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  1. Inktober Day 21 - Sleep. "Good night sweet farmer Pete and may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest"
  2. Day 20 - coral "One summer Ninja Cow hid out with the Ama ladies of Mikitomo pearl Island. It was the only time she ever made friends."
  3. Day 19 - dizzy "now was not the time to be getting vertigo"
  4. Day 18 - trap "with hindsight, it was a pretty obvious trap"
  5. Gosh, it's like maybe they edited together to make it look all exciting and stuff hmmm
  6. Inktober Day 16 - Rocket "as a young calf she once saw two shooting stars and made a wish. But the farm hand told her they were only satellites and it was wrong to wish on space hardware. He died mysteriously and Ninja Cow became the harbinger of death. So wishing on space hardware is in fact perfectly fine it turns out."
  7. Absolute, solid, stone cold classic. Watching a man try to fill an egg with helium so it will float, is still making me laugh now. I thought Daisy was going to laugh so hard she would give birth on set. Brilliant
  8. Oops missed Inktober Day 14 - Armour "Ninja Cow was less then impressed with marketings idea of what constituted armour"
  9. Inktober Day 15 - Outpost. "Even at the far outposts of the Empire, there is dark work to be done" (With apologise to Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojiman) Text. "who is the stranger? " "shhh that is lone cow and calf!!!" "Why is she pushing a watermelon with a face painted on it, in a pram??!!! " "it is the way of the Ninja Cow"
  10. Inktober Day 13 - Dune "Ninja Cow doesn't like beach holidays, the sand, it's all course and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere"
  11. Day 12 - slippery Old Joe the poacher may be a slippery customer but tonight he would be poaching his last eel.
  12. Day 11 - Disgusting. Deadly assassin of death sure, but still a cow.
  13. Day 10 - hope You cannot hope to be the best unless you train constantly.
  14. Day 9 - throw Can you outrun a shuriken thrown by an angry Ninja Cow?
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