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  1. Masvidal isn't a real risk. They can just say Conor bravely took on a much bigger natural 170lber. He becomes Rocky, and if it's close and entertaining, a trilogy beckons. I'm not actually looking forward to the hype for it, because both fighters spout witless shit for dafties, but if it brings money into the sport it's a positive. Conor shouldn't be ranked in any division right now, and as such shouldn't be looking at any title shots. But he is very good at breaking records and pushing numbers, and it's not a real sport, so Moscow looms.
  2. If nobody's going to reach out the guy in a helpful way, it does feel a bit like we're mocking someone who might be vulnerable. And a bit pointless.
  3. Conor did what he was supposed to do. Good result for Dana and co. By seemingly turtling immediately, Cerrone's stock has taken a hit for me. But he'd do well to be out of the game within a year anyway. And he's not divisionally relevant, so who cares? The only question is: do you give Conor a top 7-10 opponent next, so that he might win, or have him lose a big money fight vs Masvidal or Khabib? Tough call. I'd choose Jorge. Neither man is winning a real belt any time soon, and this bubble he's on might not last much longer. That's without even talking about what a joke it'd be to win a 155 title shot with a journeyman KO at 170.
  4. It's a phenomenal thing, especially when you realise that the custom kit released by specialist companies is wildly, wildly expensive.
  5. I can remember going to see this at a local games shop as a showcase for the owner's new SLI Voodoo 2s. I recall the character silhouettes being indistinct and a bit wobbly. There's probably a market for a stylised, Guy Ritchie style FPS. Although it's probably already been made. I know Sony have done a few PS3 and 4 games in that flavour.
  6. Robbie Collin's response to this film is surprisingly short-sighted. It's as if he doesn't understand the use of different lenses in art, and only certain kinds of WW2 film should be made. It also comes across as a little insincere. Like he knows that people get upset by trivilisation of topics, but doesn't really get why. But he's giving it a shot anyway. Anyway, it's brilliant. I loved it. Waititi can (still) do no wrong in my eyes.
  7. Tenenbaums is my favourite Wes Anderson film, but it's bittersweet as hell.
  8. Cerrone prides himself on not bailing on fights, even if he's injured. He's also talked about standing with Conor rather than grappling, and not being afraid to lose. A Cerrone victory is the longest of long shots, but fuck it, maybe he gives the tiniest shit and might try and win. I'll be interested to see the numbers. It's basically an acid test for Conor's current value, since it's a dead card in January.
  9. Why on earth is the undercard for this fight so weak? You'd have thought anyone with PPV points would be clamouring to get on a Conor card. Or even just anyone who wants visibility/the next shot at one of the main eventers.
  10. Everyone kept saying this around the time of launch, but I didn't see this supposedly amazing performance at all. She brought the same sassy one-dimensionality she brings to every role, and never had a hair out of place. I was expecting Widows and got a music video.
  11. Beneath a Steel Sky would've made a fine stamp. Also, if there wasn't an IP issue, maybe Starfox/wing? Or something representing Gremlin? Although that would probably be Zool, and Zool was a bit shit.
  12. Gun skins are popular. Lightsaber modification is the same thing, with the added dimension of tons of people wanting to design their own lightsaber for years. I don't think it's anything more, or less, than that.
  13. I remember enjoying the first series, despite every single thing about it. This time, episode one has be stuck on something I can't get past. It feels like a stupid person's vision of cultured, metropolitan life and conversations. Like they've never seen a real conversation between functioning humans.
  14. More, having spent 10 mins thinking about it: Lego Movie Into the Spiderverse I Love You, Man Long Shot 21 and 22 Jump St Jumanji Anything Taika Waititi does Most 80s Steve Martin output Big Hero 6 Bridesmaids Before Sunrise Anchorman
  15. Chef, for sure. Just don't watch on an empty stomach.
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