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  1. More story but felt a bit weak Imo, still enjoyed it but it lost a bit of subtlety. ..
  2. 78 lol, it'll be a really polished average game imo.
  3. Looking at their backlog of meh games and taking into consideration the experience gained, potentially massive funding from MS and a TBF it's a fairly decent concept... 7.8
  4. I agree with the haters, there was no DNNNNNNNGGGH, PHOOOOSH DNNNNNNNGGGH *glass breaking sounds* followed by an hour of explaining the doohickey and I was just like
  5. I'm always pissed when watching Marvel stuff and this is no exception. Loved it! I dream of Genie with dark undertones. It's amazing how good of a job they've done with it and yeah it acts as a milestone in how TV has moved on plus giving a knowing, creepy vibe to it all.
  6. Just a heads up, BBC Symphony Orchestra Plug-in is free if you can be arsed to fill in a (not long) survey and wait 14 days. Just amazing high quality sounds that will always be useful. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/bbc-symphony-orchestra-discover/ Also the top tier in the Humble Music Producer Bundle seems pretty nice from what I've played with it, especially for Guitars. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/music-producer-2-software
  7. Midnight Sky is a definite banger!
  8. I think the core gameplay just felt better and more balanced in the first whilst the 2nd has an undeniable wealth of content and more fleshed out ideas (in the long term). I've never been a great Spelunky player; but jumping on things definitely felt more consistant in the first and stuff like enemy wake up times were all the same and probably a load of other standardised things which made it feel like you knew where you were. The design just felt in your favour as well, I suppose even though you were squishy - you still felt powerful. In the 2nd there's invincibility frames for enemies, a
  9. There's something *incredibly* satisfying about adding automation to the volume in FL studio and seeing the little volume dial going crazy in the Channel Rack.
  10. It's an auto-runner so the joycons *shouldn't* be an issue.
  11. After looking forward to Cyberpunk; this has saved Christmas for me! It looks a bit more puzzley than SMB - but it does look good. For heavens sake though do not visit the Steam page - you would have thought Tommy invented Coronavirus the way they're going on!
  12. Meat boy out next week after 6 years and with barely an announcement. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out - especially as Ed McMillan had nothing to do with it... But I've got hope; Tommy Refines (Original Meat Boy programmer) is obviously very dedicated to continue on this journey after so long in Dev hell. Something for my Christmas time off anyway!
  13. I'll be honest, I sort of agree so far. An 8.5 kind of feeling; good in every respect but not mind-blowing. I think because it was made with a handful of people; it sort of became this indie legend that's gotten a little over-hyped.
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