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  1. There might not be a single big fight I'm looking forward to, but if you want to put three title fights on a card, I'll show up. Next week!: Kamaru Usman vs. Colby Covington Max Holloway vs. Alex Volkanovski Amanda Nunes vs. Germaine de Randamie Marlon Moraes vs. Jose Aldo Urijah Faber vs. Petr Yan
  2. Well, Tito/Del Rio looked a lot like Mickey Gall/CM Punk. When you see Tito against younger fighters, it's easy to forget that he's got high-level grappling instincts that are a cut above. I feel really bad for Overeem. Rozenstruik seems to be another reasonably dumb, on-dimensional HW who has a chin of granite, though he has some combinations. Overeem fought a clever, patient fight, and the stoppage may have been a bit premature. 5 seconds to go, too.
  3. I was wrong about having no fights to look forward to: this weekend has Tito Ortiz vs Alberto Del Rio of WWE fame. Del Rio has, I think, about 11 MMA fights under his Dos Cara Jr name, including a big old beating from Crocop in Pride. It's got 'probably going to look fixed' written all over it, but could be fun. Also, for fans of sleeping Dutchmen, Overeem's taking on Rozenstruik, who appears to hit harder than Ngannou.
  4. I'll check them out, cheers. Although despite having spent a few years doing muay thai a while back, I rarely enjoy watching it as much for some reason. The lack of quality isn't really my problem with the UFC though, there is more talent there than anywhere else. It's the lack of legitimate, big fights to get hyped about. It's what happens when you erode the value of belts, allow champs to become too inactive, give title shots for popularity over skill and don't build your divisions' new stars.
  5. Looks like Khabib/Ferg will be booked for April. Fucking hell, it's hard to stay invested with these huge gaps. And sadly, that's probably the only marquee fight in the whole org that I give a shit about now. Every other division's champ is dominant, and the next wave don't feel dangerous. Adesanya's always worth a watch, I suppose. But I'm getting less excited about the organisation in general. Probably more pumped for the annual Rizin shitshow than Jones/Reyes etc. Speaking of which, Jones has already said he won't go for the TD and sub against Reyes. I understand that he wants to beat people where they're best, but man it feels a long time since we've seen the murderer Jon Jones. Anyone with their head screwed on knows that Smith and Silva aren't better than him, but his reluctance to just wreck them puts doubt in people's minds.
  6. Well, Askren has apparently retired: https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2019/11/18/20971629/ufc-ben-askren-lost-because-wasnt-good-enough-retirement-hip-injury-mma-news I'm sure it'll be spun as Masvidal breaking an undefeated fighter, and maybe he did, but there are plenty of matchups I wish I'd seen. That said, Askren is a lifelong competitor and, if he feels like he's not good enough now, he probably feels like he has to walk away. I know it's padded, and seemingly yet another UFC import bust, but at 19-2 he's had a good career.
  7. I'd quite like a series of loosely connected 25-minute stories in that world. Especially if they've got the FX workflow to a point where it doesn't wind up looking like a discount version of the film's aesthetic. The whole film was taking a risk, and in a series format they could take even more risks.
  8. You're totally right. I was thinking last week that South Park's "I want to be a dolphin" takes on transitioning had aged very badly, and then they drop this. We've had some pretty lengthy discussion on this particular topic though here though. Crux: the idea that cis men are trying to beat women in sports is a fiction made up by right wingers to give them a reason to be angry. And secondly, sport doesn't even fucking matter, so it's not a stick to beat people's rights into the ground with. That said, I spat my imaginary tea a bit last week when they called Giuliani a 'treasonous pig'
  9. I don't think it's completely without merit, but needing to crowbar swearing into every scene in the trailer lets you know who they're aiming for. Bearing in mind that the audience for Harley's antics is a bit older, I don't think they've pitched incorrectly, but it would've had much more impact if they'd just dropped a single 'fuck' in the middle or at the end of the trailer. So many iterations of Harley Quinn catch shit for not totally mimicking her voice from TAS, but I don't personally have any problem with them offering up different takes.
  10. This is absolutely insane. I have friends living and working in China who ask me if I'd go over, but it's such a dystopian shitworld that I cannot justify it. I feel sorry for people who have to live within that increasingly horrific system. The fact that people are on board with this insane level of control worries me too. As if it could be backdoored in around the world, as opposed to universally condemned. Which raises a more interesting question: Is there any future where China doesn't become the very worst system on the planet? It doesn't seem like any external pressure can do anything.
  11. Got a friend coming round who hasn't seen any MMA in a few months, and I think he's looking for a highlight reel of stuff to watch. Any org. The first ones that spring to mind are probably: Adesanya/Bobby Reyes/Weidman Gaetjhe/Cerrone Something with Michel Pereira a couple of Johnny Walker fights, maybe Kevin Lee vs Gillespie? Anything my feeble brain is missing out? I suspect he'll have seen a gif of Masvidal/Askren.
  12. It boggles my mind why they didn't. No Buzzers needed either, with phones. Just recycle all the old questions and clips. It'll do for me. Emulating the old PS2 games never seemed to work flawlessly either.
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