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  1. I'm starting to think no. And i fully understand why. There is a lot of traffic on what Mercedes want to happen before Lewis will return. But I can't recall a time when the FIA has ever given in to threats of people leaving. So ...
  2. George is perfecting his alternative job as a male model, for when Lewis grinds him into the dirt and you all turn on poor George for being a bit shit. (if Lewis comes back obvs, if he's racing Bottas again, well, he's our next world champion)
  3. He's been made head of FIA communications
  4. I did this over the Christmas break. Not digital for a change.
  5. On the grounds all the pundits have to get their accreditation from the FIA, they all said... "hmmm. Maybe but yeah but no but yeah, well a bit yes and a bit no etc etc"
  6. It seems a bit sudden, maybe being a bit rubbish this year has been blamed on him. Not sure why, The FIa fucked them over with the last minute rear aero change. I thought he did a reasonable job given the tools he had at hand. But then money etc etc.
  7. Otmar Szafnauer has left Aston martin for reasons unknown. The suspicion is, he may have been poached by Alpine.
  8. That depends if we're sponsoring both cars or just Mazapin.
  9. Why didn't they just leave the moment Ashlynn found the door downstairs wasn't shielded? Why did they have to blow up the Daleks, again, then escape?
  10. Gladiator. "are you not amused!!!!! “ Yes, yes I bloody well am. And no need for any bloody jesus shit. Utterly superb. 5 raised thumbs out of 5
  11. Taking annual leave on earth. That being the only place in the universe not turned into a smoking ruin. Maybe they were partying with Boris in number 10?
  12. Yeah but, weren't all the darlics destroyed last time? Or are we just ignoring all the flux now? So Yaz can go all doey eyed at the doctor every two minutes.
  13. I think the point is, it is so awful and cringy. It's even worse than village hall am dram. It certainly needed some sort of pay off. But I think the joke was, "look how terrible this shit is" and antman wasn't there. Well not originally.
  14. I'm starting to think that Hamiltons continued radio silence is either a sign he's going to walk away and never darken the paddock doorway again. Or he is currently sitting in a dark room evolving into his final incarnation of the greatest F1 driver ever. And that he will arrive in a blinding light over Barcelona to smite the evil FIA and take back what is rightfully his.
  15. OK. My son adores this. However, my problem is It needed more Post Malone
  16. Fantastic stuff. Easily the best. I am totally in love with Florence Pugh
  17. Despite all of that, he's still not as bad as Russel Gurning face Brand.
  18. The first rule of Rllmuk TV and Film is you do not like any TV or film !!! and certainly not a second series
  19. Would Merc settle for a midfield runner to replace Hamilton. Not a chance. They'd want a proven winner. Alonso for Merc in 2022. There I said it first
  20. See, I've never played the game so i have nothing to base it on. I though the first series was great, once i got my head round the jumping time line. Watching it a second time it made a lot more sense. This series so far ( 1 episode a night until Christmas with my son) the story is building nicely. Yen doing her thing, the wizards being devious as ever and Geralt dealing with Ciri who wants revenge having witnessed her world be burned down. Whilst i loved the first season, it did feel a bit "and what creature shall we kill this week?". The new series has a more story driven plot which i think is great. Whilst watching people hack up bits of CGI monsters each time is fun, there is only so much I need to see before i want a bit more meat on the bones.
  21. You sat though 5 hours of a total of 8 and then decided it was shit. For what reason? Why put yourself through that, I give up on shit TV after 10 minutes not 2/3rd of the way through a series. Life is too short for that sort of thing. Step back man. Stop torturing yourself. Besides which, you're wrong. It's great.
  22. A bit of digital arial coast line painting fun.
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