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  1. So it came out a couple days late... but it's here! http://store.steampowered.com/app/436300 Thanks guys. I really do appreciate it.
  2. Hi everyone! Long time no see As rllmuk is my favourite internet forum, I thought I'd come here personally and show you this. Since I moved to Canada, I decided to try my hand at game development! I know visual novels aren't exactly super popular here, but i first heard about Phoenix Wright here so it might interest some. My new game Impulse! comes out on April 4th on steam! It'll be $14.99, or 12.99 in quids (Blame that VAT people ). Here's a trailer! And here's the Steam page - http://store.steampowered.com/app/436300 Special shout out to Mr Spainkiller for making me think about rock music and creativity! Thanks guys
  3. Code for Long Live the Queen. Enjoy! 2YFFP-2M2NJ-ANQ06
  4. I appreciate it anyway fella but I'd advise PM's people, these things are like hot cakes. Mmmm tunnocks.
  5. Well the mobile store says they're both used anyway. Great.
  6. Fuck I'm not at home. Can I reserve the 2nd one?
  7. In that case, looks like I'm gonna have to pony up for a PS4 before September.
  8. While I await a kind soul with a PS3 code, here's a question, if I buy the PS3 copy and my buddy runs it on PS4, will we be playing together?
  9. If anyone has a PS3 code, please let me know! Id very much appreciate it.
  10. No no, they'd never be trashed! I can't destroy the games! They'd all find homes eventually! Part of a marketing stunt more than anything.
  11. So I have a post in Wanted, but no one goes there, figured Id have better luck here. Who has more than one copy of tetris and would like to sell me a copy? I need them. In fact I need 100 for a project I'm working on. Please?
  12. Cannot contain excitement. My balls are ready.
  13. GViper

    Sigur Rós

    I just wanted to say after a month of listening to this album on my way into work, I think Kveikur is my favourite Sigur Ros album.
  14. Any US carts for the 8-bits and 16 bits then do let me know!
  15. Www.YouTube.com/user/GamersTonight Mix the retro in with current, but LTTP play through should be relevant to your retro interests.
  16. Someone said they wanted a Guardian Heroes sequel somewhere. Code of Princess on 3DS. Have at! Think its download only in EU
  17. Good thing about Canada is eBay is automatically an expensive option, because no Canadians really sell on it, and you pay customs fees + shipping on everything from the US. No council business rates either which is nice. ABB, that sounds like a good example of a well run store.
  18. I guess diversifying is a key component too, cool merch that can't be had elsewhere. Think original artwork (at less than £20) could work, in tandem with official merch? Its something I'm considering here (half heartedly) and I guess I'd want some ideas. You are my sounding board, RLLMUK. Mushashi, Son of Solo, I can see what you mean about stock too. Think there'd be benefit to buying super brown consoles and cleaning them up, refurb style? It can be done, to a degree.
  19. So the rule I think had been established is - If you don't run your store like a retard, you'll be okay?
  20. That's what I wondered, if you could make a living doing it. Seems like most people who try it, try it the wrong way!
  21. Good for me! Wahoo! EDIT: oh, but fat chance of seeing it in English.
  22. So, retro game stores. The only ones I've ever seen have been in grotty little stores, selling Super Nintendos for a fortune, that look like they had been sat in a dump and taken on a horrible shade of tobacco brown. But let's face it, we'd all love to run one wouldn't we? Sit in the store, update eBay account, quick go on DragonForce on the Saturn, yeah, that'd be alright. But can you actually make money? Or even just enough to support yourself and the store? Does anyone know someone who does? Id be interested to know.
  23. GViper

    Nintendo Wii U

    So I just got one. What do I do now?
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