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  1. djbhammer

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    A friend just joined my game and we completed 2 side missions with me as leader. Does the progress show in my friends game too that he completed the same side missions? He looked at his map after and seemed unsure. Cheers.
  2. djbhammer

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    I was thinking exactly the same thing! Very odd. Anyhow, back on track, loving this! Had a nice 4 hour session today and only did one main mission! Mopping up loot from alleyways, buildings, doing control points, the random ‘?’ events marked etc. So much to do and so good.
  3. djbhammer

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    Bit more hype for those starting tomorrow like me!
  4. djbhammer

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    Loving the initial thoughts on here, all sounds incredibly positive. Cannot wait for Friday and long weekend with Monday off work. I’m ready to spend an age with this like I did the first one. Oh, that Reddit comment just blew my mind!
  5. djbhammer

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    £42.95 Game Collection is the best I have seen. Or £24.99 when u trade in a certain game instore at GAME.
  6. djbhammer

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    CHEM LAUNCHER First on the list is a new skill that we are introducing in The Division 2—the Chem Launcher. As a grenade launcher inspired weapon, the Chem Launcher fires various ampules of chemicals in an arc that disperse into a cloud on impact and linger to cause unique and devastating effects. When you have the Chem launcher equipped, you can choose between four different chemical charges: Firestarter The Firestarter canister sends out flammable, near-invisible gas. These gas clouds can be ignited with any spark—bullet impacts, enemies firing their weapons inside the cloud, explosions or even enemies running into them while on fire. If you combine multiple clouds over a large area, you can create devastating chain reactions. Riot Foam This skill fires a canister with riot control foam that disperses on impact. This is the same riot foam as you have seen the True Sons use in the E3 demo. The foam is sticky, heavy, and it expands rapidly. Anyone affected by the foam is stuck in place for a period of time, but the hardened foam can be destroyed to break them free. Oxidizer The Oxidizer fires a canister that emits a cloud of corrosive chemicals. The chemical cloud lingers for a long time and efficiently eats away at enemy armor or any enemy mechanical items. Reinforcer The Reinforcer fires a projectile that detonates and disperses an armor repairing cloud. If this powder hits you or your teammates, it restores an amount of your armor. Powder that sticks on the ground grants armor restoration over time. You have the ability to heal your friends very fast, or even yourself over time. DRONE In The Division 2, we have drones! When deployed, the drones hover around your shoulder and follow you around. Depending on what drone you equip, it can stay passively by your side until assigned an order or it can automatically target your enemies and even friends in some cases. There are five different categories of the drone: Striker As suggested by the name, this is an offensive version of the Drone. Built for combat, the Striker possesses a turret that inflicts continuous damage upon its target. This drone can receive remote orders from its controller to attack specific targets. Defender The Defender is a defensive drone that protects its owner by utilizing an experimental directed emitter. It deflects incoming bullets with microwave bursts, creating an invisible barrier. However, each bullet deflected greatly drains the battery, and it is incapable of defending itself from enemy fire. It can, however, be ordered to guard friends or other friendly skill items. Tactician Built for intel, this utility drone flies to maximum elevation at a location of your choosing and spots all hostiles it can see, effectively highlighting their location. While deployed, it gives you and your party continuous information about the position of the enemies within your area. This is the Specialist skill for the Sharpshooter Specialization. Bombardier This drone can perform a bombing run across a long area. The drone flies to an area designated by the player and drops a barrage of explosives as it strafes from one end of the zone to the other. Fixer This defensive drone repairs armor over time. You can choose whether you want it to fly next to you and passively repair your armor, or choose a friendly target whose armor needs repairing, including other damaged skills. HIVE Also new to The Division 2 is the Hive—a group of advanced micro-drones that deliver special effects to their targets. You either place or throw the Hive, which affects targets within its radius. While most Hive categories are used primarily for defensive measures, there are offensive alternatives to suit all playstyles: Stinger Micro-drones swarm hostile targets that enter their range, inflicting damage and targeting weak spots, destroying them efficiently. Restorer When the Restorer detects missing armor on a friendly agent in its range, it deploys micro-repair drones towards the agent. On impact, an amount of armor is repaired. Booster The Booster sends out one micro-drone per friendly player that administers stimulants to increase combat efficiency—boosting weapon handling, movement and other physical capabilities of the agent. Reviver When deployed, the Reviver Hive can revive allies within a specific radius on the ground. If any of your downed allies are within the range of your Reviver Hive, you can manually order a set of micro-drones to revive them. However, you can also press and hold the button to charge up the micro-drones. The longer you hold the button, the more health and armor your ally revives with. SEEKER MINE Here is a skill every Division Agent should recognize — Seeker Mines! These spherical, self-propelled ordnance delivery devices are returning in The Division 2 with more features and abilities. These mines use sensors that allow them to target hostiles — or friendlies — as needed to perform various effects. You can activate Seeker Mines by dropping them to the ground or throwing them straight into the action. Each category offers something new to Agents in the field: Explosive This classic seeker mine chases the target, designated by the owner, and detonates with a staggering explosion. However, it can be avoided as there is a slight arming time before it explodes. Airburst This mine rolls to your designated area and then launches an explosive burst into the air at head height of the enemy when reaching proximity. Mender Similar to the Reinforcer Chem Launcher, this friendly little seeker mine releases repair chemicals. These chemicals form a cloud that repairs your armor or that of an ally. If you have not chosen a specific target for the Mender Seeker Mine, allies that lose all their armor are automatically targeted by the mine. This is the Specialist skill for the Survivalist Specialization. Cluster The Cluster contains a number of smaller charges in one package, each capable of propelling itself. When deployed, each of the smaller mines picks a target and sets off towards it. However, these smaller mines are easier to avoid as they do not have room for advanced tracking equipment and cannot adjust their destination if their target moves. TURRET The last skill on today's list is no stranger to Division players — the turret. This compact, self-unfolding device tracks and shoots designated targets. Turrets can be placed next to you with a quick-press of the Skill button or thrown a short distance with a long-press. Let's discuss turret variants: Assault Similar to the Striker Drone, this skill is designed with offensive players in mind. Equipped with a machine gun turret with 360-degree rotational capabilities, this skill attacks the closest target while you are in combat. Outside of combat, you designate your turret's targets. Incinerator If you enjoy crowd control, this skill is for you! Equipped with an incendiary tank, the Incinerator ignites fuel and fires it in a cone to deal area-of-effect damage. This turret can be toggled on and off when deployed. Artillery The Artillery is a specialized deployable that launches exploding ordinances at locations of your choice. Firing once per press, shells are launched in an arc at a target position. This is the Specialist skill for the Demolitionist. Sniper This long range, semi-automatic turret targets the same enemy you are engaging. While there is a slight delay on target acquisition, the Sniper can adjust its aim to match your own aim on the target. PULSE A very popular skill from The Division is making a return for the sequel! At its core, the Pulse skill category scans the surrounding area when activated to provide useful feedback to the player. Scanner This category of the Pulse skill functions similarly to the basic Pulse in The Division—it scans the player's surroundings for hostiles and marks enemies with a visual highlight. The most notable difference here is that the Scanner Pulse is explicitly used for Intel. There are also talents that trigger when shooting pulsed enemies! Remote Sensor This iteration of the Pulse works exactly like the Scanner Pulse but offers more flexibility as a throwable option. The Remote Sensor Pulse continually scans a location after being thrown. Players must be conscious of their target location, as this Pulse can be destroyed by enemies. Jammer The Jammer Pulse acts as an EMP, disrupting hostile electronics as well as other player skills in an area. Players can press and hold the skill to activate an EMP with a larger radius. SHIELD Also returning in The Division 2 is every frontline's favorite accessory for battle. This time around, there are more Shield options available to cater to more granularity in gameplay styles. Ballistic Bulwark Returning from The Division, this Shield category provides full-body coverage for players. Due to its size, only side arms can be used while the Ballistic Shield is equipped. Crusader In contrast to the Ballistic Shield, the lighter Crusader Shield exposes players' legs and head but allows the use of primary weapons. Note that this does not include LMGs and sniper Marksman rifles. Deflector The smallest of all the Shields, the Deflector has a coating of micro-actuators that causes incoming bullets to ricochet to a nearby highlighted target with a clear line of sight to the Agent. Though not a full-body shield, the attention required to re-target means that only a sidearm may be used alongside the shield. FIREFLY Entirely new to The Division 2, the Firefly is a throwable device with a propulsion unit that targets a number of enemies to provide unique types of crowd control in the field. Blinder The Blinder Firefly flashes targeted enemies, leaving them blind and unable to function at full combat effectiveness. Demolisher The Demolisher Firefly destroys enemy weak points, skill proxies, and even environmental objects. Burster The Burster Firefly tags enemies with metallic shrapnel as it passes from one to another. If these hostiles get too close to one another, the Burster Firefly triggers a chain reaction causing devastating explosions. Killing a tagged hostile also sets of the explosion in the nearest other tagged enemy. SKILL MODDING We are also happy to introduce the skill modding system in The Division 2! In addition to picking your skills and respective skill categories, you will also have the option to customize specific details of each skill using two slot options: Gameplay slots—Similar to weapon attachments, skill attachments are placed in these slots. These grant bonuses to the skill but require a certain number of Skill Power to operate. These mods are earned as loot and will be available in different rarities. Unlike weapon attachments, skill mods are not static. Examples include cooldown reduction or bonus damage. Cosmetic FX slot—provides alternative effects and visuals to skills that are purely cosmetic. Skill statistics are not affected by this slot. An example includes changing the color of the Incinerator Turret's flame. We not only wanted to offer an entirely new level of customization into the Division 2, but we also wanted to offer visibility into that customization. As a result, any changes made using your skill mods will be directly reflected in the skill-sheet in real-time.
  7. djbhammer

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    INTELLIGENCE ANNEX: THE LIVING WORLD IN THE DIVISION 2 March 11, 2019 Agents! Intelligence Annex is back today, this time detailing the living world of Washington, D.C. in The Division 2. Our goal for the sequel was to create experiences for you as the player that would not only surprise you but also keep you coming back for more. To achieve this, we developed our "Living World Simulation"—a series of rules that allow all activities and encounters in the open world to spawn systematically. Your open world adventures will be both unique and dynamic in The Division 2, encouraging travel and exploration as a result. THE WORLD The Division 2 takes place seven months after the events that transpired in Manhattan. While you were cleaning up the streets of New York, D.C.'s civilians have been left to their own devices. Those who have survived the initial outbreak did not wait for a rescue operation. They banded together as factions, collecting resources and building settlements—all in an effort to defend their keep against opposing factions. Friend or foe, all factions have needs that must be met for survival and will stop at nothing to achieve these needs. This results in faction against faction territory wars–the foundation of The Division 2's living world. CONTROL POINTS Control Points are strategic locations where factions, friendly or hostile, stockpile resources. When a particular faction holds these points, they carry out a variety of activities necessary to sustain the point itself. If a point is low on food, for example, the faction will send scavengers out into the open world to gather resources. This creates an opportunity for other factions to eliminate the convoy and take the supplies to fit their own agenda. With Control Points scattered throughout the map, plenty of movement and activity is generated for you as the player. Should you intervene in friendly faction affairs, you may find yourself training recruits or gathering supply drops near Control Points. If the point is hostile, you will be tasked with rescuing hostages or removing enemy threats from the area. Should you choose not to intervene, you can witness civilians and enemies clashing as they travel in and out of Control Points to perform these activities themselves. During the story campaign, Division Agents will earn the trust of the settlement leaders and be given command of settlement assault teams. Agents may approach hostile Control Points and fire a flare to call on their settlement allies. If the Agent is successful in defeating the Control Point's guards and holding against any incoming counter attack, the settlement forces will take over ownership of the Control Point. BOUNTIES & PROJECTS The Division's High Value Targets system is returning, new and improved, in the form of Bounties. This time around, bounties are not only hand-crafted but also procedurally generated. When choosing a specific bounty, the faction ringleaders associated with that bounty select a location fitting to the abilities of the squad that accompanies them. These bosses have been busy building their own agenda, which includes eliminating Division Agents like yourself. As a result, they may also have access to SHD Tech and all the abilities that come alongside it. As bounties increase in difficulty, the leaders will be accompanied by larger and more well-equipped squads and can even roll deep with additional bosses! Projects take the Assignments system from The Division and rework them into a feature that emphasizes the dynamic nature of the open world. Earned early on in the leveling experience, Projects are calls-to-action by Settlement Leaders and the Division Coordinator as you explore D.C. Ranging from completing Challenging missions to emoting with other players, there is a variety of means that you can have a hand in civilian affairs and be rewarded for it. Completing Projects rewards blueprints, mods, crafting materials, experience, and bounties! To learn more about bounties and projects, check out our Intelligence Annex. END GAME Throughout the campaign, the factions will develop deadlier Elite Activities which provide high-risk, high-reward opportunities for enterprising agents. However, even these will not prepare Agents for the Black Tusk invasion. Upon reaching end game, the rules will change. A new faction, the Black Tusk, invades the world triggering a variety of open world activities. In addition to the usual faction activities, Black Tusk launches operations unlike anything previously seen: Warhound Convoy, Settlement Blockade, and Aerial Surveillance. You might find a flying Drone patrolling the streets, or a robotic Warhound carrying supply crates to areas in the world. Depending on your loadout and gear score, these activities can be either a threat or an opportunity. We will not spoil too much here; we will leave the rest up to you! Beyond that, the Black Tusk invasion forces the other factions of D.C. out of their strongholds. Control Point ownership becomes entirely dynamic with the settlements and the factions launching attacks on Control Points all across the city. Even the strength and rewards of Control Points become dynamic. Defeating hostile activities launched by faction Control Points causes them to concentrate their forces and raise the defense level of the Control Point. High-level Control Points store more valuable gear in their heavily-guarded supply rooms. Overall, we want your actions in The Division 2 to serve a larger purpose, and we have built the experience from the ground up to support just that. We are excited to hear your thoughts with The Division 2's launch on March 15th! Thanks for checking out our Intelligence Annex, and be sure to keep an eye out for future devblogs! /The Division Dev Team
  8. djbhammer

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    Yep, same here. I'm bored of BFV (I was enjoying more being back on BF4 at the weekend!) and this is a decent deal. I'll pop into my local GAME at the weekend, I'll be very happy with £24.99.
  9. djbhammer

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    Just a heads up GAME are doing the following offer instore on standard edition version Xbox and PS4. THE DIVISION 2 FOR ONLY £24.99 WHEN YOU TRADE IN ONE OF RESIDENT EVIL 2, BATTLEFIELD V, FORZA HORIZON 4, SPIDER-MAN
  10. djbhammer

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    Nice! Similar to me - was given 24 Dec as an extra holiday but had to work on the day so was rolled over to be taken by end of Q1. 18 March booked.
  11. djbhammer

    No EA Press Conference at E3 2019

    This has made my day. Their recent EA Play conferences have been dreadful so more time for Phil Spencer to take over E3! Will not be missed!
  12. djbhammer

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

  13. djbhammer

    Battlefield V

    Details on the return of Rush, limited time though. https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-5/news/32-player-rush-returns

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