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  1. Been a huge fan of Yoji Shinkawa’s since his work on MGS1 over 20 years ago but that is just gorgeous. First time I’ve been prompted to change my phone wallpaper in about 4 years.
  2. I can see things like Elder Scrolls Online remaining non-exclusive as they have large installed playerbases on other platforms that have invested a lot of time and money into their characters and content expansions etc. When they say things like “we’ll take exclusives on a case by case business” it’s games like that and potential Switch ports they’re referring to, I’m almost certain of it. If you had the option to make the next mainline Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Doom games exclusive to your platform you’d be fucking mad not to grab it with both hands.
  3. This is all correct apart from one small thing: season passes are included in cross-save and any progress you have in one will carry over to other platforms. No need to purchase them for each individual platform, unlike expansions. Also worth mentioning that Beyond Light is going to have a new introductory quest line in the Cosmodrome for new players. The random hodge podge of confusion that meets new players with the game right now should (hopefully) become a thing of the past.
  4. Yeah I got that as well. It’s just a default/generic delivery email they seem to send with every order, but you’ll receive the actual code via a separate email.
  5. Petrified that the £1 Game Pass Ultimate upgrade offer was going to disappear in the middle of the night sometime before Series X|S launch, I signed up for 3 years and am ready to go come November 10th. Cheers @Darren for the instructions. Worked a treat. If you don't want to piss about with cdkeys' increasingly dodgy codes then you can get 12 Month Xbox Live Gold codes for £40 from here: https://ao.com/product/s4t00026-xbox-one-gaming-accessories-white-68272-292.aspx No problems with purchasing three at once and they all arrived via email within 5 minutes
  6. I dunno, there’s loads of games that have photo modes now, which I enjoy playing around with. I use it a lot when I’m chatting to people on PSN too. Also a useful tool for recording hilarious fuck-ups or close shaves. I don’t think you have to be a full-on dope AF gamer bro to get some use out of the function.
  7. If, and that’s a pretty big if, Sony felt the need to make a similar move then SquareEnix or Capcom would seem the most likely fit. I believe they’re roughly equivalent to the Zenimax deal in terms of market cap (between $6-8 billion) which although a huge sum of money is well within Sony’s reach, based on their cash reserves. I’m not completely au fait with Japanese business and economic law but I think there’s some sort of protections in place that prevent complete foreign ownership of Japanese companies, so that would place Sony in an advantageous position should one of the Amer
  8. Yeah, it’s somewhere in the settings menu. There’s an option for single press, double press and long hold I think. I too found it a bit clunky before but once you’ve set it up properly it does what it needs to pretty well. Glad they’ve copied the idea for the new Xboxes.
  9. You can reconfigure the PS4 Share button to take a screenshot with a single press. I use it all the time and it works fine.
  10. They’d be setting themselves up for an almighty fall if it’s a noisy fucker again, considering that Cerny specifically addressed it in his talk and the machine is the size of a small house. I doubt it’ll be whisper quiet but I’m expecting a considerably less noisy machine this time round.
  11. Lockdown and furlough have seen me complete over 20 games this year, which is unprecedented. That seemingly never-ending crossbar of games on my PS4 homescreen menu has been whittled down significantly. Feelsgoodman. Not something I ever stressed about and that previous post imploring people to see a ‘backlog’ as a luxury to revel in rather a mountain to climb is a sentiment I agree with. Still nice to clear some hard drive space though and feels like serendipitous timing with next-gen just around the corner.
  12. Landed on another of the new variety of planets last night, labelled as a ‘Vermillion Bead’. It was racked with planet-sweeping Blood Storms, sonic distortion and when you landed it applied one of the visual filters from the photo mode so the whole thing was a sort of noirish hellscape flecked with patches of bright red. Reminded me of Don’t Look Now or Schindler’s List. It also had a huge ancient tower on top of a mountain that turned out to be a lore repository for the histories of one of the alien races. There were NPCs milling about the place, upgrade stations and s
  13. That sounds odd. I've checked out a good few planets and haven't had any issues like that so far. Framerate on a vanilla PS4 takes a noticeable hit on some of the 'new' planets that have all sorts of extra fauna and wild atmospheric shit kicking off on them now, but that's more a symptom of the ancient hardware struggling to keep up with the game these days than egregious bugs of the sort that you seem to be experiencing. Hello Games tend to be pretty swift with patches in the weeks following a big update, so hopefully whatever it is gets fixed soon.
  14. What's inside a Fall Guy? Warning: you can't unsee it.
  15. 'Toxic Horror' planet you say? Hmm, sounds fun. I'll go check it out. 5 minutes later:
  16. Just realised that as I’ll be switching back to Xbox I’ll have to change clans again. Do we have an Xbox rllmuk clan here?
  17. The Curse of Osiris and Warmind stuff is all still there right now, it’s just being vaulted come November. They were removed from the store because they were folded into New Light. Bottom line is: if you have Game Pass then you have everything you need apart from the latest season pass, which is purchased separately.
  18. Yup. Cross-save works for everything except for installed expansion licenses, but seeing as they all come with the Game Pass version anyway then it makes no difference. Once you've activated cross-save everything you have on your PS4 account will be automatically transferred across when you play on Xbox.
  19. You're quite right about Curse and Warmind, think I was getting confused with them being vaulted come November. I'll edit my post. As regards Season Passes and cross-save:
  20. Only thing left for me would be diverse biomes on single planets but I don't think that's possible with the underlying terrain generation system. If they ever do a sequel (which kind of seems unlikely based on how they've essentially turned this into an ever-evolving platform) then that would be one of the first things to be implemented I think. Still, I'm not complaining as this update looks really great. (Copying... 56% btw)
  21. I'm just in awe of how they've kept plugging away at this game and improved it beyond imagination from its original state. With the exception of maybe something like Dwarf Fortress, I think it's without precedent. Glad I won't have to restart for the fourth time as I've been playing it a lot recently and had built up a fairly decently sized base, so wasn't looking forward to having to go through all the tutorials yet again. Simply creating a few million new planets seems like a nice way to increase the terrain diversity without destroying everyone's bases. All the new s
  22. Mostly PlayStation as that’ll be my main console for Sony first-party and big third party titles. Game Pass on Series S to fill in the gaps between big releases. Switch mainly on my commute, if that ever becomes a thing again, which seems a long way off at this point. With the latest news though I can see that Game Pass sub getting a serious work out, so will be interesting to see how it all plays out over the next few years. Either way I’m going to be spoiled for choice, so I’m pretty damned happy.
  23. With the exception of the new seasonal pass/content which you’ll have to buy separately, the Game Pass version will give you everything up to and including Beyond Light. As far as I’m aware the only difference between the Series X and Series S versions of Destiny 2 will be resolution. Series X will be 4K and Series S will be 1440p. They should both run at 60fps.
  24. Beyond Light launching day one on Game Pass the same day as Series X|S is such perfect timing. 60fps goodness and cross-save means it’ll probably be the first thing I’ll play on it. I started out in Destiny 1 on 360 before switching to PS4, so it’ll feel like coming home in some ways. Also it being on Game Pass means it won’t feel as bad when it’s inevitably another slim offering bursting to the gills with grindfest quests and reskinned weapons.
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