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  1. This had better arrive in the post tomorrow or else I shall be jolly cross. All this talk of it being nails hard sounds fucking fantastic. You're never too old. It's just a state of mind maaaan. Expect me back in here tomorrow evening declaring that Miyazaki is an absolute cunt and that it's too difficult for my feeble fingers.
  2. pinholestar

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    Yeah absolutely, which is why I took the chance in DZ South and West to do just that. Good tip. If DZ South impressed you then DZ West will even more I think. Such an amazing ambience up there. I wouldn't sweat it too much with regards to loading up on loot in those initial forays though. It all helps of course but on your route to 30 all it takes is one or two missions to essentially make all your current gear obsolete. I looked at the endgame map tonight and was paralysed with choice. What a wonderfully novel problem to have in a looter-shooter at launch. @carlospie Don't agree with your assessment at all to be honest. One of the things that really struck me was how inventive each of the missions are in terms of the locations and configurations of the combat arenas that you're doing battle in. It's a cover shooter so of course you're always going to essentially be in large combat bowls with waist-high cover dotted about the place but there's plenty of opportunity to gain the high ground or set up a flank on enemies etc. Much of the level design is fantastic and I think the absolute last thing this game is is lazy. It's quite evidently a labour of love that has had an enormous amount of thought and attention paid to every aspect of it. I'd encourage you to try out all the different skills too. Some of them are quite underwhelming but if you're in a decent squad and start synergising them with other players you can cause some great chains to go off. And it definitely mixes it up when you hit the endgame. Seems particularly odd to criticise it for being lonely when literally every single activity can be matchmade in a squad of 4 if you so desire. Sounds as if it just may not be your thing?
  3. pinholestar

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    So after a good 50 hours or so of methodically liberating Washington DC from assorted scum and villainy and loving every single second of it, I’ve just hit the endgame and all I can say is... holy shit! They really weren’t lying when they said that it was designed with endgame in mind from the start. An almost overwhelming amount of things to do. Just reaffirms that this is one of the best sequels I’ve ever played in terms of learning the lessons of the original game and refining it to give players exactly what they want for a game of this type. Outstanding work from Massive. I love this game. Yesterday I used the initial access mission to take a safe tour of the Dark Zone West around Georgetown, free from other players and enemies while I had the chance. So atmospheric up there and the sense of post-disaster desolation was really accentuated with the ambient music and completely deserted streets.
  4. pinholestar

    Battlefield V

    Looks pretty good and the destructibility and vehicles should set it apart from other BRs. I’ll definitely give it a shot but there’s no way that it’ll replace the core Battlefield multiplayer for me. I come for the chaos not the solitude. When I want to play BR I can still see myself turning to Apex Legends as it’s just such a beautifully refined experience. Firestorm should have been in at launch if it was to make a real impact I think.
  5. @Karzee got there first it seems!
  6. Pearson's camp upgrades are mostly visual/cosmetic. Stuff like a pair of antlers by the campfire etc. To be honest for the hassle it takes to find some of the more obscure items most of them are not not really worth it. Some of the satchel upgrades available from him are quite handy though. Fences are where you sell your valuables as they're classed as stolen goods and so can't be sold to general stores. A few of these are particularly rare and are used for crafting trinkets from the fence that give various stat bonuses but it should tell which ones are specifically required in the fences sale inventory item description. But you should sell the rest. By donating them to camp instead you add their value to the camp's ledger total which will enable you to build the aforementioned camp upgrades. Think the value is the same although I'm not sure. Donating to camp raises your honour though. You need to go out and hunt for food to donate to the camp to change the food icon from red to white and stop Pearson complaining about it all the time. Stew will always be available though. Yup. It'll be waiting at your destination if you buy a ticket. If you rob one it'll run alongside (and often get run over in my experience).
  7. pinholestar

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    Make sure you’ve switched off ‘Cancel skill when aiming’ in the control options. Could well be why their activation feels erratic.
  8. pinholestar

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    Should do. There was a bug at launch that meant control points cleared in another person’s game wouldn’t register in your own but they fixed that within a couple of days.
  9. pinholestar

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    No but there are 4 or 5 hidden SHD tech caches in the area so it’s well worth having a good hunt around. There are special weapon dyes too that can be found in crates hanging in trees dotted around the map. One of them’s south of the White House but I haven’t found any others yet.
  10. pinholestar

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    Yeah the level scaling is a bit wonky in that regard. I’ve found it fine if you’re within a few levels of each other but I got matchmade into a party where one guy was lv25 and the rest of us were about 14 or 15 and all the lower levels were getting one-shotted by enemies. The Lv25 left/rage quit and all of a sudden the rest of us could take a reasonable amount of damage and had little difficulty in completing the mission. May have just been a one-off bug but I’ve heard others say they’ve had a similar experience and I’m pretty sure the armour isn’t scaling properly at the moment.
  11. Oh man that looks like so much fun! I wanna be Fultoned for my birthday now.
  12. I used to live in Sweden and speak the language so have a close personal attachment to the country. Playing an open-world game set there holds quite a unique appeal and just watching some of those videos and seeing the traditional red-painted slatted wood houses and pine forests is hugely evocative. I’ll have to check this out at some point I think. Although it does look decidedly mid-tier in terms of budget and variety, that’s not necessarily a bad thing in this age of the relentless triple-A blockbuster.
  13. pinholestar

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    I sent a request to join the rllmuk clan a few days ago and have been banging on the White House door all weekend. Let me in please! Had a proper foray into a couple of the Dark Zones last night. The fundamentals are the same as the first game but the new additions really mix it up. Running round triangulating the Thieves' Den location was pretty tense as my rogue meter climbed higher and higher. It's a really nice risk/reward mechanic that ratchets up the danger and tension by putting a price on your head but doesn't force you into fucking with other people's business if you don't want to. Kind of chaotic-neutral on the character alignment chart. And because the individual zones are smaller, once you call in da choppa there's a very good chance that wherever they are any ganking cunts rogues can reach you in time and fuck up your day. Stat normalisation seems to have done a good job of levelling the playing field though and I didn't see any chicken-dance heal-popping bullshit like the first game descended into, although it's early days yet and apparently the YouTube/streamer crew are already bitching because their old tactics no longer work and they're finding themselves being killed by regular players. The horror! I'll be furious if Massive end up pandering to those assholes as it feels perfect as it is right now.
  14. pinholestar

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    Yep and that’s one of the many things I love about it. I like to play through the story and explore the world mostly solo to start with as it’s more atmospheric and immersive that way and you can really soak in all the detail of a desolate DC at your own pace. It’s fine if you’re with a squad of friends but when matchmaking with randoms people inevitably charge off through the levels and you end up missing all the crazy detail and hidden loot rooms. Pretty much every mission I’ve played solo has ended up in a desperate last stand as I’m getting swarmed from all directions by the relentless AI while popping off my skills in the nick of time and it’s been phenomenal. The difficulty tuning is absolutely sublime. When you hit the endgame and are running the missions back on harder difficulties then playing in a squad is a must and synergising your abilities and setting up flanks together is when the combat really comes into its own. It’s definitely at its best as a co-op experience but there’s nothing wrong with playing solo for at least part of it. I’d actively recommend that people do at least one or two missions that way as it’s its own experience that is really enjoyable if you relish a challenge. Also, just another daily post to say that the game is fucking amazing. I’m so impressed with what Masssive have delivered.
  15. pinholestar

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    There are definitely similarities but Odyssey leans more towards the action side of action-RPG. The vast majority of your time is spent exploring the truly vast world, creeping around Spartan forts silently dispatching unsuspecting victims and sailing the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. I adored every second of it and would recommend it unreservedly if you’ve ever enjoyed any previous games in the series or any open-world action RPG for that matter. It really is a joy to play. Make sure you play as Kassandra though.

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