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  1. There was no redemption, which is supposed to be the point of the story.
  2. Bearing in mind that the Arthurian legends are a mish mash of old legends and folklore so there isn't really a definitive story. Which is a great story, if a little preachy about being a good Christian and an honorable knight etc. Why you would change that ending to the one the film went with .. literally an art school wank, I have no idea.
  3. In the original poem, he goes back and tells the tale of the quest. And the belt makes more sense.
  4. Sidewaysbob


    That and all the yellows, make it virtually unwatchable for me. 20 minutes of watching people mill around a stopped car like its a Sunday afternoon BBQ, is too much. All the street circuits are terrible,
  5. The fact that even 12 months after I watched it, I still have an emotional attachment to the film does speak volumes. Its a visceral experience. But I can't help but feel that JK isn't shown the error of his actions. Or rather, I don't feel he is made to pay for his actions enough. Yes, he now finds himself where he is at the end, but in my head he is still bullying the orchestra in front of him. There's no contrition or apology. He and the kid are in a world of their own, together. Like it was a lovers tiff easily glossed over.
  6. It was a long time ago, I though it was a wet track and old tyres. Hence the thing about not changing his old tyres in turkey last year.
  7. Sidewaysbob


    Is this the final round of the season?
  8. Damned if he did damned if he didn't. Lewis lost his first win in China because he came into the pits and went off on the slick track remember
  9. If you were Lewis, would you risk passing a drive whose going for their first win, or take the points for second with verstappen looking like getting very little
  10. Verstappen is going to throw his toys out of the pram any minute now
  11. They might be looking at a top 5 finish, but I'm sure Bottas can fuck it up yet
  12. You have one job today Valtari.... Oh shit
  13. But he doesn't deliver "despite" JK. Who looks like he's about to have an orgasm as the drum solo builds. It looked to me that JK absolutely reveled in the moment the kid gave in and they formed some sort of symbiotic musical nirvana. The message I got was "he's a brilliant drummer, because I made him into one. Look how brilliant he is, I made that, and this one didn't kill himself this time. Go Me" He wasn't player for himself or his father. He's still playing because he needs the affirmation from the teacher. Who was ultimately right.
  14. Despite not really liking "The green Knight" it is visually stunning. And there are so many things to inspire the artist in me.
  15. Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind. But I found it slow, plodding, tedious, pretentious, visually stunning, well acted, boring and pointless. As for the giants, I was expecting more. And the fox in ghost of tsushima had more personality. The end was quite good, but there's a lot of slog to get there.
  16. Green Knight. Looks utterly fucking amazing. But then, so did the emperors new clothes. A thing happens with a thing, by a thing and a person walking into a room, and a cover with a lady or a mother maybe a sister who knows and they do a thing unrelated or not. Maybe but Christmas and thing and ooooh he's yes but no but maybe but ha ha no random. A quest ensues. Set filters to teal and orange MAX. No. No no no. No -654.575R8801 out of 5 waisted colour filters that were not teal and orange.
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