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  1. Evening my dear 'mukkers, As I'm often want to say, the support my films have had via here over the years has been amazing...so I'm always really pleased to share a new film on here. Out of all the films I've made, I genuinely think this one has the chance at gathering some viral momentum...so if you like it, please do share with friends, colleagues, social media etc (I'm on Twitter and Instagram under @fastermovies) - any support would be massively appreciated! I'm going to let my some of my press release do the talking on this - which will hopefully set it
  2. Considering Rich is my best mate I’ve been useless at listening to any of these (but that’s me and pod casts) but it’s lovely to see what a positive response it’s getting!
  3. Ha, must have been some random bug in muk too as I was definitely in the Star Wars Squadrons thread Weird
  4. I’m frigging shite at the multiplayer but 5 of us made a squadron last night and it felt as if at least we were all equally useless Had a bizarre bug where my ship was destroyed and I was left stuck in space like a god view being able to view my squad flying around but I couldn’t do anything until the match was over. At least it gave me chance to grasp the arena was basically a big tunnel
  5. Aw thanks so much for that, wanted to spend the birthday money on it. Now...where's the cheapest place to get my PS4 online?
  6. Jeez, how can that be? I don't understand how such a huge game, huge company and huge format can have a game that doesn't work...
  7. Is Minecraft regularly fucked? After months of it not working on my son's Switch, it did an update and worked again (same with on my daughter's aging Ipad)..but then after two weeks the Switch version is screwed again.
  8. All fascinating stuff, but please come back when someone can get me that Wii Star Wars Trilogy I can play on my Wii U
  9. I had it. I’d forget to play for a few days then dial the clock back but then sometimes I’d cock up and dial it back too far which seemed to balls it up
  10. battery had definitely gone as always had to reset them. Remembered now I was getting a black screen - coming on, disc would turn, but no picture. Sure I read on here something had gone which would need soldering (and bar installing a mod chip years ago I wouldn’t trust myself now!) while im here, I’ve never heard that about taking controllers in and out while the machine was switched off - always pulled controllers in and out worryingly!
  11. I’ve set up my ps2 mini with a crt near to my work desk and bought a bunch of light gun games that I never bothered with. id played Vampire Night once in the arcade and thought it was just hotd with vampires...and as the conversion was Namco I’d always presumed it was their game aping hotd...so got a surprise that it is actually a Sega game which thankfully made sense as the script and camp acting were completely from the world of hotd. Kinda enjoyed it for what it was but not as much fun as blowing holes in zombies. Nice settings and set pieces. got Ninja Assault to tr
  12. My Dreamcast sadly gave up the ghost and pretty sure it’ll be that battery issue. If I got one of those kits I’d there someone who could install for me when this is all over?
  13. Aw man, that's incredible. She really does look disgusted. Uncomfortable viewing.
  14. What were you doing my neck of the woods last summer? Something fun?
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