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  1. Redbull have an engine with more spunk than they were expecting and there's less juice in the ferrari then we all thought. If they had Merc in the back of the car then the tyre thing would be a bigger issue I think. They've over achieved this year, next year it'll be a different press release.
  2. Sidewaysbob


    Watch the onboard from Satos car, he drives in a straight line. There's no chopping down. Just saying like.
  3. I think that Alonso thing is entirely made up by a Spanish website looking for clicks. You can happily ignore it On the Albon move, they know what Kvyat can do already, so they probably want to put Albon in the car for 6 races to see how he goes in the big league and then make a decision at the end of the year. I don't think there's any name attached to that seat for next year at the moment. Well apart Gasly's name not being on the list i suppose. And once again, why would Merc want to replace a solid number two who can arrive and come second week after week and not get in the way, with an unknown quantity like Russell ? They tried two hot shoes before and almost lost the title. There isn't anyone that can touch Hamilton at the moment, just young guns full of piss and vinegar thinking they have a shot at being Mr fancy pants and getting in the way. The big boys was experienced drivers who finish, not mavrics willing to spunk it all away to 6th place.
  4. So near and yet ... so far. pole star by julian bowdidge, on Flickr
  5. Think yourselves lucky, this is my spiderman from the 70's TV series
  6. You have to say its a big blow to the two riders right behind the current French leader of the French race
  7. I've just bought some art ... I love simon davis's art and he's selling each page as it's published in 2000 ad, on his facebook page. check his page out on wednesday only £150 a page... its a steal
  8. But the alps ... and Ineos looked better today. I think it's going to come down to the last climb. But i'd be happy with any of the top 6 to win this year, it's been a great race so far.
  9. But it's not out of left field... he's been doing it since he arrived in the pro tour.
  10. He is the world number 1 at the moment .....and won the polka dot jersey last year. The guys been on an upwards trajectory for a number of years now. And never underestimate the effect of being french and wearing the yellow jersey.
  11. It's been great so far. And I'm sort of routing for Alaphillipe. I think he's been superb so far.
  12. I'm not a good artist. what you see is the good stuff in between the mountains of rubbish. for every one of these ... there are 20 of these ... The trick is to just keep going, practice and try something new each time. but never give up and never think you're shit. The next picture is always going to be better, even Monet and Van Gogh thought that, which is why they kept painting.
  13. Yeah, the car is in effect an inverted wing that sucks the car onto the track, so the faster the car goes the more "suction" it generates. The key is to keep the sides of the car sealed. If you have a seal that only activated when you were behind another car coming into a nice long sweeping corner the grip level would shoot up and you could pass with ease. But flat bottom cars sort of ruin the effect, you need a rising tunnel to reduce the air pressure under the car. these days the rear diffuser "sucks" the air out to reduce the pressure and the wings help speed it up over the front wing and move it out of the way with the rear wing. Also the front wing moves the air around the wheels ( the largest drag point of any open wheeled car) then to the sideboards, where the air is formed into a curtain wall of slow moving air to seal the off the fast moving air unde the car. Its not as effective as a big sheet of aluminium, but it's not far off these days. the problem is, the air curtain wall disappears in slow corners. Back in the 90's the Ferrari allegedly had a bendy floor that flexed at the sides to effectively seal the car to the track and create ground effect. There was a reason schumacher would win races by a country mile. See also Vettels Redbull front wing that deflected at high speed for a number of years.
  14. Ground affect is to make you go round corners fast, it makes no difference in a straight line. So I suppose your DRS idea would work if they swaped to corners not straight bits. But mmmh I'd be causes of cars going into corners with X times more downforce than the car in front, it's going to make braking distances disproportionate for the two cars. The one in front will have to brake at some point and the ground affect car is just going to have to swerve out of the way. Add I a third car to the train and things would get dicey.
  15. Don't worry, every single artist thinks they are a terrible artist.. constantly.
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