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  1. Series X and S Performance Comparison: Boggles my mind that they've got this to run as well as it does on a £249 console. The Series X version looks fucking phenomenal though and I can see myself losing hour upon hour to it. Discovering the world in all its varied glory is my primary passion in life and I often spend hours just mooching about in Street View, so to have this level of visual fidelity be fully explorable from the skies is a dream come true.
  2. Yep, was just about to post the same. Conquest is the most populated mode and the one that people recommend as it's the 'default' large-scale Battlefield experience. But in Battlefield V especially the often wide-open map design, laser accurate gunplay and lack of 3D spotting mean that it's easily the most frustrating mode to play for beginners. Very often matches will descend into a giant circle zerg as teams bounce from one objective to another and there's great swathes of the map that see hardly any engagement. Breakthrough is easily the best mode in my opinion (Operations in BF1 was better though) as its shifting but generally flat frontline always ensures intense and concentrated fights over a smaller number of objectives and more predictable enemy movements. You can still get a good flank on once you're up to speed and know all the tricks but the chances of being sniped in the back from seemingly nowhere are significantly reduced. Ymmv but I'd definitely recommend Breakthrough if you're just starting out.
  3. Outer Wilds is a must play, so if you have to choose between the two then I’d go for that one before it leaves.
  4. Traversal and combat are nice but there's nowhere near enough content at the moment and it feels like an early access title through and through. Placing two whacking great progression gates that require a massive grind within the first ten hours of the game tells you all you need to know. I did quite enjoy my brief time with it but the core loop to break through those aforementioned gates was already getting pretty stale and I didn't see it holding my interest for much longer, so I deleted it and will maybe check it out again in a year or so when there's hopefully more to do. I don't really think a super grindy game where you basically just fight mobs in the field over and over and over again is really for me these days though, so maybe my opinion isn't worth much.
  5. He's just responsible for the background lore and some world-building aspects. I don't think he's written any dialogue or cutscenes for it.
  6. Yeah it's great fun and there's a good amount of variety to it as well. One I dip in and out of periodically and am always guaranteed a good time. It's one of those games that kind of flies under the radar but seems to have carved out a nice little niche for itself, has sold a few million copies and gets regular updates from the devs as a result. Well worth checking out. "Rock and stone!"
  7. Fuck me, Observation was a head trip and a half. Did it in one 5 hour session and am glad I ticked it off my (ever-growing) 'Play Later' list before it leaves in a week or so. The sound design was phenomenal and I enjoyed the puzzles and interface design too. A great idea (an interactive 2001 meets Event Horizon, essentially) that was well executed. It probably wears its cinematic influences a little too heavy on its sleeve and it's not for everyone for sure, but I think they pulled off what they were going for very well. Night Call's leaving soon too and that's another that I enjoyed when I played it a few months ago. More of a series of noirish visual novel vignettes than anything but some of them are really delicately observed and there's some very good writing to be found within. Its sedate yet often taut depictions of the tragic figures that slip through the cracks of society, the untold tales that every stranger you've never met has buried within them and the immigrant experience in nocturnal Paris I found to be hugely evocative at times. Its visual style and music are wonderful too. Both well worth checking out before they leave if you're after something low on action but high on narrative intrigue and drenched in atmosphere. Both also only around 4-5 hours long.
  8. The campaign is very mediocre and I’m as forgiving as they come. Like all DICE games it’s 100% about the multiplayer or the very fun co-op mode if you just want to slice up Stormtroopers with a lightsaber. Both modes are excellent now after a good few years of updates and patches and there’s a monstrous amount of content and characters from all three trilogies.
  9. Yeah it looks fantastic now on Series X. The next-gen update a few months ago had it running at 60fps but all the latest graphical bells and whistles that have been added with this latest update have taken it to the next level. Considering a huge part of the appeal is living out those Chris Foss-inspired 70s sci-fi novel covers in real-time it accentuates the splendour of what was always a very distinctive and at times breathtaking visual style. There’s a few minor hitches now and again but it's a clear and significant step up from the last gen versions. I’d still say that if you haven’t yet played it then Forza Horizon 4 is the best game to fire up first when you get a Series X though. Blew my eyeballs out of their sockets.
  10. Indeed it is, thank you for correcting me. My error shall stand as a lesson to others.
  11. Lol. Dude, LoU Part II is the single most harrowing, tense, brutal and emotionally exhausting experience in gaming history. It'll put you through the ringer and then some. It's the best game I've ever played but I genuinely think it scarred me for life. That shouldn't put you off at all though and if you liked the first game then you absolutely must play the second. It's a masterpiece and in its chosen genre is streets ahead of anything else out there in so many ways.
  12. Oh I was referring to step 1, sorry. Wouldn't be a Destiny quest without some absurd grind somewhere now, would it.
  13. You don’t have to get PvP kills with Cryosthesia for its catalyst. Any Crucible or Gambit Guardian kills will do. I finished it off in Team Scorched last week.
  14. SnowRunner tip that’ll make your first few hours a hundred times easier and more enjoyable: once you have access to the garage and have penetrated the weird UI you should have two additional trucks in there available to you. Sell the expensive one and then buy the first available off-road truck (think it’s about $80k). Stick some wheels on it that have a ‘good’ off-road rating and you’ll have a vehicle that can navigate the first areas in Michigan with relative ease and won’t get stuck in every little ditch and patch of mud you come across. It has All-Wheel-Drive and a differential lock on it too which when activated in low gear will get you out of just about any jam and I haven’t got stuck once since I got it. Turned the experience from “Ultimate Fucking Hassle: The Game” into something far more enjoyable and chilled for me. If ever there was a game that makes you question just what the fuck you’re doing with your life then it’s this one but there’s a weirdly compelling and unique loop to it that I found quite addictive once I was up and trucking.
  15. Seems my instincts were right in thinking that Kingdom Hearts would be leaving before long. Glad I just finished my entire series playthrough last week as a result. The first game’s virtually unplayable these days but KH2 is still pretty good and clocks in at about 30 hours if you concentrate on the main story. The rest can be caught up with via the many YouTube recaps that are out there.
  16. Sea of Solitude isn’t a bad one. Finished it last night, it took 3 hours to complete and ended up with 570 GS. I too rinsed all the easy ones last time they did this, which was fine but I’m not gonna bother too much this time round. Life’s too short to be mindlessly grinding out achievements for the sake of £9.... or so I’m going to keep telling myself.
  17. The way he pulls Masvidal’s right hand out of the way and then sends a missile of a right of his own down the pipe is just *chef’s kiss*
  18. Uhh yeah no shit dude. It’s the horrific morbid poetry of it happening to him when he’d been on the other side of one of the most infamous incidents in MMA history that makes it so grimly bizarre. You couldn’t make it up. I think that’s it for Weidman now as he’s 36 and by the time he recovers from that he’ll be pushing 40. Can’t help but feel that he dined out on his victory over Anderson for a long time but he did have a really weird run of brutal defeats in recent years and could never get going again. I really feel for the guy and that’s a sad way to potentially end a career. Just goes to show that if you check those calf kicks in just the right way your opponent can come off far worse. Having the crowd back definitely reminded you of what’s been missing in terms of their response to big moments in fights but it was interesting to see a year of events without them. Because you could hear everything so clearly it gave me a newfound understanding and appreciation of the absolutely brutal impacts that the fighters are subject to repeatedly. With that said I’m glad Weidman’s screams of agony last night weren’t echoing around an empty arena. Usman looking unbeatable right now but the Colby rematch should be a banger if the first was anything to go by.
  19. Well that was a night of brutal violence in every way imaginable. Fucking hell!
  20. Oh my God, Weidman. I can't believe that happened to him of all people, considering the history. That's just awful.
  21. Series X has been an absolute joy to own since I got one on launch day and Microsoft have absolutely nailed it on the hardware and overall user experience side this time round. The effortless convenience of quick resume, the lightning fast speed of everything with the SSD, the brilliant controller, the whisper quiet fan; all of it is so well engineered and designed and feels like such a high quality and entirely frictionless luxury experience. The complete lack of next-gen exclusive games that take advantage of the hardware, while undeniably disappointing, has been negated for me because I skipped the Xbox One, so I've been able to catch up on the likes of Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5 and Sea of Thieves among others, all of which run at a perfect 60fps and look astonishing as it is. In fact with one or two exceptions everything I've played has run at 60fps so having come from a creaking and literally blustering base model PS4 even last gen games have felt like a significant step up in terms of their smoothness and fidelity. And yeah, I'm sure people are sick of hearing it by now but Game Pass is an absolute revelation and as someone who was a little sceptical of its evangelists I'm happy to have been proven utterly wrong. By my quick tally I've completed something like 28 games since I got a Series X and outside of the initial hardware purchase and stocking up on 3 years of cheap Gold (which I would have done anyway as I play a lot online) I haven't spent anything. Not a single penny since the day I bought the machine. Add the fact that GP Ultimate and Xbox Store credit are purchasable with MS Rewards points and it's entirely feasible that I'll never spend another dime on software for the machine as long as I own it. That's fucking insane. Put the hardware and GP together and you've got probably the most enjoyable 6 months of gaming I've ever had in over 30 years of enjoying the hobby. As well as catching up on all the Xbox One titles that I missed out on I've also played a whole range of games that I never would have touched or taken the splash on had they required a full purchase and the sheer diversity of experiences on offer has been fantastic. And once the first-party studios get rolling and the hardware is actually being utilised for what it was designed for, with all of those titles landing on Game Pass on day one.... oh man, it's going to be outrageously good. Je ne regrette rien.
  22. You need to see endings A to E to get the full story. This requires three full playthroughs plus a little bit more. Ending A - you’ve seen this already Ending B - the playthrough you’re currently on Ending C - playthrough three Ending D - accessed via the chapter select that becomes available after playthrough three. You’ll be required to make a choice at the end of playthrough three. Use chapter select to go back to the relevant point and make a different choice and then play through to the end again to access: Ending E - the final ‘true’ ending which will automatically play once all the above are done and you then answer ‘Yes’ to each question during the credits Hope that makes sense. Whether you get Ending C or D first depends on which choice you make at the relevant point but either way you just go back and select the other one. I’d be wary of looking online as spoilers abound and you really don’t want to spoil it for yourself. Probably the greatest ending to a game I’ve ever experienced.
  23. In terms of how the servers have routinely collapsed every single day this past week and the number of bugs that mean core modes in the game are completely broken at the moment, a more appropriate title would be ‘MLB The Shitshow’. When it works it plays a fantastic game of baseball though and you can see that it’s a series whose core mechanics have been refined to perfection over years of iteration. I’d say it’s probably the best sports game out there. The presentation’s phenomenal as well and it’s got me back into a sport that I used to follow closely about 20 years ago when Channel 5 used to show live games at 1am on a Sunday. Batting is incredibly difficult (which is as it should be, as hitting a pitch in baseball is one of the most monstrously difficult things to do in any sport) but there’s a really large, dedicated and very helpful community who’ve been playing the series for years and there’s loads of great tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere online. It takes a lot of practice but with the above help and a slowly growing understanding of how to play depending on the count I’m beginning to read and predict pitches a bit better now so can regularly get base hits. Using the Zone batting control option, customising the PCI (the batting target thing) and changing the camera to Strike Zone is definitely the way to go. You can see things so much more clearly that way. Sony San Diego really need to sort out the issues pronto because it’s pretty fucked right now but I’m hooked already and can see myself playing this loads over the coming year. Those outside the US probably don’t appreciate just what a huge deal it is for MS to get this day one on Game Pass but I’m really glad that they did, although I think the huge influx of new players on Xbox as a result has completely overwhelmed the servers.
  24. Saw this coming a mile off when they first announced they were introducing a transmog system but even I didn't think they'd fuck it up in quite such an egregiously greedy fashion as this. You can feel them gritting their teeth and the begrudging reluctance of the whole thing in the way they're whacking up the cost of shaders from 40 to 300 bright dust into the bargain as well.
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