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  1. That does indeed look amazing - as ever these modern games would have absolutely blown minds if released 30 years ago
  2. I’m loving my night time chats with Shenhua before bed - often hilarious and awkward but also really sweet. As always wears its heart on its sleeve - not many games can say that.
  3. Yeah, my wife pointed out I'd be over 60 if we have to wait for another 18 years Still having issues with bugs on the PS4 - in particular when selecting food to eat and it showing the zoomed in view and only a rapid hitting of buttons will stop the game sticking on that...though it can either still stay on the screen (had a pear and black garlic now) or the screen remains dim. I'm now saving very regularly as reloading a save game sorts it out. But also having issues with the game skipping forwards in time sometimes - hit continue instead of load this morning and it threw me into a cut scene with Shenhua which made no sense as it was referring to something I'd yet to find out (so had to restart) and this afternoon it again through me direct into a martial arts location with some guy talking to me for no apparent reason (again, had to reload and I've now done this sequence in the correct place...) Anyone else having issues? Some twitchy bits during the game between lines of dialogue that the same character is saying too (I'm prepared to forgive it being a bit shonky with the relatively low budget, but still...)
  4. Dang, just gone to it today and it's acting up Continuing seemed to skip a section of the game but luckily my save took me back to where I was last night. Did some more stuff, was heading to Shenhua's house (with no idea where that is) when got told my health was low and need to eat something. Went doolally on the inventory screen which left me with a pear stuck on screen during the cut scene.
  5. The first is all about that small town atmosphere for me - if you've grown up anywhere a bit like that then I think it resonates regardless of tank controls. Watched the recap movie for Shenmue 3 and forgot so much of both of them...feels like you've been on a genuine journey meeting people by the time it's all over.
  6. My copy came this morning. After 18 years (of hurt) I can't believe it's in my hands. It's like the equivalent return of Twin Peaks for me. Absolute goosebumps when the title screen came on, cannot believe I'm about to play it. A few minutes in and Ryu says "I see" - my wife and I pissing ourselves at it, like a greatest hits of his dialogue. Bought a toy capsule of myself driving a forklift. Everyone so far is bizarre looking and the dialogue is as weirdly stilted and awkward before....which means for me it's perfect so far. Looks very pretty too. Been avoiding anything since the original trailer and the contention over Ryu's design, so looking forward to going into this completely blind. Again, cannot believe this is here. Amazing times. But need some batshit mega fans to reverse engineer it and recreate it on the Dreamcast stripping assets from the original game or something
  7. I don't understand how such a big huge gaming thing can be so fucked...
  8. Dang, downloaded it...crashes...Minecraft website is terrible - click on support, click on Java support which sends you back to the Mojang website which tells you to go back to the Minecraft website. Ended up in some volunteer run Minecraft chat room just trying to figure out if my 10 year old iMac is up to the job and got kicked out for "spamming" for putting up 3 messages a row. No wonder I've always stuck with console gaming....even this seems like a pain in the arse.
  9. Does anyone know if there are any known issues with this since the update? My son has the Switch version and is complaining about it - takes a long time to load, crashing back to the home menu, lag and other weird things (on it the other day and couldn't interact with anything...) Seems to have gone doolally since the last update and hasn't settled down. He now wants the Mac version instead/ as well - are there known issues with that as I'd be running on a 5+ year old iMac....running Yosemite... Thanks!
  10. Highly recommend it - bought it for 2 of my friends who absolutely loved it
  11. Hmm...underwhelmed and slightly disappointed by this...His Dark Meh-terials...loved the books, was disappointed with the other film yet somehow I miss some of the gloss of that with this...and feel Lyra in the movie had a bit more spirit... (And lack of daemons is understandabl£ but still disappointing as without really establishing how symbiotic the relationship is and everyone having one makes the drama of what to come less powerful...)
  12. I had a similar sniffy feeling towards but but picked it up when it went BC with the praise on here. Personally think it still looks great and found it great fun until I hit a difficulty spike on a police pursuit of 5 racers
  13. Ah. Must have missed the small print then. Only reason I kept my sub then decided I wasn’t playing it enough
  14. Am I being a spanner but when did Games With Gold games change so if you end your gold subscription you lose access to the games? I thought the slogan was “yours to keep forever” and I understand with gamespass if you end your subscription then so does your access...but this seems weird with gwg games? i can still play the 360 games but any Xbox One games (such as Superhot) I can no longer access and get an error message...or was gwg always that way and it’s only obvious when your sub lapses?
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