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  1. It was a time-limited exotic quest in one of the recent seasons I think. I didn’t bother at the time so am glad it’s available again. Ditto Anarchy.
  2. Tetris Effect Like many others here it seems this was the first thing I played on my new Series X and it’s just a masterpiece. A transcendent fusion of sound and colour that reaffirms Mizuguchi (affectionately known around these parts as ‘Rez Cunt’) as one of gaming’s great visionaries. Forza Horizon 4 The one series that I sorely missed as a PS4-only owner this has been an absolutely sumptuous treat for the senses and on firing it up for the first time it blew my eyes out of their sockets. Playground Games have refined their craft to a fine sheen.
  3. Yeah load up with 3 years for £1 if you in any way can. It’s a complete and total no-brainer and you won’t regret it, I promise you. It’s ridiculously good value.
  4. The laws of physics dictate that streaming will always have an inherent latency (unless I’m mistaken, which I’d be happy to be proved wrong on) and will be very susceptible to network glitches, so as the primary delivery system it’s something I’m very resistant to and will never countenance. I think it’s inevitable that gaming will ultimately primarily end up as a selection of services that are streamed via your TV with no new hardware required for a not insignificant proportion of the gaming market but the day that dedicated hardware with absolutely minimal/zero latency disappears
  5. I’m kind of repeating myself here but I’ve found owning a Series X an absolute joy so far. Returning to Xbox after a generation away and having 350+ games available to play on day one has felt like diving into a giant pool of gaming goodness. The whole thing just feels slick, fast and smooth and hopping between games on a whim via quick resume (which seems to be working fine for most games I’m playing at the moment) makes gaming sessions a frictionless joy. SSDs and 60fps games makes everything feel like it should with no compromises (pipe down PC nerds) and the next-gen
  6. See my post earlier today on this page. If you look at the symbol on the top left of gear and weapons the sunsetted stuff unable to be infused beyond 1060 has a white background.
  7. Finished the main campaign last night. Found the main missions really good and some of the best they’ve done. Loved the increased difficulty and the swarms of enemies it frequently throws at you. Just really enjoyable stuff and Europa’s a great location. Lack of new loot is a serious problem though and throughout the campaign I got a total of 3 new guns, none of which were anything to write home about. I don’t mind the fundamental concept of sunsetting weapons to prevent overt power creep and keep the game feeling fresh but if they were going to make 70% of the weapons obsol
  8. Look at the symbol on the top left corner of each piece of gear or weapon. If it has a white background then it’s been sunset and can’t be infused past 1060.
  9. Hmm... didn’t think of that as I never usually play music through a games console but that’s probably the best compromise available. Would be cool to get it integrated with the radio chatter and stuff though.
  10. Is it possible to play my own music in this on Series X and if so how would I go about doing it?
  11. Really enjoying The Talos Principle. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it before it leaves the service on Monday. Roughly how long is it if you only focus on the puzzles and don’t bother with the stars?
  12. @sir stiff_one sent you a friend request. Regretting it already.
  13. So you download the main Destiny 2 client first which essentially includes all the data for everything currently in the game and then add each of the expansion license unlock files after. They were 10MB each for me and were just alongside the main client in the GamePass list on the console.
  14. Only thing it’s missing is the season pass, which you have to purchase separately. All available expansions are otherwise included, provided you download the small 10MB files for each one.
  15. Yeah of the two main bosses I’ve fought so far they’ve both fucked me up good and proper. Real heart-pounding encounters and the feeling of triumph when I bested them finally was immense. Really glad they’ve bumped the difficulty up this time as it makes it a much more satisfying experience and forces you to use all the tricks in your arsenal rather than just blitzing them with Falling Guillotine or whatever. Completely forgot that the Cosmodrome was available again too. Haven’t even been there yet so that’s going to be a major nostalgia trip when I do. Must have spent hundreds and
  16. The main campaign missions in this expansion are absolutely superb.
  17. Think those are two of the always online games that it doesn’t work properly with at the moment? It’s been working fine for me today with Jedi Fallen Order and various indie games.
  18. I’m literally just about to load it up on Series X so will let you know... Exciting times! edit: Looks absolutely stunning. I’ve been playing it a lot on a base PS4 recently so performance on last-gen consoles is fresh in my memory. Next-gen version blows it out of the water in all its 60fps upgraded texture and draw distance glory. Fuck me.
  19. (The same also applies to Forsaken and Shadowkeep as well I believe, if you want the related content for those).
  20. Have you added Beyond Light on GamePass? It’s an additional 10MB download once you’ve downloaded the main Destiny 2 file. If you have it you should either automatically start the first quest on Europa and/or have a quest directing you to do so on the Destinations screen.
  21. V is probably the most populated as it’s the latest one but it wasn’t a particularly great entry in the series and the player numbers dropped sharply. Battlefield 1 is my personal favourite (my favourite multiplayer FPS of all time in fact) and on PS4 at least still always had active servers as it has a very loyal following and a good number of people ditched V and went back to it. Not sure what player numbers are like on Xbox but now it’s on GamePass I’d imagine they’ll go up again. It’s a much better game than V in my opinion.
  22. Sent a request to join the clan as I’ve returned to Xbox on Destiny now what with it being on GamePass and all Hopefully we can get a raid team together as I have a feeling the Deep Stone Crypt is gonna be a really good un.
  23. It’s outrageous isn’t it. First 4k/60 game I tried on it and my jaw hit the floor. Lord only knows what Playground Games will deliver when they have the full power of Series X to play with. This gen is going to be fucking bonkers.
  24. Yeah I think that’s true as I was seeing super aggressive swarming behaviour from enemies that I hadn’t seen before. That’s what made that boss fight tricky. Luke Smith has mentioned that he thinks Destiny can be a bit too easy so if bumping the difficulty up for this expansion is a thing then I’m all for it. That and some of the tough new enemies they’ve introduced were really keeping me on my toes. In a few weeks when we’re all geared up again no doubt we’ll be murdering everything in sight like always but it’s good fun for now anyway. I w
  25. Ah, hello Darkness my old friend. Initial impressions of Beyond Light after around 5 hours or so are mostly positive with a few caveats that may turn out to be major gripes. Real shame that the full 60fps next-gen version wasn’t ready in time but good Lord are the instant inventory loading and fast travel times welcome on Series X. I’ve long envied PC players being able to dip in and out of the inventory at will and it’s a blessed relief to not have to contend with the creaking vanilla last-gen version anymore in that regard. Europa is pretty stunning to behold
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