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  1. Where as I will put this all down and avoid for a week or two. It stresses me out too much
  2. Wales don't stand a chance unless they get their act together, the world cup has come 12 months too late for them. England won't be embarrassed, but will make 2 mistakes early on and never quite chase the win down. NZ will batter SA in the final, like they did in their first game. No one has looked as sharp or clinical as NZ. Shame really, I hate the Haka and how long it goes on for now, I've seen shorter west end plays. A proper Haka 40 years ago today
  3. I like Piquest .. I like Salazar ... but who is best ?
  4. A few pictures from the summer hols. Wall art reflection by julian bowdidge, on Flickr moody by julian bowdidge, on Flickr boats asleep 2 by julian bowdidge, on Flickr Bird of prey by julian bowdidge, on Flickr sunlight by julian bowdidge, on Flickr float away by julian bowdidge, on Flickr
  5. still struggling to rustle up any enthusiasm for this Its just to be more shit
  6. After 3 really good pieces, this one is a bit underpar. I think I faffed around with it way past the "it's finished you numptie" point. Oh well 2/3rds of the way though, here's to the home stretch..
  7. Cheers. It's made using quink, the ink you use for fountain pens, and bleach. When you add the bleach to the ink you get this amazing golden colour. The only problem is, it's bit random where the bleach goes. But yeah I'm really happy with the result.
  8. Dr strange and his sling (which I've not technically drawn, but don't tell anyone else that)
  9. Maybe because at no stage was there anything funny about what you said.
  10. Look you have an .. idiosyncratic style that I personal dislike. And i've explained before why I dislike it, saying that the one at the top of the page, I thin kis excellent. But i've never said you should be ashamed of it. You rocked up, slammed a series of pictures that whilst not world changing, were interesting and are now hand waving it all aways as some sort of elaborate "joke". It wasn't funny it's just rude. Sure, be constructive, but don't end quite an offensive piece with the sign off, "you should be ashamed".
  11. Keeping it simple today. The calendar man
  12. I think you need to work on your joke technique, because at the moment it's not remotely funny.
  13. Ripping into someone and just straight up shitting all over their work, isn't really feedback is it ? Telling someone they should be ashamed of a picture... yeah, that's the very definition of being a dick.
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