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  1. Pfft. The 90s thought it was edgy, and then the world shit its collective pants when someone made a rimming reference. The 90s talked about fucking, the 2020s fuck. In ways that would blow a Loaded editor's tiny, Stella-addled mind.
  2. This has grown pretty drab pretty quickly. It's become so slow compared to the format's prime, and I really miss the old intro. No weekly vengeance. Too many ghosts. Some kind of incipient genetic murderism. Just put him head to head with Clancy fucking Brown already.
  3. Venom: There Will Be Carnage (C&P'd from the thread) This is not very good. Worse that the first, and I thought that peaked at 'ok' and went to hell at the end. The back and forth between Brock and Venom felt much worse in this and, as a result, I've had enough of that for one lifetime. I'm a big fan of the characters, but nothing matters in these films. And nothing's impressive. It just felt both very expensive and very cheap in all the worst ways. 1.5/5 Titane I've been waiting for this one for what seems like forever. In Raw, Julia Ducornau proved she could do unsettling body horror, loose narrative and a surreal world surrounding them all. And she did again. This turns up most of the elements of Raw: violence, disassociation and dreamlike qualities, but I don't think it's the better film of the two. It's more abstract and less rewarding, and just verged on silly in some places. I still really enjoyed it though. It's an absolute trip and I'll watch whatever she does next. 3.5/5
  4. This is not very good. Worse that the first, and I thought that peaked at 'ok' and went to hell at the end. The back and forth between Brock and Venom felt much worse in this and, as a result, I've had enough of that for one lifetime. I'm a big fan of the characters, but nothing matters in these films. And nothing's impressive. It just felt both very expensive and very cheap in all the worst ways.
  5. I saw that! Or heard it. Presumably it's because the US show is about to launch.
  6. The second season adds a lot, for me. The first series vaguely alluded to the tragedies Joe had suffered to make him so troubled, but they expand on them properly here. To the point that the first series feels a little more negligent and exploitative without providing this information. There's a lot more overt sadness, and Tim Stark's story is absolutely worth a watch. It doesn't feel like cutting room floor material, but it also doesn't have the linear narrative that the first has. I'm not sure why they're trying to establish a new narrative though, as any breakthroughs will surely be known via mainstream press long before s3 would arrive.
  7. I've played it briefly in VR. Very briefly. (I am a coward). I got it to run in VR on my old i5-4770, with 16Gb Ram and a 6GB 1060. It's not super pretty and, as such, not mega taxing.
  8. Loco Dojo is exactly what you want from Mario Party in VR. That is all.
  9. Having actually watched the segment now, it's the Quest 2 version, not the PCVR version, so it probably is some sneaky non-consumer tech.
  10. @Darwock Quite a few pcvr games have a mixed reality mode for streaming, but I think they might require the additional Rift tracking cam or a supported additional webcam.
  11. Every time Curb isn't on, I definitely miss it. And every time it comes back, I feel like it hasn't grown in any interesting way and is just the most tired format. I'll still plug through to the end of the series, to continue the cycle next year. Excelsior.
  12. Big E vs Roman Reigns 300 points Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair 300 points Damian Priest vs Shinsuke Nakamura 250 points RK-Bro vs The Usos 250 points Survivor Series Match Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley & Austin Theory vs Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, King Woods, Happy Corbin & Sheamus 150 points Survivor Series Match Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Carmella & Queen Zelina vs Sasha Banks, Shayna Baszler, Shotzi, Natalya & Toni Storm 150 points Dual Brand Battle Royal Winner: Ricochet 150 points BONUS QUESTIONS 1. Who survives the men's Survivor Series match? Rollins & Owens 2. Who survives the women's Survivor Series match? Liv Morgan 3. Who is eliminated first in the men's Survivor Series match? Jeff Hardy 4. Who is eliminated first in the women's Survivor Series match? Zelina 5. Who is the runner-up in the battle royal? AJ Styles
  13. I found the Creed demo to be pretty, but a much worse experience both for boxing and fitness than ToTF. Creed feels like playing canned animations compared to the freedom of ToTF. It has some decent training exercises - speed bag, heavy bag, opponents that can only be countered. Though if you're looking for training mini games, Knockout World League had many more. It's just more of a Punch Out game than a boxing game. Nothing touches ToTF - until a sequel with multiplayer arrives.
  14. Obviously you could get BoxVR on Steam and play it wirelessly. There's also the new PowerBeatsVR for Quest which isn't subscription, and Thrill of the Fight is always great exercise.
  15. I've had the one Red's True BBQ. The salt/sweet combination isn't bad, but the doughnuts utterly dissolve in your fingers under the heat and fat.
  16. I refunded it a lot time ago after I couldn't connect with the ball in baseball. It just felt wrong. I've been hearing good things about All-in-One Sports though. And Loco Dojo has been referred to a lot as Mario Party for VR multi.
  17. It makes perfect sense. When you look at Parks and Rec or The US Office, the show becomes built around the talents and quirks of the cast. And then the writing is informed by what they can do, and what they want to do. And often, it becomes fucking great because of it, but it's not within the writers' control.
  18. This is all, as always, purely speculative, but I've always figured US sitcoms work this way: Season 1: Establish the vision of the creator and writers. Season 2: integrate the unique skills and idiosyncracies of the cast, and establish the model. Season 3: Give it to new, up and coming writers because you've already built the house and you're over it. I liked S3, but it almost always feels like the point when it's nobody's baby anymore.
  19. Anyone else finding the latency in Parsec to be a bit unworkable lately? Obviously they'll have found many new fans during lockdown, but can't tell if it's a global issue or not.
  20. Outrageous. It had several hilarious violences. Although I feel like my argument would hold more weight had the games series not become pretty good at storytelling in recent years. Bad acting's still a staple though. The answer is, as always, to just watch the Scorpion's Revenge animated film.
  21. You have my sincerest condolences. On the other hand though, it's incredibly easy to conjure something up with whatever flavour profile you do like. I love offsetting it against fresh green chillies.
  22. I notice that your station has no juicy chunks of fennel sausage. There's no going back.
  23. M Night Shyamalan is best used to make overlong Twilight Zone episodes packed with more holes than lines of dialogue, and this was one of those. I enjoyed the silly things it did, but he really should be churning out about six of these a year.
  24. Oh come on. It's a big silly pile of shit, just like MK always has been. Admittedly, the choice to remove the entire tournament is a curious one, but you're getting exactly what you should expect.
  25. Aah fuck, I enjoyed that. I think I've missed him. Here we go again.
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