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  1. Update has dropped, just patching now on my Series X. 4.90GB.
  2. I’m still 50/50 but edging towards wait for the full next gen version too.
  3. Just completed the main story. I enjoyed it although it did drag at the end and I did tiresome of some of the repetitive puzzle elements. The setting is great and at night London looks lush on the Series X. The save game problem is a big issue and not being fixed until early Dec apparently. I generally had to stop every now and then to quit to the main menu to save but if the Ubisoft servers go offline, you are fucked basically as it’s impossible to save progress. I had to complete the last 2 hours or so of the game in one sitting as I noticed they went offline and knew I had to cr
  4. If you mean Retro Gamer, yes, they are based at the Bath office.
  5. Thought this was another horror story re Hermes at quick glance.
  6. I have the Gen 2 600 TB for my Series X and very impressed, highly recommend. Worth popping in this thread for more feedback on various headsets:
  7. I'm curious to know what happened to @Sng delivery! I'm not even getting a PS5 and I'm nervous to know what happened! Hope it's a good outcome! Enjoying the updates everyone and pet photos, Series X for me but loving the energy!
  8. Happy launch day everyone! I’m just Xbox myself (got the Series X) but I do enjoy a console launch! Enjoy your shiny new toy!
  9. They have no phone contact at all as they have suspended it during the pandemic. The only contact is the website or twitter which you have already done. Even their live chat is closed. Hopeless.
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