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  1. Yup. Should be fine, the two machine setup is what I use. I've also realised that my convoluted fake webcam method from the last page is utterly redundant, and Zoom screen sharing seems to work fine
  2. People are going to want the Jackbox screen on a laptop or tablet, so they can answer on their phones while they video chat. I'd recommend Zoom instead, it's a little more flexible than Houseparty, and just screenshare from your pc/mac. Though that'll keep you out of the video chat unless you've got a second machine.
  3. schmojo

    Nintendo Switch

    And so (sorry for being clueless, not touched any of this stuff before), he'll just be able to... use an SD to get his save from my switch to his, and mine will be intact, but without his profile?
  4. schmojo

    Nintendo Switch

    And is the save held in the cloud, or is that only for people with an online sub?
  5. schmojo

    Nintendo Switch

    Quick question about Zelda saves, cloud or otherwise: I have a friend who wants a Switch and Zelda, but can't find one. I've offered to lend them mine, since it doesn't get any play, but if they do, will they be able to transfer just their User's Zelda save when they eventually buy one? Don't want to do a full system transfer, and their account on my switch won't be the primary one. But who wants to lose hours of progress when they get their own machine? Can it be done, or should they wait?
  6. I think it might with screen sharing, but as long as internet audio is enabled, doing it as a fake webcam didn't have that problem.
  7. After PLENTY of faffing around, I found the secret sauce for playing Jackbox online during these uncertain times. There's probably an easier way, but I wanted a) to be able to maximise the game screen and b) to be able to keep webcam video chat on too. For the social aspect. We tried playing Jackbox with video chat and no main game screen, and it was confusing and shit. You need: - Zoom (note - it HAS to be this old version for the host for VirtualCam compatibility) - OBS + VirtualCam plugin - Two Zoom accounts - Two computers for the host, one for each player I basically used OBS + VirtualCam to broadcast my desktop as a webcam (screen sharing wasn't good enough - I want people to be able to change focus). Then I started a meeting on Zoom on that machine, and started Jackbox. Then I joined the meeting on my laptop, and invited everyone else to as well. Voila. Full video chat and refocusable windows.
  8. Tony/Khabib is the cursed fight. But it's also the only relevant divisional fight left. I'd watch it in a Wetherspoons cellar.
  9. I recently played Origins, having not played all the way through an AC since Black Flag. It was basically excellent, and compelling. The new combat system was a welcome addition, and the setting was tons of fun. Even grew to look forward to the Phylakes after a while/being sufficiently tooled up. Generally I can only do on ubi open-worlder a year, but I might jump straight into Odyssey because well... I've got time.
  10. In these uncertain times, it's nice to have predictability: https://www.mmafighting.com/2020/3/26/21195482/ufc-champion-jon-jones-arrested-for-aggravated-dwi-negligent-use-of-firearm-in-albuquerque
  11. Anyone know of a competitive multiplayer Picross? Obviously it's not in the relaxing spirit of the genre, but who doesn't like beating someone at something?
  12. Just checking it out on Youtube, it's just over 3 minutes long. Long old time to not make any fuckups. That said, I might give it another go today...
  13. That's the part I've taken a break on. I assume that it's so near the end of the game that I might leave it a bit. Does the section have any checkpoints? When it's like... multiple minutes of perfect platforming, it becomes both daunting and irritating at times.
  14. I've only seen the original Japanese movie and the US remake, I think. Any of the other stuff (TV or film) decent?
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