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  1. 1 hour ago, JPL said:

    It’s great from what I’ve played so far and it’s good to see Respawn try something new.


    I’m playing it on EA Play, but did it sell well? I’d love them to do a sequel with everything they’ve learnt from this one, but with a massive budget. Get it really polished up.


    It had sold over 10 million by March this year, so did very well indeed and exceeded EA's expectations. A sequel is almost certainly in development as we speak and I'd imagine will be given a bigger budget as a result.

  2. I've been playing it on Series X and have been loving it, so I'm a little surprised to see the fairly muted response to it in here. Although with that said I absolutely love the core gameplay loop of the Tomb Raiders, Uncharteds and Metroids of this world and like just about every man of my age am a big Star Wars fan too, so I was always likely to enjoy this more than most.


    I think it nails the Star Wars vibe excellently with the lovable droid, truly superb sound effects and music and varied landscapes of far distant exotic planets peppered with Stormtroopers and strange beasts. There are some stunning vistas on display and it has some cracking bombastic setpieces too.


    I also really like the combat. I stuck it on hard and that shortens the parry window and increases enemy damage and makes for much more tactical combat encounters. You definitely can't just button mash your way through it and there's a certain weighty rhythm to it which I really like. The skill tree is (for once in these types of games) really nicely balanced too, with an ever-increasing moveset that gradually expands your options and has your Jedi becoming ever more closely aligned with the true powers of the Force. I'm near the end now and am able to slice the ever living shit out of low-level enemies in a way that seemed impossible at the game's start and it's a great feeling.


    I like it a lot and am surprised at how good it is although its developer pedigree should have been enough to convince me that it was going to be a great game. Respawn have very rapidly become one of the most reliable devs around and I'd be all over a sequel which is an absolute cert given how well this did in terms of sales.

  3. After The Last of Us Part II it's my favourite PS4 exclusive. Phenomenal game and you've outlined exactly why in that post. The combat, the sheer variety of enemies and the tactics you have to utilise to best them are all superb. It's also one of the most sumptuously beautiful game worlds ever created and I thought the underlying backstory of how that world came to be the way it is was an absolutely stunning revelation.


    It catapulted Guerrilla into the elite tier of triple-A devs in my eyes and their Decima engine is a technical marvel, as further evidenced by its use for Death Stranding.


    I'm still very disappointed that the sequel is cross-gen for obvious reasons but have little doubt that it will be an amazing game regardless. My most anticipated PS5 game by some distance and the one that will determine when I buy the machine.

  4. 11 hours ago, luckypierre said:

    We managed to finish it last night but would definitely be up for doing it with an alt. Got the ghost, scout and some armour. Is the sparrow a chest drop?


    Exotic sparrow you get for completing the triumph by



    bringing all the Pikes in the opening section to the final bubble.


    Sounds like it could be a right pain in the ass. Probably worth doing before they patch out the glitch/exploit though.

  5. Series X


    Skipped Xbone so having all those games I missed out on sat waiting for me on GamePass with eye-popping upgraded 60fps graphics has given me a huge amount to play and I’ve been having a fantastic time with it. Beautifully engineered machine and the general quality of life improvements with the SSD, quick resume and silent running have felt luxurious coming from a base PS4.


    No full next-gen launch games is a massive fuck up on their part though and I don’t care what anyone says. If you have a One X then there is absolutely zero need to upgrade right now and you can’t tell me that this is what they would have planned.


    PS5 I will get sometime next year when Horizon 2 comes out I expect. I can see that being my ‘main‘ console due to the controller, the fact I generally prefer the PlayStation ecosystem if I had to choose between the two and the likely minimal difference in multi-platform third party games which is something that I always suspected would be the case, despite the frothing talk of the most rabid fanboys.


    But GamePass and the Series X hardware have both delivered in spades and I’m really glad I got one and have returned to Xbox after 6 years away. PS5 also looking like it’s delivered on the true next-gen promise and the next 6 or 7 years are going to be a seriously fucking good time to be a console gamer. Great way to end a shitty year.

  6. I’ve got around 25 games installed, including monsters pushing 100GB such as Halo 5, Battlefield 1 and Forza 7 and still have nearly 200GB of space left, so am pretty pleased with how the SSD capacity has held up.


    It was the restrictive space on the Series S that swayed me into going for a Series X in the end and feels like I made the right choice. My penchant for large-file multiplayer shooters means I’ll inevitably hit the limit sooner or later but it’s hard not to argue that for an initial offering 800GB of usable space seems ample enough for the vast majority of people. CoD Warzone is a total outlier.


    The fact that they delivered such a powerful machine with that size of SSD for £450 still seems like a minor miracle to me.

  7. Xbox clan cleared the raid last night so there should be an engram waiting for everyone with Hawthorne. Go grab your loot! :)


    Big thanks to @tnman @luckypierre, my partner in crime @redbloodcel and the other guys. Can see that becoming quite a slick operation in the coming weeks as once the roles are understood it’s not too difficult in comparison to the likes of Last Wish and King’s Fall. As I mentioned yesterday I’d put it on about a par with Wrath of the Machine in terms of difficulty and I used to love running that every week.


    Having got two useless snipers and some mediocre low-stat armour (although it does look awesome) up to that point the end boss finally blessed me with a god-rolled replacement for my beloved and sadly sunsetted Hammerhead, so I was well made up with that. Took it through a lost sector immediately afterwards and it predictably annihilated everything in its path. :twisted:

    Bungie have really done a great job with the raid weapons and armour this time. They look very cool and with raid-exclusive perks have been made highly desirable once again, which is something that I think raid drops have been lacking for a long time now.


    It’s a cracking raid both aesthetically and mechanically and eminently doable for all but the most cack-handed of groups so I’d urge people to give it a try if you were previously intimidated by the prospect. Few things in gaming can match that feeling of beating a Destiny raid for the first time.


    Now that the likes of the raid and the Exo Challenges are out in the wild I think this expansion has proved to be one of the best they’ve released. Not as broad as Forsaken (but that did have 3 studios working on it so that’s to be expected) but a lot deeper than it initially appeared and in terms of lore it’s undoubtedly one of the best. All the stuff with the Exos and Clovis Bray has been really well done and very intriguing to uncover. Bodes well for the upcoming couple of years in the game.

  8. That video’s well worth watching and answers many lingering questions that some may have had regarding the population density, driving, skill trees, upgrades and combat.


    Sounds like they may well have pulled it off.


    Happy to wait until the proper next-gen version and for the inevitable horde of bugs and minor issues that the game will launch with to be ironed out. A little patience from Series X/PS5 owners will be amply rewarded In this case I think.

  9. Cheers for the raid run last night @tnman @redbloodcel @luckypierre, mob-decimating sidearm fanatic Monkeykin (is he on rllmuk?) and of course the MVP our serendipitous LFG sherpa too. Great stuff, especially my slideways raid sniper. What an absolute god-rolled beauty that is... :mellow:


    Apologies for my shitty mic, which I'll try and rectify. Looking forward to kicking the ass of the final boss at some point so feel free to shoot us an invite if you see me on.


    Definitely up there with the best raids and it reminds me of Wrath of the Machine in some ways, not only in its aesthetic but also the sheer fun of the mechanics. Worth the 14-month wait since we last had a Destiny raid and a reminder that when done right there's little in gaming that can match them.


    Especially when soundtracked with the likes of stirring melodic beauty such as this:







  10. 16 minutes ago, Hexx said:

    Raid done 


    New cutscene when you log in - 3 new quest lines (1 exotic) and dark zones on Europa

    Fucking hell that was quick. Usually takes much longer than that for the first clear.

  11. 1 hour ago, Qazimod said:

    The new abilities are ace so I'm not that bothered, but the lack of weapons did feel weird to me too. My first thought was that it would be a lot of work to incorporate all of what's here and then create a bunch of brand new weapons with stasis damage - on the other hand, I get the feeling that this was handled a lot better when The Taken King introduced solar abilities? (it's been five years so I could be mistaken)

    Solar, Arc and Void were all in from the start it’s just that each class only had two from the three. Taken King enabled the third for each class, so Hunter got Nightstalker, Warlock got Stormcaller and Titan got Sunbreaker. All the weapon elements were already there though.


    I do see what you mean with regard to there being no legendary stasis weapons I suppose. I guess the plan is to introduce them over the course of the year via the seasons and then with each new expansion we’ll get a new Darkness subclass added.



    19 minutes ago, carlospie said:

    Is sunshot any good? I got it off xur

    Sunshot’s great. One of the best add-clearing weapons in the game. I wouldn’t use it for endgame content but for patrols, strikes and Lost Sectors it makes everything go boom.

  12. One of the new exotics is a giant stasis grenade launcher and pretty much the entirety of the Exo Stranger’s post-campaign stuff is heavily stasis-focused, so I’m not sure I understand the criticism?


    Also bear in mind that Stasis is unavailable for those who don’t have Beyond Light, so if they flooded the daily bounties with it it would lock out all of those players.

  13. I tried out the free trial of Dolby Atmos on Series X with earphones and was very impressed, even for games that aren’t coded specifically for it. I use an expensive pair of Shure sound-isolating earphones for 90% of my gaming so it’s a tenner very well spent. The luxury user experience of next-gen gaming on consoles continues unabated.

    Just remember to plug your ‘phones into the controller jack otherwise it won’t utilise it.

  14. Yep, anyone playing this for the first time I’d highly recommend playing it on at least Hard difficulty. It makes it a proper survival game with scavenging for supplies in the wilderness a key necessity and transforming the combat encounters into sometimes nail-bitingly tense affairs.


    You’re also in for an absolute treat as I rate it as perhaps the most underrated game of the last generation and not all that far behind the best of the Sony first-party exclusives. Playing it at 60fps would have been lovely as it did get a little choppy at times on a base PS4, so as well as being included in the PS+ Collection that’s another feather in the cap of the PS5 version.

  15. Gonna have to get cracking with the alt characters if I’m gonna hit that 1220 power level for the raid attempt this weekend I think.


    Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem but with a new Series X and games coming out my ass my attention is being pulled this way and that.


    Enjoying the post-campaign stuff in Beyond Light though. The first exotic quest was really good fun and the aspects and fragments customisation for the new Stasis subclass has bags of potential for the future when they add more.


    Lean offering of new loot is a definite problem but otherwise one of the better expansions, I think.

  16. 1 hour ago, Thor said:

    The phone rings, you pick it up and … "Is WWF Attitude out yet?"





    I too worked at EB for a few years circa ‘98-‘99 and it got to the point where we had to make multiple A4 signs displaying the delay/release date for WWF Attitude in large red letters and posted them all round the shop. Didn’t stop every single scrote crawling in off the street asking every 5 minutes though.


    I have fond memories of working in the place for the most part although the pay was absolutely shameful (£3.75/hour ffs) and as it was my first proper job I had no idea that they basically exploited spotty 19 year olds to work for them for such a pittance as they didn’t know better and were just grateful to be working with games in some capacity.


    Things like the Metal Gear Solid launch were great fun though. Setting up all the awesome merchandising artwork and getting to play and complete the game the weekend before it was officially released was a pretty big deal for me back then and I loved it. Also when the manager would come back from the annual conference with a box load of free shit that would be doled out like some sort of frenzied cattle market sale.


    A simpler and more carefree time for sure.


    Haven’t set foot in a high street videogame retailer for literally a decade or more, so I have no idea what they’re like these days but if their prices are anything to go by then I don’t imagine I’m missing much.

  17. @tnman count me in for a blind run of the new raid. Have all the big boi DPS exotics and can help with teaching/making up the numbers for a Garden run if it’s needed too.


    Any other Xboxers feel free to add me: PinholeStar :)

  18. 3 minutes ago, JPL said:

    Do you mean the little triangle in the top left corner? The ones that contain the icon for the DLC they were part of? I’ve got loads of random weapons that I’ve picked up on the rare occasions I’ve played it over the years, so would really like a clean out for this new season.

    Yep, that’s the symbol I’m referring to.

    Although as someone mentioned earlier you can still use those weapons in patrols and other low-level content, so if there’s anything you really like then it’s worth hanging on to. Otherwise get rid and clean out that vault.

  19. 19 minutes ago, KartoffelKopf said:

    Likewise, my Kindled Orchid with Kill Clip and Rampage is staying resolutely un-dismantled...mantled?....assembled?...whatever, I'm fucking keeping it.

    That one too. My favourite hand cannon in the game. The sound is just :wub:

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