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  1. I'd ask. "Have Ferrari ever recovered from Alonso loosing the title in 2010. Was that the point they lost all their faith in a tactical approach and just started making it up on the fly?"
  2. I couldn't believe they wanted full price for a book on top of the subscription. I thought it was some sort of misplaced April fool thing. Have they not heard of Audible perhaps ?
  3. After the Muppets Christmas carol and Bill Murry's Scrooged ... obviously
  4. Excellent. That's Christmas night sorted then
  5. I think you'll find this is the definitive top 10. Star wars – Empire strikes back Akira Thor Ragnarök Avengers - infinity war The Blues brothers Goodfellas Meet the Robinsons Blade Runner 2049 The Lego Movie 1 Spiderman - into the spiderverse Thank you.
  6. I was unaware that Fern had recently been diagnosed as being Autistic and wanted to show that having autism was no impediment to doing comedy. At no point did i think "she's seems a bit different" for want of a better description. she just seemed quirky and tired a lot of the time. I think this has been a classic series up there with the best of them. I shall always say "Wait what? What wait, hang on. Wait what?" when presented with a troubling problem from now on. then say "no Way" in a Geordie accent.
  7. The fact "The Empire Strikes Back" isn't on either list is a massive red flag. These list were clearly put together by idiots !!!!1!!!!211!!!!?? My neighbor Totoro is very good though
  8. I think he's copped a lot of flack for stuff that's wasn't his fault. When the car was on song and he wasn't be punted off the track he was a perfectly fine gentleman driver. The problem was he got far more scrutiny than a rich ceo playing at racing because he's a high profile actor. I didn't realise the series was out now, it shall be my Christmas viewing away from the family.
  9. Ask Lando if he genuinely thinks he's better off with a long contract at Mclaren and not one with ferrari or redbull. Ask him if the dinner at the end of the year with all the drivers was as fun as it look or was there and undercurrent of tension after Brazil. Ask him if the drivers respect each other in real life outside of the media narrative. As Zak when they're going back to Le mans Ask Zak if I can have a job there please. If he says yes I'll pm my details
  10. I think one of the biggest changes has got to be the relationship between the players and media. Gone are the days when the team hunkered down and only spoke to the press as an absolute last resort. The WAGs were headlines across all the red tops and the likes of Vardy were selling stories left right and center. These days with more social media training the players seem to be more grounded and accepting of the medias role in things.
  11. I was there the year it won. At night in the campsite next to the pit entry, you could hear the 3 Mazda's down shifting as they turned into Arnarge. Then the Merc C11s would rumble past with their V8 full chat and it was like an earthquake. I think its my favourite Le Mans of all time.
  12. If we have to chose an F1 car I would have to be the Mclaren MP4/4 Not as sexy as the Lancia D50 but its the most successful f1 car in my lifetime. The last of the great analog cars, before driver aids, trick suspension and fly by wire. This was seat of the pants driving, dancing where the angels fear to tread. A car that finesse its way to a dominating world championship. Senna and Prost, the original "worst driver paring ever" tm.
  13. I struggle to see England beating the likes of France or even Germany if we continue to play like this
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