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  1. Using Pokémon home and all the asking trades are crazy. I just want a Ditto for Ditto trade but you look and it's all "I'll trade you a Ditto for the legendary, shiny MalmetalxWoolooxWailord digi-fusion MetalWoolord from the limited release x-rated German game Poke-Pokecops, with perfect evs. Level 1."
  2. So anybody using the time-skip exploits? I'm finding it pretty disheartening trying to do things legit when everyone else is running around with Shiny G-max pokemon. Also, I just read that if you recieve a hacked pokemon from a Suprise trade and take it online - you could get your online features revoked. Bah, Nintendo where are you?
  3. Congrats man! Anybody know if Pokemon Home and the DLC will affect getting the Shiny Charm?
  4. Shiny G-max Eevee get! The first thing I tried to farm was a shiny Eevee so to get this as my first Shiny after that failure is amazing! Edit: Not a G-max but still pretty damn happy!
  5. I'm surprised The Sims isn't F2P by now with what, £300 - £400 of DLC...
  6. Probably Shenmue 3 and Phoenix Point - two games that I really want but don't look like they're quite finished.
  7. My backlog probably consists of at least a 1000 games and here I am replaying Pokémon Pinball...
  8. Legend of Bumbo - big Ed McMillen fan and everything about this game seemed up my street - but it's just incredibly rough. My experience is that you could win most levels by exploiting any of the spells that move tiles; but it'll be a long boring grind and then you still could easily lose your run to some complicated, unexplained mechanic that you've not experienced before.
  9. Just watched it, great film although it felt like they could have cut some story out and extended the final act. The first is just perfect though.
  10. Played it a little but I'd probably have another crack at it if given a chance. I did watch the Gamecentre CX playthrough though which is always entertaining!
  11. This guy wrote the Thick of It and has *Hugh Laurie* in a position of power during a disaster and he makes what seems to be a light-hearted bit of fluff. I've not watched, maybe I'll give it a shot but those generic oversight(?) based jokes in the trailers were dreadful.
  12. First time I went to Outrage I saw a Rotom in the distance, split-second later it was in my face throwing down... We need more Pokemon like that it was ace!
  13. Retroid


    Oop, Dorohedoro - already my contender for Anime of the year, very different - got that 80's cyberpunk feel with wizzards and violence and just wierd dystopian things going on.
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