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  1. The only value a critic has is relative. If you need to have a critic, you'll attach to whoever you've got a lot in common with. That said, I rarely agree with Kermode, and still enjoyed listening to him. But, for me, he's entertainment more than advisory, which makes way more sense.
  2. I played this through on Early Access last year, and loved it. Some real inventiveness and a proper 3D Metroidvania Search Action setup.
  3. The Room I Expect You to Die Tilt Brush Ocean Rift Space Pirate Trainer Free: Shooting Arena Crisis VRigade
  4. From the post-fight chat, it seemed like he didn't really have any interest in fighting, and it's what his dad wanted from him. If his dad had passed a few years ago, maybe we'd never have even seen Khabib stick around to be champ? His post-fight interview felt honest and sympathetic. I hope he doesn't use his celebrity to continue bolstering the reputation of shitheads back home.
  5. You've brought up IQ three times. And then criticised others for lacking real world experience and borderline racism. Picard.png
  6. There any Quest 2 silicone mask jobs yet? The Thrill of the Fight is some real exercise.
  7. Presumably it would've shot straight into orbit?
  8. Do it. I'm having tons of fun with mine. Question for anyone with experience putting custom tracks into Beat Saber: when I use SyncSaber to grab songs I've bookmarked on BeastSaber, about half just won't work. But sometimes work later. Is this a trial-and-error thing, or so some songs never work?
  9. I ventured to a cinema for the first time in months to catch St Maud. I thought it was 'pretty good'. But I'm absolutely not on the whole hype train. The scene setting is excellent, as are the principal performances. But if felt like style and performance in search of a more compelling story. It's about 80 mins long and I found it languid in the least interesting kind of ways. I had to actively focus. That said, it's got some really striking set pieces. I put it in a similar category to something like Under The Skin: I'm glad I watched it, and there's some real inventiv
  10. Every single person in the doc is in incredible denial about their personal accountability. It's all excuses. Fantastic doc, but almost everyone in it is pretending not to be the villains that they explicitly were. And were getting paid handsomely for it. A second series is coming, which is great, as I feel like the last ep didn't give us all the satisfaction we were craving by then. Also, Starz have started their own take on it with Seduced, featuring India Oxenburg. I'll try to check it out this week.
  11. Why does everyone act like one man is responsible for a game? At AAA scale, at least. Every important element of Gears of War will have come from countless other specialists in the team. And even outside of it. Unless there's been an article explaining that he had a fully-formed one-man design doc before they even started, and they weren't allowed to deviate from it. Cliff B just seems like a crass arsehole who wants to be more famous than the people who worked every long night to get the job done, without ridiculous fanfare.
  12. Sous Vide Everything's SV mashed potatoes are possibly the best I've ever had. Though they're pretty hedonistic with so much butter and cream cheese. Just mentioning them makes me want them right now though. I've never had a vacuum sealer, and have used ziplock bags for years. It's always been fine, but I think there are dishes where I'd get slightly better results with a sealer. But I'm fairly happy with the quality/waste trade-off.
  13. Presumably the third parties will be pushing out 'Elite' straps for buttons before too long? It doesn't look like more than about £3 worth of plastic. Really don't see why it would've blown the roof off the price point. I mean, I want one, but I don't £50 want one.
  14. Anyone know if Quest 1 carry cases and face covers will fit the Quest 2 ok?
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