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  1. That sounds less like a fear of failure and more a real drive to improve yourself. Are you worried that if you stop learning new things, the stuff you do know will get stale and boring? Sticking an electrical motor in a car is going to be no mean feat, good luck
  2. Did it occur to anyone else, that the grandmother maybe had a bigger role in the film but was cut? I think she's been there longer than Niles and was repeating it just like him. At the start shes says something like "i've been to a lot of wedding and that was the best speech ever". Then at the ends she's talking to Milioti and seems to suggest that she knows what's going on. Maybe i'm reading too much into it.
  3. Palm Springs. Yupe another hands up for liking this. Some excellent laughs to be had, the dancing in the bar had me laughing hysterically. I liked the end credit. There's nothing you've not seen in other films of the time loop sort, but this does the whole thing really well and there are some great gags in it. Solid 4 beers on the lilo out of 5.
  4. Inspired by @Dave White who does a much better job of these things than I do.
  5. Yes but, first race, new world etc etc. The potential is there isn't it. The whole "saving the world with electric cars" bit got dropped the moment the cars hit the dirt though. I soldiered through the half hour intro explaining how this all came about. Felt sad about the world dying etc (press X to emote) then completely forgot the message when the wheels turned. They're are already trying to build up the tension between Sir Hamilton and not sir Rosberg. But only Roaberg was there to look all sweaty in the tent.
  6. I'm really struggling with the commentators. Jenny Gow is a complete personality vacuum, she just seems to say the first thing that comes into her head. Sam Bird is formula e and a bit of endurance racing and the other one who's a twat.. None of them appear to understand about racing on sand or have seen a rally. The timing board doesn't make a lot of sense and the muppets in the box don't appear to understand it either. The switch over is really badly handled. They have to take 45 seconds to do it. But there's nothing to tell me how long they've been, people are gett
  7. There's just no pleasing some people. They complained Wanda vision was full of filler episodes where nothing happen except characters explaining the previous weeks plots. Now they complain the story is ripping along and no one can "breath" whatever the fuck that actually means. Clearly there are a lot of jaded script writers on here that could do an amazing job if only they were given a chance by Disney.
  8. Finished. Much better than "Warrior nun", a bit btter than "teen Titans" but not a patch on the likes of "Umbrella Academy" or "Russian Doll". The ending is the usual. "Wrapped up all nice and neat now, let's not ask too many questions about the actual plot shall we, the bad guy is dead what more do you want !!!?!?!?" type rubbish and i'm not sure how they have season two now. But.. on balance i think i'd watch another season. Spoiler tastic talk about the final episodes.... 3 out of 5
  9. The moment Gosjean kept from a burning car buried halfway into a barrier, that's never going to happen. Halos are here to stay. Don't forget, we could have those monstrosities they have on the indy cars. It's like a green house strapped to the front of the cars
  10. Getting better at digital art. This is a bit of work In progress, but I like the start of it
  11. Yeah that is a major part of it. If I had to be creative for a living, then doing what I like would be commercial suicide. I do the art I like, because ultimately it doesn't matter if anyone else likes it. I'm not going to do big eyed Manga tosh because it makes my eyeballs bleed at the shear banality of it, but if you're just starting out then that's the sort of thing the thing you have to do to get noticed. After a few years of that, then you can create your own thing and educate the tasteless masses. Not like me who has just got old and bitter from the very start
  12. I have never been so disappointed with a Sherlock Holmes revelation as this. Who ever cast him needs shooting. And yet... I'm still watching it.
  13. What a win. What a fucking win is that!!!!!
  14. I've never seen that before.. He's going to pass him twice just troll him
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