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  1. If you had to join the sport late on, with a different athletic background, HW is where you'd want to be. Low skill barrier to get a reasonably high level, you just need the size.
  2. Yes. They were making out that I also actually like the Bash stuff
  3. I feel like, considering Liam Neeson's proclivities, he might have to be the villain in a reboot...
  4. Cormier seems to have said that he fell in love with 'marking up' guys' faces with his striking. He's been a standout at close range ever since KOing Bigfoot in Strikeforce. Really not sure who I'd pick in Stipe/Cormier 3 though. Cormier's never been finished by someone's he's finished before, so there are some brand-new questions to answer. I certainly don't think Cormier should want to hang it up (apart from his own personal deadline). He'll be making great money and he's still second best in two divisions.
  5. The only time I remember seeing Yoel go to his wrestling was against Weidman - and that was pretty spectacular. I think his fighting style in MMA is to mostly use defensive wrestling. For Cormier, I think it's two-fold. He's one of the best dirty boxers in the sport, so he's still better than his opposition there. In addition, he probably wants that Jon Jones/Fedor thing of working out what you're best at, then beating you at it. Stipe's no slouch in the wrestling department though - he did take DC down, if only briefly.
  6. Imagine the sprawling influence of the UFC guided by Scott Coker instead of Dana Dickhead.
  7. The 'crazy fucker' shouldn't have a choice though. He took the super easy roll against Lewis, and the payday. Miocic is the only man deserving of a HW title shot right now. For a man who won his first LHW title coming off a loss, he shouldn't be suggesting Stipe deserves anything less. I'm not convinced that DC is the jock shithead that @Gotters thinks he is - he feels like an awkward nerd playing the role of one. But then again, maybe that awkward nice guy is the role he's been playing. Just for longer. I think DC will win on Saturday, but fuck, I'll love it if he doesn't.
  8. Pretty sure it's ok to expect a rematch when you've got the most defenses of all time. DC is just in no position to throw stones here. He's been gifted everything he's wanted.
  9. Oh god, I hope Stipe mangles DC this weekend. And what happened when you got KTFOd, DC? Oh yeah, you kept your belt. DC has a real vibe of a guy who gets pissed off and then pretends he was joking all along. God knows if it's the real DC, or just marketing arsehole DC. But if DC is shown to be transitional, with Stipe as the true king, the whole landscape changes. WAR MIOCIC.
  10. Yeah, the guy's just having fun. Considering the genuinely shitty -even criminal- guys many fans are happy to cheer on, he's just making himself silly headlines while he waits for his next actual fight.
  11. For anyone on the fence about the fact that you need a few of these to get the best games, the new Humble Bundle gets you 1-4 (and a ton of other stuff) for about £12. Apparently the rap one in 5 is good, but that'll have to be bought separately...
  12. Missed this at the cinema and had been apprehensive about it as a big fan of the original. Fortunately I loved this too. Impossibly beautiful in places (the entry into Las Vegas), exactly the right tone, and it does a great job of weaving in allegories and callbacks. Are the two animated stories worth a look?
  13. I got into my usual thing of picking, then realising that I had no title changes. So fuck it. Maybe Sasha comes back and heels on Bayley, costing her the belt. And maybe they want to move the OC up to feud with New Day or something.
  14. I'm about 9 hours into this, and it's had some oustanding moments. That said, there have been plenty of unforgiving moments that have taken me this close to just saying "fuck this noise". The controls for are a bit too shit, and if I never see again, it'll be too soon. I think I'll probably finish it, but I think the devs overestimate how enjoyable dodging 19 different kinds of peril is for most people.
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