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  1. And I have had my first good cry at a medal presentation. Daley has been a poster child that didn't deliver for so long and suffered so much abuse over the years, to finally deliver was fantastic. Then he started crying on the podium and I was off. I live the Olympics And Pidcock going out and totally bossing the mountain bike race. Amazing scenes.
  2. Indeed, Max has always enjoyed a bit of reputation as an "elbows out" driver. His fans consider it to be exciting, I think it's just kind of wanky and dangerous. Also any student of F1 history knows that coming second every race will always beat the death or glory, win at all cost, 3 wins a year drivers. Prost made a career out of it
  3. But as I think they pointed it out in the English commentary, the Japanese as a nation (my brother included) are rather miffed that the whole thing is going ahead at all. So they had to tone it down and not make it into a celebration as such. But to a western eye that made it look dull, rather than respectful.
  4. Yeah it did feel like they'd just taken a big black marker to the original script and not bothered to try and edit it all back together. Things would start, look promising, then just end.
  5. I'll be honest, there were bits of that that really hit an emotional high note for me. As I said I do love the games because it brings so many people together, just for a little bit, and shows what we can do together. So whilst I thought that was mostly dull. It was still an Olympic opening ceremony and I still got emotional. So it worked. I fully expect to have a jolly good cry at least once over someone's Olympic performance.
  6. Bare in mind, they had an extra year to put this together...
  7. I never knew Japan liked its jazz quite so much.
  8. This is like the generation game in the 70s when the family had to recreate picture just using the props around them. This is better, but still
  9. Just say you fell asleep, everyone will understand.
  10. I think "imagine" has become a very well used song. Time someone wrote a new one
  11. Sexy drone light show and ila bit of John lennon... Nice
  12. It's always nice to see the IOC representative of each country to stand up and wave, thus justifying their wages for another 4 years
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