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  1. Burnout Paradise is probably my choice although I want to really give a shout to the massively overlooked Burnout 1. Amazing tracks; much more than people realise when you take in to consideration that the traffic is plotted out and a massive part of the design. The feeling of perfecting that skid around the corner and threading it *perfectly* between a car and a lorry just hasn't been replicated since! Also made time trials like crack!
  2. You can often find some awkward way to do it, bombing under it or using some explosive wand to make sections to stand on, tbh though quite often I find myself using all my resources getting over it and don't have enough to explore the other areas. You're probably best waiting to stumble on the perfect scenario rather than actively seeking them out.
  3. With the Lava I was fortunate enough to have a Wand that fired green goop and that had the same effect. There's also a bit of cheese with how you fly, not tried it but I reckon you could possibly just fly it if you can get high enough.
  4. It's just so massive, have you guys gone to the left and right on the surface? I don't really know what you can do with those areas but it seems like there's a much beefier, completionist thing going on. (I speant 20 minutes cutting through the tree earlier! )
  5. So it's a real thinker isn't it? In this film you get to see the raw psychopath within the Joker and how it may (or may not) have happened. If there is a sequel I would like to see him learn the tools he needs to become the Joker as he isn't in any way formidable as he is. Maybe he deals with and learns from someone with a bit more charisma - or maybe he isn't even the Joker and some guy he steals his backstory. There's a lot they could do.
  6. Yeah it's pretty cool, on a second glance though; that guy seems to be an Ice Wizzard which I've never seen before! Wonder if he was patched in?
  7. Looks like one of the locals found a decent Wand lol
  8. Him tearing at his shoe and the ripping sound it makes really adds to this, very nice screenplay.
  9. So I've got a theory to what the "eggplant" run is for this game. Might not be possible but it'd be cool to see.
  10. Molotov Man just killing everyone.
  11. Still much better than me lol. I just had the most amazing wand, it can only be describes as a lightning shotgun, instantly killed whole mobs... Yeah, I killed myself with it.
  12. I was on holiday but yeah this is amazing, I explored a bit of the overworld today and it is massive - so many secrets to solve! I also found out from some Youtube vid that there's a whole other magic system going on; with rare combinations of chemicals you can create super powerful potions.
  13. On PC when you first start a game and it's windowed, with crap settings and there's a big cutscene before you get to the menu, you don't dare to skip because you might not be able to see it again but at the same time you don't want to experience it through a game boy sized window... Some games also make you do the tutorial too before you see the menu which is crazy. Whilst we're at it, some will have scaled correctly for the main menu; giving you a false sense of security that the settings are correct and then you get into the main game and it changes to Windowed potato mode with a load of the options requiring you to restart the game to take affect.
  14. I think I swallowed a blaster.
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