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  1. The best season for me, enjoyed this all the way through, felt the Russian stuff was a bit loose in how it played into the finale but I don't care because it was badass and DnD to hell. The main badguy - best so far in the series by a mile and I everything about him and how he is written into the plot. Amazing stuff!
  2. Mostly male avatars but it's what ever interests me the most tbh. If I don't see something odd then I try to make myself.
  3. I like this but it's so choppy online PS4, gonna install it on PC and see if that improves things It's actually clicked with me which is really something - but as mentioned; online is rough.
  4. E-Honda man, that's the good shizzle! That's the most exciting announcement of the year I think, so much stuff to unpack and looks like Capcom is finally treating SF the way it deserves!
  5. Am I the only one who thinks this is pretty bad? Like they just randomly picked a spoiler free piece of concept art and tried to make it work.
  6. Similar position really. I'm halfway through 2 and I need to start playing again. I got halfway through 6 as well but felt like I need to do it in order... I think I've come to the realisation that the main story isn't written that great and really it's the character moments that shine. The mysterious who-dunnit stuff is almost always contrived and impossible to deduce... And the serious Yakuza land-grab betrayal stuff sets the scene but the ins and outs are not so important so I should stop worrying about keeping track and just enjoy the ride!
  7. I mean I think MD Sonic 1 but I do love the MS version. Also cool SMS remake: https://sonic-sms-remake.blogspot.com/p/one.html
  8. I think this comment off that thread tickled me even more.
  9. Had a few drinks, said a few ill-thought out things, I'm sorry Uncle.
  10. Enjoying this, doesn't seem to go the extra mile but it's really not bad. What spoils it a bit is seeing Morpheus pulling the Magnum Opus all the time. Just me?
  11. This caught me off-guard, do you mean the second level? You still have so much to see! 1000s of hours of content!
  12. You've got Returnal although I think that's technically over the shoulder. Plenty of good Indie offerings as well although they tend to lean into fast paced arcadey style shooters. Turbo Overkill looks very fun. https://youtu.be/ht0fbsgtw_4
  13. If you've bounced off it already then you don't really want SoR4, Stray looks novel but probably isn't going to do anything too crazy and you'll probably get it for free at some point. Neon White looks really fun and I'm probably going to pick it up myself; even if you don't keep playing it at least you're guaranteed that initial excitement.
  14. So I'm on extra but somehow managed to get Miles Morales despite it being Premium. Did they change the tier of it or something?
  15. New week, new map. It was a fun session, tbh I was troubled in thinking how to naturally entice the players to go down and engage the Bullywugs but I didn't even need to. The Barbarian cast speak to animals and heard a Raven shouting for help and with him now seeking vengeance for the trapped Raven the Barbarian charged into battle. (The Raven was just a bit of flavour - originally there for a absent Shadar-kai to carry favor for the Raven Queen.)
  16. Well, you know, it is what it is.
  17. Homelander just makes this show, but honestly Soldier Boy was great and I still love the relationship between Frenchie and Kimiko. This season has been so solid.
  18. So I've recently got into DnD and after my RL boss gave up DMing so I threw my hat in the ring. It's a lot of work, perhaps because of the lack of prep time but I do enjoy making the maps. Here's the one from the last session which tied together a few one-shots we've been doing. Feel free to use it if you need a map in a hurry.
  19. Retroid


    If you like Kaiji then there's a spin-off called Mr. Tonegawa: Middle Management Blues. It's a more of a chilled experience; Comedy/Slice of Life but it's a fun little series that gives you an alternative view on events from one of the guys that organised it. Akagi (written by the same dude) is possibly the closest you'll get to Kaiji and it's really damn good but I'd really suggest getting your head around the basics of Mahjong before watching it.
  20. Retroid

    Tiny games

    Mixolumia is one that I'm going to pick up, nice little spin on Tetris and is half price on Steam atm.
  21. It's got that weird stickiness from the looks of it, you see when Sonic runs off a platform he's just suddenly there on the platform below. It's like they're terrified of using real physics and so you're probably not going to get much genuine momentum. It's a shame how serious this feels as well, I'd love a similar open-world with giant Bee Bot's and Motobugs, scale them up and you could have some really interesting encounters. The world theme being a mishmash of this and the classic tiles could really work as well. This though just looks charmless.
  22. It's probably due to having a family now, they were on about returning to the office in the podcast so I can imagine that'd be a massive strain when you have 2 small kids.
  23. So Reedus said something that more or less confirmed Death Stranding 2, Kojima posted this image in response.
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