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  1. You know it was always 60fps right...? Not that it matters as it’s the best FPS of the last generation and will likely be better than any other this one too. So carry on.
  2. I can see why if you’re coming from a One X it will seem like a slick and seamless yet ultimately incremental upgrade. But for someone like me who skipped the Xbox One entirely and have played solely on PS4 and Switch for the past 5 or 6 years, firing this beast up with GamePass ready to roll is like having 10 Christmases at once. It’s overwhelming and completely unprecedented to have such an absurd smorgasbord of games to choose from on day one. Like, it’s actually fucking silly how much I have available to play and I’ve been scampering around the GamePass menu like a hyperactive
  3. Yeah don’t worry, the initialisation takes a few minutes but the actual setup process via the app is pretty swift.
  4. Tell me about it. After playing some Tetris Effect while stuff downloaded in the background FH4 was the first thing I loaded up to to see what a Series X-enhanced game looked like and that intro sequence blew my fucking balls off.
  5. As soon as a new expansion goes live Destiny servers are always an absolute shitshow for at least a few hours and I’d imagine they’ll be doubly so as it’s launching alongside the Series S|X today. I’ve queued up a ton of stuff for my Series X anyway, so by the time it’s downloaded it’ll probably be bedtime I expect. Hope they resolve the known issues quickly, especially the ‘weapon kill perks not working with stasis’ one as that sounds like it’ll be quite the handicap.
  6. PinholeStar Xbox returner and Destiny addict. Add me.
  7. Careful he doesn’t fumble and drop it...
  8. Quoting because this is Post of the Year. Bravo.
  9. The EA Play games are just included in the GamePass list for me, they just have an EA Play logo on them. Shouldn’t need to access a separate app to download/play them.
  10. This thing just oozes quality, from the beastly hardware itself that sits there like a silent monolith to the nicely textured controller to the absolutely massive GamePass library just bursting with a huge range of stuff waiting for me to delve into. As a day one experience the whole thing just feels luxurious and I’m sat here with a massive grin on my face. After a truly terrible year the last few days have been joyous and this is the icing on the cake. Happy launch day everyone!
  11. Does quick resume/suspend just automatically work when you press the Xbox button and then select ‘Home’ or do you have to do something specific to activate it?
  12. Any other lucky Series X owners getting insanely fast download speeds on this thing? I didn’t even realise my internet was capable of such speeds. Also, as a returner to the Xbox fold and a newcomer to Game Pass, this is me right now:
  13. Go Paul! DPD people: mine was just showing as ‘arrived at depot’ from 7:24 this morning and then I suddenly got this, so keep the faith!
  14. My DPD delivery has ‘arrived at depot’ as of 7:24 this morning. Which depot? No idea. Could be halfway across the country or just down the road. I was expecting to wake up to a delivery time slot goddamit. This is excruciating
  15. GG Bungie, that was actually pretty damn cool. See you all tomorrow for new consoles and new expansion.
  16. I'm in now. You get the emblem as soon as it loads in and then If it's like the last one it will be an hour of waiting here and then 10 seconds of some sort of spectacular lightshow or something.
  17. I'm probably the only idiot still sat up for this but there's a new mission in the Tower called 'The Last City'. You're virtually guaranteed to get disconnected when trying to launch it though.
  18. Mercury, Mars, Titan and Io. You may have to move a bit to get a good look at the pyramids but they’re absolutely massive so shouldn’t be hard to see. Bungie skyboxes are legendary anyway but the ones there right now are spectacular.
  19. Cummings, Sunak and Johnson (listed in order of influence obviously) will want to keep the economy running as much as possible during a second lockdown. Online shopping and deliveries will continue as normal, you can count on it.
  20. Heads up for anyone who’s currently grinding out power levels: all your armour and weapons will be automatically upgraded to 1050 when Beyond Light launches. So don’t waste your time.
  21. I got this email too, despite having cancelled my order as I've managed to secure a Series X elsewhere. Just rang Microsoft and they confirmed that it's a system-generated email sent out to all pre-orders, regardless of status. So if you've cancelled the pre-order and it's showing as such in the Orders section of your MS account then that should still be the case.
  22. Yeah this Half Life 2 revisionism is fucking nonsense. It was revolutionary at the time and I'd never played anything remotely on the same level. The marriage of physics incorporated into traversal, puzzles and combat and the incredibly cinematic and immersive world it was set in had never been done to that degree before. Stepping out into City 17 for the first time and seeing the Citadel towering high into the sky above as striders loped in the distance and Breen made his soothing yet chillingly authoritarian utterances looming down from the lamppost screens on bleak Eastern European streets
  23. Yeah I couldn't understand Impa's moveset at all either. Looked great and she was kicking some serious ass but I had no idea how the symbols worked. Zelda's attacks just rotate through bombs, cryo, magnesis and stasis I think. You stop at the one you want and then press ZR to trigger a more powerful version of it. I think that's how it works anyway but I could be wrong.
  24. The message from Yoshida at the end is intriguing and suggests there may possibly be a connection between this and FFXIV in some way. Maybe it takes place on one of the shards from that game (13 parallel worlds, essentially).
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