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  1. Not sure what’s happened to make the MS store shit the bed based on all the tales on here. I nabbed a Series S on there at 8:05 this morning when I assume it was getting hammered and it all went through fine. No hitches at all.
  2. Series S and PS5 Pot Belly edition. 2020 has been a shitty year beyond compare for every single one of us but fuck me is it gonna end with a smorgasbord of next-gen gaming goodness.
  3. Series S GET! direct from Microsoft. Was an absolutely painless process for me and seemed like the most reliable option.
  4. According to this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201910640 they only charge once the item has been dispatched.
  5. Fuck me that is quite the Megaton isn't it. I knew they were sniffing round for more studios but Jesus that is a whopper that I don't think anyone predicted.
  6. Check out Nostradamus here 8 years ago and I'm not being sarcastic. He clearly knew something we didn't. *suspicious look* I think when they got the license in 2012 they'd started to make a real name for themselves with The Witcher 2 and the hype has only grown steadily since then as they've become one of the world's premier developers. Seems that full production started around 4 years ago once The Witcher 3 DLC was finished but they were consulting with Mike Pondsmith (the creator of the tabletop RPG on which it's based) as far back as 2012 and the fi
  7. No offence but you must have been living under a rock if you have no inkling of why this game is so highly anticipated. Developer is CD Projekt Red who with their last game The Witcher 3 made one of the most highly regarded RPGs not only of the generation but of all time. Cyberpunk 2077 to all intents and purposes is being described by them as their magnum opus. A hugely ambitious open-world RPG set in a massive dystopian city purported to feature one of the richest and most densely detailed game environments ever created. They're claiming that it will redefine the ope
  8. Definitely going to hold fire on this one until the full-fat PS5 patch is released sometime next year. Will probably determine when I pick up the console itself, actually. You only get to experience a game like this for the first time once, so I want that experience to be as good as it possibly can be. The first time I step out onto the streets and see a dystopian vision of grimy high-rises framed in dazzling neon I want to have my face blown off as much as possible. For such a massive and dense game it's also bound to be absolutely riddled with bugs for the first few months too.
  9. I'm going for the Series S as it's going to be a sort of second console to my primary PS5. I intend to use it purely as a Game Pass machine, which should work out quite well as I'll be able to catch up on any Xbone stuff I missed out on due to never owning one (the offering there is quite slim for my tastes to be honest, but there's a few things I'm interested in playing) and all the forthcoming MS first party stuff over the next few years. It'll also become my new Destiny machine too, seeing as the game and all expansions will be on Game Pass and Bungie now offer cross
  10. Cerny has a voice like an angel’s whisper but then Microsoft have that guy with a beard worthy of a Greek God, so they’re spoiled either way.
  11. They don’t seem as chummy with Sony as they are with MS though. Getting to see the Series S before probably anyone else outside of MS was quite the scoop.
  12. I’ll be so glad when these things are finally out and on the shelves, if only because it will spell an end to the seemingly ceaseless speculation, rumours and merry-go-round of complete bullshit from self-proclaimed insiders, sources of highly dubious origin or whatever two-bit YouTuber or Twitter shit-stirrer feels like adding some followers on any given day. I know it’s all part of the fun of an impending console generation but fuck me I swear it’s never been as bad as it has been this time round. To think that some people follow and analyse all this shit for a living boggles my
  13. Oh healing is always the most fun when it’s all going to shit and you’re the only one keeping the wheels from falling off, I totally agree there. My fondest memories of the game were running clueless first-timers through the Alliance raids and barely keeping the entire rickety edifice from toppling down with people falling left, right and centre. I just think that 5.0 homogenised and fundamentally simplified the role in a way that meant that I simply wasn’t enjoying it as much. I mained Scholar and they fixed it a little by bringing Energy Drain back for example but automating fai
  14. This is one of the reasons that I cancelled my sub (the main one being that they neutered healers to the point of tedium in 5.0) - I have a very strong feeling that the game has peaked with Shadowbringers. The First, Emet-Selch, Ardbert and the unique threat to the world made for such an amazing new setting and storyline that I doubt it can be repeated, especially if (as seems likely) 6.0 will focus on Garlemald/Garlean Empire. I just find all of that stuff incredibly boring and I’m not invested in any of it. Zenos is just rubbish in comparison. Would love to
  15. The collective 40-somethings of Rllmuk reliving their distant faded youth by dropping Britpop band names and then Sony come rolling in with a brand awareness ad set to a score of Baba O’Riley. What the hell is going on?!
  16. Depends what your tool of choice is really but the ones to look out for that are currently meta/my personal recommendations are: Hand Cannons: Spare Rations - farm from The Reckoning (Tier II) or Gambit Prime Dire Promise - world drop in Season of Arrivals, so you can get it pretty much anywhere Kindled Orchid - obtained via Forge ignitions (see Ada in the Tower Annex) Auto Rifles: Gnawing Hunger - 600rpm autos are currently king in the Crucible and with the right roll this is the best in my opinion. Can be farmed very easily from Umbral Engrams (yo
  17. Can we please not turn into ResetEra and hang on the words of “insiders” posting unsubstantiated speculation on Twitter? That place is obsessed with interpreting rumour as fact and that guy in particular milks his perceived status as someone in the know for all it’s worth. He was also caught out recently tweeting utter bollocks about the PS5 and when challenged on it admitted that he was trying to redress the balance because he thought there was too much negativity about Xbox, so I wouldn’t put an ounce of reliability in anything he says.
  18. Sounds promising, as if you’re both finding some enemies still fairly difficult and resilient at this point in the game then that’s already a significant step up from the original. Think you’ve both convinced me to pick it up. Cheers!
  19. Having played this for a fair chunk would you now say they've fixed the difficulty scaling then? As I mentioned previously it's the only thing holding me back from getting it. If you can just blitz your way through everything once you're a third of the way through the game again then I'll have to pass, unfortunately.
  20. Precisely my point, but I see the relative size of Microsoft in comparison to Sony used repeatedly as a reason for them to be able to run the Xbox division as some sort of charity for gamers. Having said that their pricing is pretty aggressive and getting Game Pass off the ground will be costing a pretty penny so it’ll hopefully keep Sony on their toes if nothing else.
  21. I’m sure Satya’s given Phil Spencer a hefty pile of cash for his division but it still has to turn a profit at some point. Microsoft’s market cap doesn’t mean that their shareholders will be happy with Xbox throwing money into a black hole forever. The old ‘infinite warchest’ argument has always seemed extremely dubious to me and belies a fundamental misunderstanding of how large businesses operate.
  22. Some of you would make dreadful business executives. Absolutely clueless.
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