically all my favs) - which is mindblowing! I'm pretty hype for this, you can tell just by that *tiny* teaser the music is going to be a banger!
  8. You know what, completely hated the idea of Minecraft Steve - but they've somehow pulled it off. There's just so much comedy to the animation and the moves they've picked. Also genuinely looks fun to play as Steve as well.
  9. Definitely see Slay the Spire - especially in the levelling mechanics. Probably replace Bayonetta with Diablo - either way it seems very fun and I actually enjoy dying.
  10. Got! Wasn't going to when I realised I couldn't get it on PS4 but then Nintendo emailed me that I was gonna lose £5 in points so what the hell! Should be downloaded any minute now...
  11. Yeah that was good, really tapping into some of the more subtle crazy aspects of Alan Partridge. Door, door, door, door...
  12. I think every time I hear that last, slightly sad "From the Oasthouse..." I can't help but laugh!
  13. I've been thinking a little about why this isn't a overwhelming success and I honestly think it's down to the dense pixelisation not looking completely amazing when streamed. Hopefully this will change once 1.0 releases - god knows it certainly deserves it!
  14. I will say though, as amazing as that last scene was - it's completely ruined my current favourite song.
  15. I don't know why but when Billy said to Hughie "Expecting a happy ending were we? I'm sorry Hughie - but it's not that kind of massage parlor" - spat cider out of my nose. Enjoying this season!
  16. This is hard lol. Seems amazing so far and the only negative I can find is that I don't know how the poison mechanic works. I'll give it a proper shot tomorrow, probably too knackered to get the most out of it.
  17. 2 days! It's odd how little promotion there's been for it really; I mean for it's reputation Spelunky 2 could really clean up sales wise but they just don't seem to have bothered. To me it's strongly underestimating the power of pre-launch hype, I may be wrong.
  18. Err... Something, something resolution raaaaaaarrrr!!! Really enjoying this season so far, loved some of the wall-breaking superhero critique going on and the new hero is pretty amazing!
  19. Sunshine really does just need a definitive remake, it easily could be the best 3D Mario with a few bits changed, same thing with Wind Waker actually.
  20. That is some dodgy acting in the trailer. Not way this will be good.
  21. It's seems like a 3D sequel to SubSpace Continuum, intrigued!
  22. Brilliant movie, actually a lot better than I expected which is always nice. A lot of emotions wrapped in a easy to follow story It just perfectly tapped into that innocence of being young - which made the Facist brainwashing much more effective. Loved it!
  23. But yet, still no Pokémon Pinball... *Boots up GBA*
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