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  1. This is an excellent achievement - such a complete vision for two people. I felt like it took too long to be upgraded, which made some of the gameplay a little repetitive. You see so much that you can't do yet, but it seems like you're 50% of the way through the game before you start getting much. And the stat points seem to be making a negligible difference. But they're small issues in what has been, so far, one of my favourite games of the year. Although trudging back every time you die can fuck off. It's just a boring mechanic that makes beautifully designed areas become spaces you can't wait to never see again.
  2. It's basically just unlisted/'early access' games on the Oculus store that you have to individually search for. Which is a bit daft. You can find listings on https://sidequestvr.com/ though.
  3. I believe he's a malignant workplace abuser and misogynist, haven't heard child abuse allegations.
  4. This looks great - and they're teasing the cast nicely. Hoping for Rocko, Doug and Inside-out Boy.
  5. Ah well. It's awful. Ostensibly, it's a first-gen VR selection of carnival games with really unresponsive and flaky mechanics. Really annoying shit, like items all looking similar on a shelf, but only 10% being grabbable, so you're just flailing at scenery. In one minigame, you're throwing balloons out of a rollercoaster cart, and they still show balloons laying there when you don't have any left, so you're idiotically grabbing at air again. The chat with the characters is pretty good, but this is not the game you want it to be. And I hope the deserved response to it doesn't put them off revisiting the franchise. Try Floor Plan 2 for something that feels like the game this could have been.
  6. The VVitch Despite the widespread praise, I'd been swerving this. All the talk of the slow burn put me off, since I find a lot of lower-paced horror interminable. But this was great: inventive, tense, and great performances. 3.5/5 Call Me By Your Name As soon as I saw the cars pootling up to a sunkissed Italian estate, I was in. I genuinely love the 'out of towner causes emotional chaos'/tragic holiday romance genre, and this was an excellent example of it. Everything about the presentation is captivating - it really draws you into the romance of the setting and makes you feel nostalgic whether you recognise it or not. Good shit. 4/5
  7. Conor was outclassed, again. I'd be entirely happy without a fourth fight, I can only imagine people want the satisfaction of seeing Conor tap or get slept. Dustin's better, and has been for a long time. I couldn't blame him for wanting the big paycheques, and I suppose it's possible that his main event status as the Slayer of McGregor isn't solidified by this bout. Even though it is for anyone with eyes. Always a shame to see Wonderboy miss out, but Burns entirely had his number and he couldn't adapt in the third. Thompson's game plan is so established by now that it's been solved. Could do with some new wrinkles, but it may be a bit late.
  8. In light of Lovecraft Country not being renewed, and Handmaid's Tale expanding far beyond the original source material, I'd like to make a thread celebrating those excellent single season shows that could otherwise get lost to time. It's always annoying when you find out that a show has been renewed, or an actor has been re-signed, before you finish a series. It feels like a spoiler, and you know that they'll go for a less satisfying ending now that they've got more episodes to fill. Also, let's not fuck around here. Some stories are short, self-contained, and don't require The Continuing Adventures of Oskar Schindler. Or we get outfaced by finding a show with five seasons to conquer. Here's a classic to get started: Terriers. A fun noirish private dick adventure starring Donal Logue. What you got? What did I miss?
  9. The temptation (and probably the likelihood here) is to go for a balls-to-the-wall violent action game. And it'd be most faithful to the film, but would need a lot of bullet spongery, or Serious Sam style hordes of enemies. I'd like to see them focus most on the helmet's analytical abilities, and go for more Arkham Detective Mode style puzzle-solving. But then, why work out how to cleverly enter an area when you can just walk through the wall? I suppose another fun idea would be early prototypes of the equipment, where you've only got one or two of the abilities in each mission, and you're testing them in the field. As you get beefed up with more upgrades, it coincides with the arrival of armour-piercing rounds for enemies and ED209s.
  10. If Tarantino never really wrote a non-white character again, I don't think the world would be a worse place.
  11. I mean, when you look at the production team it gives a bit of a hint. I enjoyed the film much more than I expected, but every woman I've spoken to about it waxed lyrical.
  12. These games are very much my taste too. I recall enjoying The Fall quite a bit.
  13. There's something interesting in this post. I could be wrong, but I've always taken the classic 'book vs film (or audiobook)' debate to be predicated on the book requiring individual imagination for world building and character realisation, creating something unique and personal each time. With the film being the artistic culmination of many, very talented people's imaginations —but not your own. In this case, it's like you get the less traditionally desirable of both worlds. Not that either is actually right or wrong, obviously.
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