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  1. Sidewaysbob

    Loik V credern's Unique Character Design Thread

    Are these character designs for something, or just random generated shapes that suggest a character ? I like them, but to me they just look at the moment like playing around with ideas and never moving beyond the barest concept stage.
  2. Netflix: DC titans Umbrella academy Russian doll
  3. I've got it through the Sky store. And having watched it twice more, it just gets better and better.
  4. it all looks a bit meh .. shlock horror and somehow they appear to has sucked all the flesh out of Hellboy and replaced it with silly putty. i shall wait for the netflixs release.
  5. Sidewaysbob


    Wait till they cast George Clooney as the general and the internet goes into overdrive of hate. Then it'll get canned.
  6. Sidewaysbob


    I was so tempted by that boxset, when I caved and went to buy it, it was out of stock with no idea when it would be back in. I still don't have it Anyway, live action film.... Meh
  7. Sidewaysbob


    I started with the epic comics individual reprints - issues 1 and 2 Then got the collection issue 1 to 10 Then back to the individual collections 34 to 38 Then they stopped reprinting them and i had to get the dark horse collection issue 6 to finish the series. It was only at that point I realised i'd been reading a coloured version and the original was only black and white. Then when my brother went to Japan he sent me back a copy of the first collection in the original japanese. Again in black and white.
  8. Sidewaysbob


    There is so much more in the anime. The film basically cut the middle out of the series and just cuts straight to the "he's gone to a better place" ending. It's really worth investing in the graphic novels collections if you can.
  9. Sidewaysbob

    Record shop photo shoot in London.

    Brilliant work chaps. I think there's enough verity there to get him what he needs. Cheers
  10. Sidewaysbob

    Record shop photo shoot in London.

    My lad needs to take some photos of a record shop interior for his GCSE photography project. I'm guessing he wants an old dusty record shop with that lived in/counter culture/60s throwback vibe. Can anyone recommend a good shop for that sort of thing. Cheers.
  11. Rather than expect them to give up, i suggest you just don't watch it anymore... better for your blood pressure
  12. Good news, the book is ready to dispatch. Then my payment method failed for unknown reasons.. But my new payment details check out... will i get this bloody book after all ... will my son finally be happy !!!
  13. Sidewaysbob

    Love Death and Robots

    The art an design is fantastic in each film. But the 3 Robots short it the peak of the story telling.
  14. Sidewaysbob

    Put Here

    It's either genius or insanity

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