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  1. Also, if you don't want to spend on the Elite strap, I just have my phone charging battery pack in my back pocket if I'm low on juice. Though that will obviously occupy the USB port you'd be using to cable in to your PC here. I'd be interested to see if you could sideload a legit Virtual Desktop apk you'd bought for wireless with Oculess.
  2. schmojo

    Squid Game

    Granny's Footsteps round these parts. None of this Red Light, Green Light tomfoolery.
  3. I'm typically not a fan of games where you're hunted down with no recourse but running away. It's just not a mechanic I enjoy. But it's hard to ignore the good response this is getting, and I've played every 2D apart from Metroid SR and Other M...
  4. VHS 94 was mostly shit, with a couple of very interesting ideas. Mostly in the segment people have been mentioning. On this basis, I will absolutely be watching the next one when it inevitably arrives too. On @ImmaculateClump's recommendation, I also checked out Son. Yep, it's pretty damn decent
  5. It's castable though, if that helps.
  6. schmojo

    Squid Game

    This was fun. Not always good, but fun. Some have mentioned wanting a more satisfying ending, but that's not really the mould we get these shows made in anymore. It's about queuing up future series. As much as I enjoyed this (I clocked it in three days), I think I'm out for any future ones. It started going downhill in the last few episodes, and I'd expect them to keep that momentum.
  7. Sir, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong house.
  8. He's in the Nawaz business, as far as I can tell. Everything is about generating hype for himself at the cost of any consistency or actual progress. But it's very useful for an organisation like LBC to have a token 'former extremist' to provide performative balance.
  9. It's easy to dismiss as that, but it's not really that. We don't need Corbyn, we just need progressive social policies and a commitment to combat the freakishly aggressive capitalism that leaves so many people in the country terrified, destitute and institutionally disadvantaged. JOB represents that group of centrists who make vague positive noises, but aren't willing to go the extra mile to help deliver those, which makes anything positive he says ring very hollow. It's a performance made of pithy, retweetable gotchas and little substance. And it makes him pretty much worthless in our current climate, bearing in mind the needs that are so incredibly obvious at this point. And that's without discussing him being a moderate face of a less moderate organ, which lends other people on the network legitimacy in the eyes of people who consider themselves... moderate.
  10. It looks like the membership scheme logo for a local leisure centre.
  11. Yeah, pretty much the same for me. It wasn't as good as I'd hoped, but was a fun, colourful way to while away a hangover.
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