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  1. Chongqing. You can see a phone number in that image and the area code matches up. Just call me Sherlock.
  2. Sword. If you go to the Europa collections badge you can examine it and see all the perks etc.
  3. Fucking hell that was quick. Usually takes much longer than that for the first clear.
  4. Solar, Arc and Void were all in from the start it’s just that each class only had two from the three. Taken King enabled the third for each class, so Hunter got Nightstalker, Warlock got Stormcaller and Titan got Sunbreaker. All the weapon elements were already there though. I do see what you mean with regard to there being no legendary stasis weapons I suppose. I guess the plan is to introduce them over the course of the year via the seasons and then with each new expansion we’ll get a new Darkness subclass added. Sunshot’s great. One of the best add-clear
  5. One of the new exotics is a giant stasis grenade launcher and pretty much the entirety of the Exo Stranger’s post-campaign stuff is heavily stasis-focused, so I’m not sure I understand the criticism? Also bear in mind that Stasis is unavailable for those who don’t have Beyond Light, so if they flooded the daily bounties with it it would lock out all of those players.
  6. I tried out the free trial of Dolby Atmos on Series X with earphones and was very impressed, even for games that aren’t coded specifically for it. I use an expensive pair of Shure sound-isolating earphones for 90% of my gaming so it’s a tenner very well spent. The luxury user experience of next-gen gaming on consoles continues unabated. Just remember to plug your ‘phones into the controller jack otherwise it won’t utilise it.
  7. Yep, anyone playing this for the first time I’d highly recommend playing it on at least Hard difficulty. It makes it a proper survival game with scavenging for supplies in the wilderness a key necessity and transforming the combat encounters into sometimes nail-bitingly tense affairs. You’re also in for an absolute treat as I rate it as perhaps the most underrated game of the last generation and not all that far behind the best of the Sony first-party exclusives. Playing it at 60fps would have been lovely as it did get a little choppy at times on a base PS4, so as well as being inc
  8. Gonna have to get cracking with the alt characters if I’m gonna hit that 1220 power level for the raid attempt this weekend I think. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem but with a new Series X and games coming out my ass my attention is being pulled this way and that. Enjoying the post-campaign stuff in Beyond Light though. The first exotic quest was really good fun and the aspects and fragments customisation for the new Stasis subclass has bags of potential for the future when they add more. Lean offering of new loot is a definite problem but otherwise on
  9. I too worked at EB for a few years circa ‘98-‘99 and it got to the point where we had to make multiple A4 signs displaying the delay/release date for WWF Attitude in large red letters and posted them all round the shop. Didn’t stop every single scrote crawling in off the street asking every 5 minutes though. I have fond memories of working in the place for the most part although the pay was absolutely shameful (£3.75/hour ffs) and as it was my first proper job I had no idea that they basically exploited spotty 19 year olds to work for them for such a pittance as they didn’t know be
  10. @tnman count me in for a blind run of the new raid. Have all the big boi DPS exotics and can help with teaching/making up the numbers for a Garden run if it’s needed too. Any other Xboxers feel free to add me: PinholeStar
  11. Oh man, Connected co-op mode is a truly beautiful thing.
  12. Yep, that’s the symbol I’m referring to. Although as someone mentioned earlier you can still use those weapons in patrols and other low-level content, so if there’s anything you really like then it’s worth hanging on to. Otherwise get rid and clean out that vault.
  13. That one too. My favourite hand cannon in the game. The sound is just
  14. Sunsetted or not, you’ll have to prise my masterworked god-roll mob-decimating Hammerhead from my cold dead hands. The Black Armoury weapons were so good.
  15. It was a time-limited exotic quest in one of the recent seasons I think. I didn’t bother at the time so am glad it’s available again. Ditto Anarchy.
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