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  1. Yes, as Thunderball was co-written with someone so he had the shared rights to that Bond story too. He was going to remake it again in the 00s as I recall…he should have given us that gay secret agent/ Bond-esque film that Rupert Everett was rumoured to do EON managed to buy the rights back finally to stop any competing films…and I think prior to the purchase that’s why they couldn’t use Blofeld or Spectre in any of the 80s/90s films for some reason (and why Moore dropping him down a chimney from a Heliocoptor was kept “vague” but I think was supposed to be a pop at the whole legal scenario)
  2. Does anyone know if the name on the Apple crates is a reference to something? Seemed to linger on it, which seemed to be pointing an Easter egg out, but can’t see anything online… I wished they’d stuck some line in of Strange talking to Wong and the book, telling Wong that he knows what he’s doing, he’s not going to say Klaatu Berata Nikto or anything like that I had fun with it, just me laughing out loud at eyeballs being pulled out, third eyes appearing, Bruce…some audiences eh ? think I’m going to have to show my son Army Of Darkness…
  3. Bond dressed as a clown for the finale…seemed pretty apt. I caught the last 45 minutes or so of Spy Who Loved Me about a year ago…fond nostalgic memories were erased by disappointing action, the battle on the tanker was epic in my memories but in reality it’s like the A-Team - tedious random wild firing, things blowing up, people flying through the air but with bog all connection. Bach is still lovely though and you can definitely see the genuine surprise on her face when that wave of water catches her at the end.
  4. Another quick question - does anyone know if it’s safe to update 3DS games I’ve got ripped to my hacked 3DS? A few are now showing they need an update and worried about bricking things…
  5. I’m still struggling with Retroarch and various bits.. Finding the standalone emulators such as Picodrive work better than Retroarch, but I’ve just whacked a load of roms into my Megadrive folder and they’re not visible on Picodrive, but can obviously see them via file directory and Retroarch (same issue with Gameboy emulator - not seeing additional Roms…) Retroarch - I can only randomly get the Atari 2600 to work via Retroarch (without front end) but absolutely everything else seems to crap out with bad dump error message - Amstrad, MSX, Mame (early roms so nothing too intensive) - front end versions - Mame etc - aren’t having it and the Speccy front end wants to use an Amstrad core and won’t let me change to the Speccy core… Updatijg all the cores to see if that helps, but any advice much appreciated
  6. I was at both events, got a photo with Matthew Smith which I was very chuffed about. Pre bonkers prices on things so came away with a load of Speccy games, Crash issues etc. Gutted I didn’t get a go on a C5 nor run my hands through Billy Mitchell’s glorious mullet.
  7. Hey, I downloaded this stuff last night to my Xbox One S and wondered if I could pick the forum brains as will no doubt be clearer than that Discord forum... I've got Retroarch on my 3DS and struggled with it, so am I right in thinking... - I put my games on an external USB stick - formatted to NFTS - and I put them in separate folders for each machine for ease of me finding them - I run that game from the Retroarch menu and then I choose a relevant core - ie SNES core for a SNES game - for consoles which require a bios - is it best to have a folder on the USB which I manually scan and then it will link those bios? - do I need a separate bios for each territory - ie if I wanted to play a Japanese game I'd need that region bios for that console? I tried playing some bits last night - downloaded a DC bios, PSX bios and came a bit unstuck - I just whacked them on a micro sd card/ card reader just to try it out, so that might be slow speed and all that, but problems I had... Dreamcast - fired up Power Stone 2 which mostly worked, some minor choppy bits - but Space Channel 5 was getting garbled and slow down on the FMV sequences, so that meant the main game was unplayable PSX - tried a bin/ cue file of Spiderman 2- Enter Electro and didn't seem to work at all Mame - tried 3 different roms, still in zip file - Rolling Thunder, R Type and Shinobi - using (I think) Mame - latest update (or something like that) - none of them worked, one stuck at 44%, another said it was missing information Dolphin - couldn't get Rogue Leader to load (black screen) but Soul Calibur 2 worked but was very choppy Wondering whether it's the Xbox One S doesn't have enough grunt for some of these, but would be fine with 32bits-16bit-8bit-up to mid 90s mame stuff? I've ordered a 150mb/s 128gb usb disc for this which I think should cover a good spread of stuff - should that work okay in theory? Any help much appreciated!
  8. Wonder what happened to all the Beebs in schools? Teachers took them home? Ended up in the bin? im trying to think of an adventure game we had around 87 at school - was a kinda maze/ mostly text adventure, but there was one puzzle which wanted you to cut a key which fit 4 different locks which were showed on screen (just out of textured block character squares) Suburban Fox was one we played loads - think we presumed there would be an “end” if you managed to uncover the whole map, when obviously it was supposed to be a life sim where you’re trying to stay alive as long as possible but any random encounter may kill you.
  9. That room where Strange seems to be confronting Strange…is that the same room from the end of Loki?
  10. That was fantastic. I’ve been telling people it’s the Abba Gold of superhero films Such a genuine emotional rollercoaster of tears of joy and sadness. Laugh out loud moments. The coolest MJ. The sweetest best friend. Superbly done.
  11. I preferred 2 (which wasn’t working for me last night ) 3 had moments but think things had moved on by the time it came out - the vehicle bits in particular felt shonky after driving the Warthog…
  12. Timesplitters 3 looked pretty swift, Max Payne 2 isn’t recognised on my machine…installing Manhunt now…it’s a game I barely played
  13. Gah, Timesplitters 2 showing as “This game is not playable here”
  14. And wondering if Manhunt will work with headphones connected to the Xbox controller, as never had the original headset back in the day, so all that stuff about the guy talking in your ear was lost…
  15. Hoping to be cranking up some Timesplitters 2 soon…seem to remember having a lot of fun with one of the challenges involving flaming ginger bread men
  16. I worked in a HMV when GTA3 came out and it just seemed to appear, small amount of stock, no fanfare, yet we were still selling (iirc) a double pack of GTA 1 and the London expansion pack regularly. It was just there one day and thought it would have been a bigger deal, but really didn’t seem it. (Is played GTA London once at a mates, struggled with controlling it but thought it was interesting) I didn’t manage to get a PS2 until Vice City came out and I’ve still only briefly played the opening of GTA3 which felt archaic once you’ve started with Vice City. On a Halo tip, I didn’t initially get it. I wanted aliens from Aliens - scary monsters - so having screaming scaredy-cat monsters shouting “He’s coming!” seemed silly and daft…And looking like pointy shell creatures seemed a bit disappointing. But eventually was hitting the Warthog and the flood and everything else and it felt amazing.
  17. I too was amazed by this and was wondering what witchcraft makes it possible - the graphics when close up look like they’re…interlaced or something, which made me wonder if that was some way of cranking the frame rate by removing some of the imagery? (I know what I mean but explaining it badly)
  18. On the increased vinyl pricing tip, I see the current hot topic is War On Drugs forthcoming album which will set you back around £38-£40 for a standard black or £43-£45 for a limited blue version. I don’t think it comes with any “free” drugs. Bejesus.
  19. See my previous post re vinyl prices and how they’re all going up across the board…and shops do have exclusives every week all year round now. Oddly the strange thing is that there are more “standard” releases on black vinyl every week which are in lower print runs than some RSD stuff so arguably “more collectable” but funny how so many collectors don’t see it that way. And if a shop has miscalculated on the June drop they may we’ll still be paying it off, but most I’ve been to have only had a box or so left from loads…so some get it right, some still think it’s a licence to print money and can’t see the market is getting more selective.
  20. Yep, definitely feels a bit of pressure to get it while you can which I think is also causing a self fulfilling prophecy and more things are selling out on presales as a result, or you have something which is out of stock for months and months afterwards. £25-£30 is definitely going to become the norm price…but in a weird inflation way I remember reading something about how Virgin started about 10 years ago which talked of albums back in 71 being about £31 in today’s money (back in 2011) entertainment has stupidly been under inflation for a long time - cds are generally around £10-£12 which is sorta how they were 25 years ago…similar story with dvds etc…so perhaps this is a necessary readjustment (though it’s hard to swallow) but no doubt ruffles feathers when people are used to all you can eat with music and entertainment streaming services.
  21. For the true experience half the games need to do a software error when loading up…so they can advertise 100 games and only 50 work
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