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  1. If you think they’re good then prepare to have your mind well and truly blown by the time you get to Shadowbringers. The improvement and refinement of their craft makes those early dungeons seem like an absolute age away. You have so much goodness to come!
  2. You know what I'm talking about.
  3. Yup. FInished the Shadowbringers story very late on Friday night and it's the best Final Fantasy since 9 in my opinion, which came out almost two decades ago. Absolutely stunning from start to finish and a huge step up in terms of writing, characterisation and voice acting. Handing lead writing duties to the woman who was responsible for some of the best scenario writing in the game up to now (dark knight questline and the Haurchefant stuff from HW to give two examples of what she's worked on) was an inspired choice and she knocked it out of the park. I was utterly gripped the whole way through and I loved the way that it flips conventions by portraying a dying world that is drenched in light, rather than the standard doom and gloom. Emotional gut punches come one after the other and it doesn't let up until its thundering finale. The environment artists have really outdone themselves with this one too and the new areas are stunning. There's one final reveal of a location at the end that had my jaw on the floor. And the music! Absolutely phenomenal work from Soken, the composer. Dungeons and trials are all fantastic too and you're seeing the refinement of their craft after nearly six years of learning exactly what works and what doesn't in encounter design. What the hell they're gonna come up with for the 8-man raids when they drop soon and especially the Nier-themed 24-man alliance raids I can only imagine but they're clearly at the peak of their powers right now. So if you're someone who's just starting out and wondering whether it's worth pushing through the early content (that was admittedly a real tedious grind in places) or you're making your way through Heavensward and/or Stormblood, I really can't stress enough that when you hit Shadowbringers you're in for an absolute treat and the best thing that SquareEnix has put out in many a long year. Easily the best expansion yet and just reaffirms this game as the very best of its kind around. I'm still reeling from just how good it was, as is every single member of my FC and we've got another two years of content to come until we're done.
  4. Yeah Koji Fox and his team have knocked it out of the park with this one. Never get tired of the Fate name puns. Glam game true endgame for many many people. It'll become an obsession if you let it!
  5. Yeah I contributed to that thread myself. More power to anyone who’s still enjoying the job and I certainly wouldn’t tell anyone who’s having fun that they’re in any way doing anything wrong, but it’s clear as day what the problems with Scholar are now. You’d have to be blind not to see it. Don’t want to stink up this thread any further with discussion of it but I guarantee it will see changes with the next couple of patches. Still loving every single second of Shadowbringers though. It’s such a fantastic expansion and the environment artists have really outdone themselves.
  6. On a more positive note the rest of Shadowbringers is absolutely awesome! Feels like a step up in terms of production values with phenomenal music and the new areas are beautiful. I especially love the mournful air of melancholy that hangs over the whole thing but it flips conventions by having this dying world drenched in bright light. Really impressed by the story so far too which doesn't hang about and gets incredibly dark very early on too. Had an amazing time playing it all day yesterday with my FC and across the board we agreed that it has the potential to be the best expansion yet. There's nothing quite like that first day of everyone running round and discovering all the new things. Very smooth launch too, at least on our server. Had a small queue to get in and then no DC's all day. We've come a long way from Raubahn savage. Also Dancer absolutely fucking rocks and I'm probably gonna switch my main over to it from Scholar once I've finished the story.
  7. I agree with your last point to a degree and that's been magnified ten-fold with Shadowbringers as healers have now been catapulted to the top of the short queue time/adventurer in need list. Completely disagree with your other points though. I played a solid day with the new Scholar yesterday in solo and group content and it's frankly awful. They've ripped out all the complexity of the job, simplified it to the point of tedium, deleted half of your hotbar and made it incredibly boring to play now. DPS is now literally one DoT and one spammable with an occasional AoE skill for mobs that drains your MP in seconds. The Scholar DPS rotation was never that complex but you had options with three DoT's, Bane to spread them, Shadow Flare and then Energy Drains to dump your unused Aetherflow stacks and regen MP. It had a beautiful rhythm to it as you weaved and managed that aspect in between whatever healing was needed and managing your fairy. Now you're just stood there spamming one skill over and over again and that's literally it. There was no way they were going to bump the outgoing damage up that much to compensate and force more focus on healing as they want to appeal to a wide range of skill levels and that would have made it too difficult for beginners or more casual players. Dungeons feel exactly the same as they ever did, so you have just as much downtime between healing but now you find yourself having to waste skills by massively overhealing and chucking out pointless Lustrate's on the tank just to build your fairy gauge as Energy Drain is now gone. MP management is terrible now because even though they've reduced the cooldown of Lucid Dreaming the loss of Energy Drain means that you can't top up your MP regularly. It just doesn't flow like it should. I loved Scholar and invested so much in learning its intricacies but they've completely dropped the ball with these changes and they're very poorly thought through. The healing kit is fine but everything else is simplified and homogenised to the point of tedium and it's just dull to play now. I've heard Astro is suffering the same fate too.
  8. I main Scholar and they’ve gutted the fuck out of the job to be honest and I’m pretty pissed off about it. Every other Scholar main I know and an overwhelming majority of those I’ve seen online think the same. Tank and DPS changes all look very good but the simplification and homogenisation of healers look terrible. I’m going to play through the Shadowbringers story as Scholar but will probably switch to Dancer afterwards as that looks excellent. Anyway, enough moaning from me. Happy Shadowbringers day!
  9. So it's something of a tradition that on the last day of an expansion the server gets together and takes a big group photo to bid farewell. Today was no exception:
  10. Just do the MSQ. Once you get to Heavensward it’ll start rewarding you with gear that supersedes anything you’ll get at what was originally the lv50 endgame. The Crystal Tower alliance raids are well worth unlocking though as you’ll need those to unlock the Alliance Raid roulette which will come in very handy in the future should you wish to level up other jobs.
  11. https://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/tales_of_adventure/ There's scenario skip potions which clear all the story content for you and job skip potions which boost you straight to level 60 and give you a set of level-appropriate gear. I would strongly recommend not using them and playing through it all as normal, seeing as you've paid for it and you'd be missing out on a colossal amount of content.
  12. Most of the guides for jobs that you find online are written by hardcore savage-tier raiders who are looking to maximise and wring out every last drop of their DPS and go for speed runs etc. For 90% of the playerbase and the content that they're running that level of detail and synchronisation with other party members just isn't required. As long as you learn the fundamentals of your job and its rotation then you'll have few difficulties clearing anything as the majority of content is balanced and tuned to be fairly easily cleared by most players. You come across one or two elitist dickheads once in a blue moon but I can honestly say that the overwhelming majority of the playerbase that I've encountered is friendly and helpful, especially compared to other MMOs. FFXIV is quite renowned for it in fact. Just let people know that it's your first time in a dungeon or trial and you'll find that the vast majority will help you out and explain mechanics etc. Especially now as there are loads of new players coming over from WoW recently so there's loads of sprouts running about doing dungeons for the first time.
  13. If you're gonna main either Scholar or Summoner out of Arcanist then I would highly recommend getting into the habit early of manually controlling your pet via the pet actions hotbar (tap R1). It may seem easier to always just leave it on Sic/Guard and let it do its thing but as you've found already that's not always the case and you'll start to see more often as you progress through the levels that that extra control will really come into its own and set you apart from most other players of those jobs. I main Scholar and although it's arguably the most complex job of the lot, having that extra control is so satisfying and rewarding and expands your toolkit and efficiency massively. If you leave it all automated then your pet will just start blowing through its cooldowns as soon as they're available and they mostly go to waste. As I mentioned earlier with the targeting, now that I've been playing it for so long I look back and am really thankful that I locked those habits down early and they became second nature as they've paid dividends later on. Just a tip, but I can't help but get all paternal when I see another potential Scholar on the horizon!
  14. You can only roll Need on items that you can currently equip. If you don't roll anything and everyone else rolls Pass then by default you'll get the item. If someone in the party rolls Need or Greed then the loot will be locked until everyone has rolled. For weapons: higher ilvl = higher main stat, and main stat trumps substats almost always (apart from some very fringe exceptions like Bard and Crit, for example). For gear you can generally trust the recommended gear button, with the exception of low-level tank gear off the top of my head, as it defers to STR when it should be prioritising DEF. All the others are generally fine though for the most part. Don't worry too much about substats until you reach the endgame and even then the differences really aren't that noticeable at all. As you're levelling up it should be pretty obvious which gear is the current best for your job. In summary: generally speaking the higher the ilvl and primary stat the better the gear, as the gear progression in this game is very vertical.
  15. https://www.rpgsite.net/feature/6369-xenoblade-chronicles-2-combat-guide-battle-system-and-combat-strategy-tips-for-battles-in-alrest
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