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  1. I think it’s rank 22 on the season pass that quadruples the catalyst quest progress, so should mean you only need around 12 kills. The real pisser is that kills from the explodey arrows don’t count, they have to be fully drawn regular kills.
  2. Yep, they’re working now. I’ve been playing Sniper Elite 4 here and there for the past couple of months. It was ‘saved’ on my Series X via Quick Resume, having last been played about a week ago. Loaded it up in mere seconds and boom, all of a sudden it’s running at 60fps. Absolute wizards over at the MS backwards compat team these days.
  3. New hidden exotic quest this week is an absolute doozy. Go in blind if you can and you’ll need a fireteam. How to start it: One of the best they’ve ever done.
  4. Trinity Ghoul with the catalyst is the best add-clearing weapon in the game bar none. You don’t even have to aim at enemies to kill them once the perk procs. One of my go-to weapons when doing patrols and other low-level content. Le Monarque is great too and bows in general are so satisfying to use. To keep things fresh I like to mix up my loadout each season depending on the seasonal mods, so I’m rocking an SMG, the new exotic bow (which is loads of fun) and the seasonal rocket launcher. Battlegrounds is quite good fun and some of the new perks like Frenzy are really s
  5. When I started the game there was a deer right in front of me. I shot it in the face and then pressed X on its corpse. Job done. Took about a minute tops.
  6. The previous poster has summed it up quite well and this explains it all in more thorough detail: https://techraptor.net/gaming/features/the-medium-ending-explained
  7. Just finished this. There’s some really inventive and arresting visual imagery at times and the sound design is absolutely superb (no surprise there considering the spirit world side was done by Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame). The core themes and ideas are really good but as someone mentioned a few posts back it doesn’t really make the most of them. The split-world is a great idea but the puzzles that it gives rise to are rudimentary at best and it’s a mechanic that ends up being disappointingly underused. It began to fall apart for me somewhere around the halfwa
  8. Finding the same here. They haven’t updated for the new month yet for some reason.
  9. I was referring more to the spoilers being dished out liberally on the first day of release. Never have a problem with people expressing a negative view of a game they haven’t enjoyed, even if I disagree with them myself. I certainly don’t think it’s anything like the disaster that some are painting it as though.
  10. This thread’s an absolute fucking shitshow. Man alive. I’m enjoying it. If a slow burning psychological horror adventure game with stunning audio design and some really nicely rendered locations in places sounds intriguing then it’s well worth a look. It’s on GamePass so no harm done if you don’t like it. Can see why it’s divided opinion somewhat but a look in here would have you believing that it’s a dreadful embarrassment for the Series X and that’s way off the mark I think. Being the first genuine Series-exclusive game probably hasn’t done it any favours in terms of
  11. Eh, I don’t have a problem with it. Swords have been a little too OP for a long time now so shaving 15% off their damage output and bumping what have been utterly useless rocket launchers by 30% may seem a bit ham-fisted but I can see their reasoning. Falling Guillotine was so strong that it became the default option for pretty much everything à la Gjallarhorn back in the day so potentially expanding the viability of other weapons in that slot is not a bad thing. The Lament will still be an absolute monster for Champions and Atraks so it’ll make little difference in the activities I u
  12. Request to join club sent. Had a good first session with the season pass today just sailing solo. Fortunately it was a peaceful server and I formed an alliance with another crew and ended up raking in a lot of rep and gold while also doing one of the Tall Tales. Ranked up 6 or so levels on the pass too, which seems fairly easy to make your way through. You get XP that contributes to it for doing just about everything, which means that those sessions when you get fucked over and make zero progress are now a thing of the past. First day issues with the servers meant that
  13. Yup, saved my ass many a time when I’ve been in a sloop, let my guard down and been jumped by a galleon of ne’er do wells. Raise those sails, head straight into the wind and they won’t be able to catch you. I’ve been playing this a lot recently and am looking forward to checking out the Season Pass this weekend. Feel free to add me: PinholeStar Can show people the ropes if you’re not sure how it all works too
  14. Have you created a Paradox account first? Won’t let you install mods unless you have (on Series X anyway, not sure about PC).
  15. Current mods you need to install for an instant 1000GS via Surviving Mars are “achieve seb” and “achieve seb2” It seems they take them down after a few days but these two are still up and just worked for me about 5 minutes ago.
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