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  1. Headset turned up today and I have had a brief go. Build quality seems great, headset is comfortable (way better than the vive pro, still not as good as the PSVR). SDE is still visible but massively reduced compared to any other headset I have tried. FOV is larger but not quite the leap I was expecting. The 144Hz refresh rate and low persistence make a big difference, hard thing to describe but that feeling of presence is definitely stronger. Early impressions are positive, will give Hand Lab a go in a bit and then Beat Sabre, looking forward to that.
  2. I have a headset and controllers on the way (doesn't look they will get here today though.) Will post some impressions when they arrive but knowing Parcelforce they will probably try and deliver it at 6pm when the office has closed.
  3. Spent a couple of weeks in Costa Rica three months ago. Amazing wildlife, got some good shots. Keel Billed Toucan. King Vulture. Taken from a hide through one-way glass. Green Crowned Brilliant Hummingbird (female). Brown-Throated Three-toed Sloth, Selva Verde. Full gallery here: Costa Rica
  4. Aurora Borealis seen as seen from Lapland last weekend: Nikon D800 with Sigma 28mm f/1.8. Could have done with a bit more foreground interest but the snow was so deep at the side of the road that I was worried about losing the camera if I ventured too far.
  5. Thanks! I used Photomatix to generate it from seven RAW shots taken with my D200. None of the other HDRs I tried came out nearly as well.
  6. Some very talented people here. Superb Photos. A few of my attempts: NZ Wood pigeon: Bearded Water Dragon: My first try at an HDR shot, not sure if I like it too much: Bonus cat picture: My Flickr
  7. The Game in Croydon Debenham's basement had some official ones in. At least two left after the one I bought at around half five today (there were two in the glass case behind the counter). £22.99. On a related note, Game Focus in Goodge Street had a few Blaze Wii Component cables today. Expensive though (£34.99)
  8. It does indeed! Havent tried standing it vertically yet though.
  9. Mine turned up yesterday (20Gb model): http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/7024/dsc01561hj2.jpg First impressions are: Its really heavy, and very shiny. Its almost completely silent, so much so that when I first powered it on I thought it wasn't working and had a few seconds of pants-shitting terror until the dashboard appeared. I was expecting the fan to spin up when you fire up a game but it never happened. This thing is quiet! The Controller feels really cheap and lightweight (I guess that is due to the lack of rumble motors). And yes, the sticks are just as loose and floppy as the PS2 ones.
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