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  2. Retroid


    JoJo 1-3 I wouldn't necessarily recommend to rllmuk but 3 is probably my favourite. It's like playing retro games in some way, Mario 1-3 are revolutionary games at their time but you'd probably still recommend Oddysee to those who aren't initiated. JoJo is very much the same, 4-6 is what I'd recommend for a Rllmuker.
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  4. Gonna say Odyssey, BotW was amazing but it's probably been outclassed by Elden Ring - whilst there's not a recent 3D platformer that's close enough to even see Mario.
  5. Can't believe I didn't get in the Beta, jumped on as signing up straight away and linked my accounts. They were advertising the sign-up for weeks.
  6. The best season for me, enjoyed this all the way through, felt the Russian stuff was a bit loose in how it played into the finale but I don't care because it was badass and DnD to hell. The main badguy - best so far in the series by a mile and I everything about him and how he is written into the plot. Amazing stuff!
  7. Mostly male avatars but it's what ever interests me the most tbh. If I don't see something odd then I try to make myself.
  8. I like this but it's so choppy online PS4, gonna install it on PC and see if that improves things It's actually clicked with me which is really something - but as mentioned; online is rough.
  9. E-Honda man, that's the good shizzle! That's the most exciting announcement of the year I think, so much stuff to unpack and looks like Capcom is finally treating SF the way it deserves!
  10. Am I the only one who thinks this is pretty bad? Like they just randomly picked a spoiler free piece of concept art and tried to make it work.
  11. Similar position really. I'm halfway through 2 and I need to start playing again. I got halfway through 6 as well but felt like I need to do it in order... I think I've come to the realisation that the main story isn't written that great and really it's the character moments that shine. The mysterious who-dunnit stuff is almost always contrived and impossible to deduce... And the serious Yakuza land-grab betrayal stuff sets the scene but the ins and outs are not so important so I should stop worrying about keeping track and just enjoy the ride!
  12. I mean I think MD Sonic 1 but I do love the MS version. Also cool SMS remake: https://sonic-sms-remake.blogspot.com/p/one.html
  13. I think this comment off that thread tickled me even more.
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