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  1. Crisis VRigade. Ideally with a friend. Multiplayer on that has been some of the most fun I've had, but it's very hard single player. There's a section where me and the other player literally start lying on the floor, holding our guns up over the top of the barricade. Also Shooting Arena and Puzzling Places.
  2. There are also a few icons at the top of Sidequest to manage files on your Quest. I think it's the box with an arrow in it that lets you install apks you've already downloaded.
  3. Yep, it had some very clever bits and some of the best native graphics on the Quest. I do hope someone comes out with a more replicable collection of puzzles though. Because they're some of the most fun puzzles around. The VR ones all have the Point & Click problem of having no replay value, and the games are typically 2-4 hours long.
  4. Picked up a Fisherman's Quest, since it's a tenner. As with many of these story-driven puzzle games, it's absorbing, charming, and not really possible in any other format. It's also pretty short at about 2 hours. There's also a real trope being established. From games like Unfinished Swan, Edith Finch and Rime to basically every VR puzzle game, it's always an allegory for a troubled emotional situation. Which is fine, but it doesn't have the creative impact it once did. That said, it's a tenner and nobody's going to the cinema right now, so I can recommend
  5. I managed to finish Season 3. It's alright, I think I've probably had enough of the concept now. Especially since it's not really about Johnny being a thawed caveman finding his way around anymore. Also the Vietnam scenes felt weird and racist. Let me know if Daniel and Johnny actually get round to fucking in S4 though. I'll tune in for that episode.
  6. TopGolf is good - I think I paid £10 in the sale. Maybe £8. It's mostly putting courses, but with some good driving range mini games too. And I found online matches easily enough. It's maybe my favourite way to just chat with a mate while we play. Nice and relaxed, and it feels like you're hanging out somewhere that isn't your living room.
  7. Updates! I refunded the Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets. It had been recommended as a puzzle game, but I think it sits awkwardly as too easy for adults, and too hard for kids. Picked up Trover Saves the Universe. If you like Rick and Morty, you'll enjoy this. I'm only half an hour in, but they have a lot of fun explaining the arbitrary mechanics of games and collect-a-thons. It's at the pricier end, about 22 quid, but so far I'm happy with that. And TopGolf is an excellent way to hang out with a friend and chat in a place that feels sunny. As well as a fun g
  8. It's a fine recommendation, and arguably the best of said genre. Been there done that though. Extra points for southern gothic vibes, obviously.
  9. I've just finished Sharp Objects and The Outsider, both of which I enjoyed. But not equally. I'm looking for a ~10 episode series where murders happen in creepy circumstances. It needs to take itself slightly too seriously as well. Ideally, it should also be good.
  10. What if you were the lightsaber and, every time you passed through an enemy, you absorbed all of their hopes, loves and fears? By the end of the journey, you're like a Ghostbusters containment unit of sorrow and regret. And can barely become erect anymore.
  11. I didn't click with the show originally. But if this revisit was group of young, ethnically-diverse people laughing at the non-problems of excruciatingly wealthy older white people, then I'd give it a shot.
  12. Congo's Caper was something of a sequel to Joe & Mac on the SNES. I think it was one of those 'marketed as a sequel in one territory, but not another' jobs. Vortex started life as Starfox/wing 2, I think. Then became Citadel. Magic Carpet and Terminal Velocity maybe? Or Descent and Forsaken?
  13. Pretty sure Final Fight was a sequel to Street Fighter.
  14. Wario Blast as a sequel to GB Dynablaster? I suppose that's not a secret. Turrican and Universal Soldier on the MD?
  15. My heart is telling me that Clancy Brown is too melodramatic and pantomimish to be an effective villain. But then my head says:
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