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  1. Very excited for this. Absolutely love The Division games. Bring it on!
  2. 21,117 Future have mention in their statement on its circulation.
  3. Series X on launch day for me. Fantastic piece of kit, super fast and super quiet. Have GPU until 2023. It’s awesome. Lovely jubbly.
  4. Confirmed release date is next month.25 May.
  5. No, there have been no announcements on location. That was really poor today, utterly pointless. That was the equivalent of a reveal trailer to announce the game which they did already last year. This should have been so much better.
  6. Nope. They showed fuck all. You can see yourself above in one of my posts as I posted the trailer (teaser) link.
  7. Next trailer I think. I was really looking forward to a top notch trailer lasting a few mins. Urgh, that was a very short teaser!
  8. Is that it???!!!!!!! Fuck sake.
  9. Trailer tomorrow, 2pm. Bring it on.
  10. DC only spoke when prompted to by the commentator. It’s a shame, think Channel 4 have messed up by not having him as the co-comentator. Nothing against Billy Monger but he is young and I would prefer the co-commentator to be the one with the F1 experience, like a DC / Martin Brundle. The cost of adding the F1 channel to my Virgin bundle is just too expensive so hopefully I will get familiar with the new set up. Ben Edwards and DC was a nice combo.
  11. Just watched the channel 4 highlights. Urgh, not enjoying the commentator at all and looks like DC, who I think is excellent, has been relegated to No. 3 in the commentary box. Hardly gets a look in. Very impressed with Tsunodo, nice 9th place finish on his debut. Quality drive by Perez too back up the field. Thought Max had it but fair play to Hamilton.
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