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    Environment-wise I really don't see much of a step up from Fable, with the exception that obviously the navigable areas are a lot larger than the Brothers-Grimm-coridoors in that game. Sure there're some nice graphical effects in the throne room, but nothing to make me go "WOW! Next Gen!". The battle sequences however are mighty impressive & are a nice example of just what the extra computational power can provide. Sure, all the beasties look the same, but it's a definite step-up from Dynasty Warriors fog-o-vision.
  2. Yeah, this is a good point. Few people seriously expect Nintendo to return to the top of the home-console pile with the Revolution do they? I predict that they'll further carve out their own niche of the gaming market & it will be a profitable one for them (which after all, being a business is what they're about; making a profit). A preferable state of affairs to the absolutely vast amounts of cash that the Xbox has haemorrhaged from M$'s (admittedly seemingly bottomless) pit of financial stores.
  3. If that's true, for a flagship launch title due to hit the shelves in November that is VERY worrying indeed.
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    Oooo, that looks very tasty indeed. Some lovely FX going there, & atmospherically speaking it looks like it could be a stormer. Still not as good as the MGS4 trailer though....
  5. Is that figure from the Times article? It seems incredibly high, although I suppose this IS M$ we're talking about.....
  6. Heh, heh, he should release a book or exercise video or something. "Lose Pounds The Hobbit Way!". After BG&E I've added Ancel & his team to my list of "developers to follow closely". From a technical point of view at least, if that's PS2 then I'm VERY impressed.
  7. Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well. If so it would be a cool mechanism to enhance the feeling of being this otherworldly creature & make those sequences satisfyingly "different".
  8. Yoji Shinkawa really is a superb artist & character designer - an absolutely critical part of what makes the MGS series so great. His mecha designs are ace as well.
  9. Must.....not......look........ARGGGHHHH!! FUCK IT! My attempt to keep the whole thing a surprise until release lasted all of 3 minutes - here's to self-discipline!
  10. BEST.......END.......SECTION........EVER!!!
  11. Genius. For sheer entertainment value I don't see that being topped at E3 this year. It genuinely had me laughing out loud in places. When Kojima's' team at KCEJ get cracking with the PS3 hardware THEN we'll see what it's really capable of - I can't wait. As regards MGS2 : imo it's the weakest of the Solid trilogy (mainly due to its fairly weak-for-an-MGS-game roster of bosses, & the generally dull-in-comparison architecture of the Big Shell) but is still a stunning piece of work in its own right. It just couldn't live up to all the hype, it's as simple as that. I think one of the reasons
  12. Is it perhaps worth mentioning the famous quote from the guy from Square at the PS2 unveiling here : "There are only 5 companies in the world at the moment who will be able to take full advantage of the hardware's capabilities". Was this an accurate statement to make & does it apply again here? I'm not so sure...
  13. Picked it up on PS2 for £7.49 t'other week...........just as great as I remember it being when I first played it. Top 10 game of all time for me (possibly Top 5, but I'll have to wait til I get to the area where........ahh, that would be telling......
  14. Oh Christ i don't know what to believe now! Is it feasible that deliberate clipping/pop-up could be incorporated into a sequence of FMV? If so, then it's clever as fuck & far & away the best example of smoke & mirrors I've EVER seen.
  15. Ahhhh, the unmistakable shine of Nintendo magic. It looks awesome, & you can see where the claims of "Link growing up" are derived from - looks suitably dark & macabre in places; as if they've taken the tone of Hyrule-gone-bad & the windmill guy in Kakariko Village from OOT & stretched it out further. From the video it looks (fingers crossed) as if they've also come up with genuinely new additions to the Zelda formula above & beyond a couple of new items to map to the C-stick as well - specifically a horseback-fighting engine. A suitably fitting swansong for the GameCube I
  16. Yes. This. That should be stickied or something.
  17. True, but I think we all knew that the Revoultion would be lacking in set-top box like functions.
  18. Let me get this right - is the "Download 20 years of content" thing the "Revolution" we were all expecting? THAT's the way we're all going "to change the way we play"??? WTF???? Nintendo, I love you, but you have gone too far this time, if that is true.
  19. Mmmmm.........20 years of Nintendo content............*creams*
  20. Go back & watch those Bouncer vids now (they're still up on IGN or Gamespot I think if you hunt around for them) as well as the dancing Squall & Rinoa from FF8...... .......you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  21. The conference ended with "Coming Spring 2006".
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