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  1. Well technically the "group C" era is 1982-85 then it was the World Sports-prototypes. 86-90. But the WSP seasons were all run under the Group C rules. Open engine regs from a homologated source, with a limit on the amount of fuel available for the race, effectively 330 litres per 1000Km. Then in 1990 the FIA got twitchy that group C was almost as popular as F1 and introduced the 3.5l engines. But as the F1 engine suppliers had spent billions developing the engines for F1 the back bone of the endurance world (the independent teams like ADA, spice etc) couldn't afford the price tags and all quit. Group C cars are grandfathered at Le Mans for a number of years, until 1997 when the Porsche WSC gets its final win. It was a Jag XJR-14 body shell with the roof cut off and the Porsche flat 6 for the old 80's 962 era. Proper 3.5l engine cars won in 92 and 93 with the Peugeot cars that looked and sounded amazing, when they held together. But they were the only ones. the Jag with its Metro 6R4 engine looked just as amazing but it was really fragile. but by 95 the ACO and split Le mans off from the FI endurance championship. Because Le Mans was and still is, bigger than the FIA and the world championship.
  2. yeah, the seat is really just a carbon bucket the driver fits his moulded seat in to when he or she gets in. I don't think ive ever seen a driver slide the seat back or forth. Those things are going to weigh more than a bag of foam afterall.
  3. I think the LMP1 car has to be a minimum of 930kg without the driver or fuel. The idea is to get three drivers roughly the same height to make things easier, but each driver will have a "Seat insert" they drop into the car seat as they get in. So basically, you'd never get Webber and chadwick in the same car. They'd be paired with drivers the same sort of height. When webber was racing with Porsche he was paired with Brendon Hartley whose about 8 feet tall and skinny as a rake. LMP2 are the same but a touch heavier. GT cars have inserts, i'm not sure if the seats move, but i doubt it.
  4. Well, therein lies a tail. So 1991 was the start of the new "F1" engine formula, these 3.5l turbo efforts that everyone said couldn't do a 24 hour race. The feeling was the FIA wanted to peg back the ACO who ran and controlled Le Mans. Because Le Mans was a bigger even that the FIa world championship and therefore a good money generator for the ACO the FIA wanted their grubby little hands on it. So the FIA said the Group C regulations were too complicated and old and rubbish, the cars could run anything they liked, the only limit was on the amount of fuel the car could use during a race. this had lead to Porsche flat 12 turbo cars, Jags 7 litre V12 atmo engine, and Mercedes V8 twin turbo. lots of diversity and lots of great racing. But i'll concede that budgets were starting to head skyward. The FIa wanted the F1 engine builders to produce endurance engines and bring teams over from F1. Absolutely none of them did. To save costs and put things back on a level playing field they scrapped all the great racing cars and brought in a load of expensive shitty screaming cars that blow up after 3 hours. Mazda having won the only race that really mattered, got caught up in all the crossfire. The rotary engine wasn't 3.5l despite arguing that it was if you looked at it a certain way, in fact it could be whatever you wanted it to be because of the firing order and where the rotor was at any given point. But the FIA was in full on throwing its weight around and just said no. Its got to be a standard up and downy engine like everyone else and yar boo sucks to you. Mazda said, well screw you we won Le Mans what do we care, and left.
  5. Sidewaysbob


    Have you seen the state of most US road tracks? i've seen flatter ploughed fields.
  6. Basically, they got a massive weight break, 850kg instead of the normal 1000kg so they could go hell for leather flat chat all race, whilst the Jags and Merc Group c cars had to run to lap time to save fuel. So Everyone was there or there about until the Merc who were laps ahead had a gearbox problem and the Jags just sort of faded away. It was the start of the new World sportscar championship and the cars were supposed to be 3.5l atmo engines. but Jag and Merc were allowed to bring their previous Group C cars with Turbos and 7.0l engines and stuff. Mazda with their 2.6l rotary engine was sort of outside all the rules and and no one was quite sure of the displacement anyway. The car was slower than the other teams, and never really in the hunt for wins that year. It was more of a technical exercise for mazda to get its rotary engine developed. It was bullet proof reliable and driven carefully really economic. They pounded round in the race, the drivers having been told to go out and rag the shit out of it whilst the other two 787B would be driven economically like they always did. The idea being that it would force the other teams to race and break them. Which is sort of what happened, but the Renown car just kept on going The story goes that Herbert stayed in the car for the last couple of hours because he could feel the gearbox going and didn't want to tell the team. When he got out of the car a the end he was so dehydrated he collapsed on the car and had to go to the medical centre. So missed the podium celebration.
  7. Bottas is never going to get fired as long as he brings it home behind Lewis. They had a team with Lewis and Nico that was at each other's throats and they almost lost the title because of infighting. Mercedes will never do the "Alonso is faster than you" ferrari shtick, but they're quite happy the Lewis wins and Bottas doesn't get in his way. As for the race, I fell asleep on lap 2, woke up on lap 25, then went to hang the washing out. And don't remotely feel like i missed anything. As Mexos said, it's a great GT circuit but a terrible F1 circuit.
  8. this.... You could hear it on the other side of Le Mans it was so loud.
  9. The funny guy needs the work of an excellent foil to appear amazing. For every 10 Hale and Pace + 15 Little and Larges , there is only one Morecambe and Wise.
  10. You'd think they'd have checked that sort of thing before the race wouldn't you?
  11. The news I heard had it that Corvette were going to be doing more WEC. Which i assumed meant a full season team.
  12. It's good to see Marko step up to the plate now Niki has gone.
  13. I thought the bit where flintoff talked about the Porsche being a bit of a symbol for his life , how he sold the car and concentrated on the cricket was actually quite moving. Then they got the jumper out and it all went a bit pointless and shit. They were driving to the cradle of mankind because .. the drone guy needed to justify the budget ? Still, it's not Chris Evans so for that we should be thankful.
  14. I think the Eurosport player is advert free isn't it ? that and radio le mans cabin cam and your all set for the race
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