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  1. schmojo

    Pitt cue

    Having not had access to a Bodean's, the UK bbq explosion started at the time Pitt and Red's (in Leeds) opened up for me. Around 2011. Which was amazing timing as I'd just spend a couple of months living in North Carolina, and had become dependent on mustard-based bbq sauce and non-saucy smoked ribs. Only actually went to Pitt once, but loved it. Sad to see it go, and to see Red's closing some branches. But I suppose this wave may be coming to an end. I still love doing some ribs myself, but my bbq/smoking fervour has definitely flattened out.
  2. Holy fuck. Nearly two decades of waiting for the seemingly impossible conclusion of a game series, potentially a creative swansong for one of the 90s greatest game-making minds. And the world is shitting its bed because they have too many PCs to play it on and might have to click a different icon to launch it. Jesus wept. That said, cloud saves are on the Epic store roadmap. And whilst behind schedule, I'd bet a shiny penny on them landing before Shenmue 3 does.
  3. I hope you never have to learn the dictionary definition of the phrase "majorly inconvenienced". It's much worse than you think it is.
  4. I don't even know how people begin to give this much of a fuck about something so trivial. But fair play to them: they must live otherwise content, charmed lives if something like this is a problem. Right?
  5. schmojo

    Nintendo Switch

    Give yourself a week or so to see if you like the split controller configuration. I played through all of both that way, and loved it. Also, some of Mario Odyssey's moves are probably a little easier with split controllers.
  6. The balanced view is that it's completely irrelevant. Smearing people because they were 'up to no good', and as such may as well have been guilty of a fraudulent accusation is some bullshit that we've pulled for far too long.
  7. Amazing showings by Valentina and Cejudo. So crazy that we'd never had a simultaneous double champ til a couple of years ago, now we're on our fourth! Ferguson did a great job beating up Cerrone, even though the finish was a mess. It went as expected, and it wasn't going to get any better for Donald. Ferg is so dangerous, I reeeeally hope the Khabib fight happens.
  8. WWE SUPER SHOWDOWN 2019 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia WWE Universal Championship Seth Rollins (c) vs Baron Corbin 200 points WWE Championship Kofi Kingston (c) vs Dolph Ziggler 200 points WWE Intercontinental Championship Finn Balor (c) vs Andrade 150 points Goldberg vs The Undertaker 100 points Triple H vs Randy Orton 75 points Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon 75 points Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley 50 points Lars Sullivan vs Lucha House Party 50 points 50 Man Battle Royal - Drew McIntyre 100 points BONUS QUESTIONS 1. Last eliminated in the Battle Royal? 50 points - AJ Styles 2. Is Undertaker taking a Jackhammer? 50 points -Yes 3. How many times will the 24/7 title change hands? 50 points - 5
  9. I enjoyed this a lot, though I'm a big fan of the 'fish out of water trying to make it to the party and learning about themselves along the way' genre. And it's definitely one of those. But it also does an incredibly good job of weaving in, and normalising, conversations that would have been a bigger issue in other films. That said, as with Blockers (which I liked too), modern adult screenwriters seem to have an obsession with the idea that all teenagers are on DMT. Or other scary-sounding drugs that they've heard of but don't quite understand.
  10. I mean, with an Olympic gold, and wins over two divisional GOAT champs, you'd be surprised if he didn't play it up at all... He's not a McGregor in terms of marketing, but they all give it a go. And he looks like he's having fun.
  11. How do people put together these videos? Is it filming someone on a greenscreen and then comping with an angle the game generates just for this kind of content? Can you adjust the angle in the game to make it line up with your player footage? Also, as I see my Switch gathering dust, I'm starting to wonder if I could trade it to put towards one of these... Are there many free experiences? I haven't owned a headset since DK2.
  12. Ghostbusters was 3 years ago. You're overreacting.
  13. schmojo

    Ugly sequels

    Curse of Monkey Island was beautiful, then came Escape...
  14. I'm certainly not Gus's biggest fan - his ego seemed at odds with his inability to perform at the highest levels - but if he does retire then LHW will suffer. Smith was better for most of the fight, and deserved the win. It's such a terrible division though. I hope Rockhold 2.0 can give it a shot in the arm. And speaking of underperforming LHWs, Rakic's KO of Manuwa was brutal. I'd like to seem him and Johnnie Walker get into it one day.
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