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  1. It turns my stomach how much Dana is willing to do to make Greg Hardy look competent. Don't even give him a killer, just give him someone resembling a professional. Maybe Todd Duffee, or Tai Tuivasa. Ben Rothwell would be fun too. It seems like Dominic Reyes might get the next LHW shot. He doesn't seem ready, but then neither did Smith or Santos, and they did ok*. (*based on Jon Jones not giving enough of a fuck to wrestle and submit them). Sad to see Weidman's decline, though that Gastelum win was fucking legit. When Weidman and Rockhold were riding high, with Jacare, Yoel and Mousasi behind them, the MW division was absolutley peak.
  2. Absolutely. If you divorce this from the very familiar character that it is presenting, you're missing out on a whole lot. There's so much not directly in this film that informs the content of it.
  3. I'd give more credit to The King of Comedy for DeNiro's casting than Taxi Driver. But that's hardly a new observation on my part. Can't say I feel there are as many layers to this as others do.
  4. I mean, you're literally describing the exact premise. So it's a shame if that undermined it. But that's what it is. There's a (fairly specious) argument that plenty of people saw this without having heard of the character before, but I'd find it tricky to believe that the movie was made for that audience. He's too well known. It'd be like making a film about Jesus and expecting it not to be relevant what he'd become.
  5. The story structure changes completely without the license though. What's there would still have value, but it would be a different film. We have the dramatic irony of knowing where the character ends up, and how rich that territory is. If we didn't know the character, that simply wouldn't be there. And doing a future scene of a miscellaneous gangster robbing a bank, before a '3 weeks earlier...' jump doesn't have anywhere near the weight of the character familiarity we have.
  6. I think you're going to remain unsatisfied as long as you've arbitrarily decided this angle. This film is a new take on a well-known, frequently used, interestingly-interpreted character that has been part of the pop culture canon for half a century. Everything about it is predicated on this. Everbody knows Joker. The license is utterly crucial.
  7. Well yes. Because the central conceit would no longer make sense. It's not a twist on something you're familiar with in your scenario. But then, if the Avengers was stripped of its licenses, it probably wouldn't have held together well either.
  8. I saw this yesterday, and I think I echo most of the likes/dislikes in the thread: . As a lifelong Batman fan (easily my favourite superhero universe), I initially pushed back on a few things: But that was just me being a stupid fuddy-duddy. This is an ideal reinvention for a more considered time, and simply writing a 'crazy' character today would seem lazy. The various elements that built up to Joker's coming-out party mesh perfectly with the pop-culture-obsessed character he would become, and I could easily watch TDK straight after and imagine it's this guy with ten years under his belt. I'm not usually a fan of stunt dieting in Hollywood, but Phoenix's uneasy appearance was really grotesque at times, and is a nice cosmic counterpoint to the famed stunt dieting of Christian Bale.
  9. Cheers! I was craving it so I actually made it as soon as you posted. Turned out great:
  10. You have a recipe for the corn chowder? Most of the ones online don't seem to have that rich colour, and that's what I'm trying to recreate.
  11. For a game, the Real Ghostbusters had much more identity per character - notably the different coloured overalls. Much better for character differentiation. And selling toys. I briefly tried to start up a Real Ghostbusters themed Half-life mod, but that was many moons ago now. But I did model a fully-pompadoured Egon.
  12. I'm pretty much the same. Whittaker has beaten some huge names, but he never really leaves me believing that he's better than his opposition. And even though he has high level wrestling, I don't think anyone thinks Romero couldn't have wrestled him to death if his game plans weren't so insane. That said, Adesanya is a star, and answered a bunch of questions tonight. He really does have Anderson Silva's aura, but for a 2019 audience. The power on those short hooks didn't look like much, but it clearly is. That's a performance that definitely left me feeling like he was undoubtedly the better fighter.
  13. This one snuck out quietly, and now I'm up to episode 7. I think everyone in the cast does a great job, but you don't get quite enough of any of them. And the story arc feels like it's designed to be short. I'd be surprised if there's more than one more episode in it. It's more involved than most Jody Hill stuff on a story level, but you don't get as attached to the characters. Yet. But I'd be happy to see a second series because while the main storyline here isn't that interesting, it's an introduction to their world.
  14. Took the opportunity to play through BASS after hearing about this. I'd started in the past, but never got far. It's great, but I'm glad Revolution sorted out their puzzles and pacing. It's actually quite a small game, but the inability to skin ponderous walking cycles - and the puzzles that revolve around speaking to the same person three damn times - stretch it out a bit. It was fun worldbuilding, and a great start to their legacy, but a remaster would probably be finishable in an hour or two without the padding.
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