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  1. So I'm a bit late coming to this party but yeah Steven Universe is warm, original, well-written and ace beyond belief and should be watched by everyone. Sadly it has been completely butchered by the networks and if you're streaming it's probably best to get the free trial of the kids pass on nowtv and watch the episodes that way although they've cut out a couple of the most "gay" episodes but I'll save that rant for another time. It's got a lot of happiness in it but it has a bit of a realistic dark edge to it when it comes to the characters. I love it anyway and I recommend it to all!
  2. Bit of a spoiler video but at the same time I can only imagine the odds of you finding this on your own is damn, damn slim.
  3. Anybody try Nightmare mode yet? Looks crazy difficult!
  4. Well this was unexpected and kind of poetic.
  5. I prefer the cartoon icons than the realistic characters, Rayman is always the dream for me, Bubble Bobble could be pretty cool or Earthworm Jim?
  6. I honestly went to like this post and was confused why it didn't give me the option. Good work Retroid!
  7. 3 months to get a better Job, a better PC and a VR headset... Doable.
  8. Well... I did just put my porridge in for 3 minutes, so that's pretty Half Life 3 gone gold.
  9. I dunno, I'm sure it'll be great but really it's just to push their VR system, that's the motivation so even if everyone likes it - once it's served it's job that'll be it. No more games and no 3s.
  10. Best episode by far! Seems to be getting better and better - glad I stuck around.
  11. Most pathetic death award goes to...
  12. After forsaking SFV after the piss poor launch I thought I'd never touch it again... Until Gill.
  13. This is on par with Genesys IMO, both had good Arnie moments and a few half-decent action scenes... Outweighed by way more crazy, unbelievable and dull action scenes and piss poor stories.
  14. I am so ass at this, never got past the 4th area... Often though I self-sabotage, trying to do something silly. Really, that's the beauty of Noita; you always feel like trying to push the boundaries, even if you end up dying in the process.
  15. More of a Noy-tah I think. Finnish for Shamen.
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