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  1. I've started doing some you tube videos again - Here is my latest one
  2. Hey All Does anyone have scans of Mean Machines Playstation? Think it may have ran for 7 issues. Can't seem to find any scans online anywhere.
  3. I have one of those in the attic somewhere. Got it from a boot sale years ago, tested it to make sure it worked and put it away.
  4. ermmm ........Its a really rare low numbers release............. oops
  5. Currently, I'm playing through Luigi's Castle( Mansion is the correct name oops) on the Cube. Never had a Gamecube when they came out so missed it originally. Such a fun enjoyable game. Granted I'm only an hour or so in. Have to admit I'm struggling with the right stick aiming but maybe I need to invert that.
  6. With this being reduced to £29.99 in Argos I was tempted to pick one up. But I use Launchbox on the PC to play old PS1 games so apart from the nice wee console I think I would be throwing my money away.
  7. I'm in the same club. Very few Pc Games I play are with KB&M its 99% Xbox One pad.
  8. I spent so many hours on this back in the day. Team racing on multiplayer was where it was at. A Buddy and me were 2&3 in the world at a time. Would love this to be backwards compatible on the One.
  9. After finishing the 2013 Tomb Raider Reboot, I noticed this is sitting in my Steam Library, heard nothing but good things over the years but never got round to a full playthrough as yet. My newly acquired One X might have to take a back seat for a while.
  10. Bit of a thread bump here, but I never played this when it was released so after watching a few videos for Shadow, thought I better go back to this one. Its rather good isn't it? Although those QTE'S do get a bit annoying after a while. But really enjoying it so far think I'm pretty close to finishing it now. Maybe another session tonight will tie this one up. Pretty excited for Shadow of the Tomb Raider now!
  11. For a game that was basically free that's all I need to hear ! Paying £40/50 for it might be a stretch though
  12. I would have posted a picture of my set up but having a 2 year old means all drawers/cupboard doors are taped up and keyboards /controllers all hidden out of reach with handprints all over the screen too ................................
  13. Really enjoying playing this at the moment. Granted I've managed only a couple of hours, but after not really playing a lot of 6 its good to get back into the Forza fold. One thing I find slightly annoying is whenever you pick a car for a new race it is already matched to the race restriction. I prefered to pick a car then tune it myself, perhaps there is something I missed and you can still do this though. Will get more play time this weekend hopefully!
  14. Downloaded this from EA Access and I'm quite looking forward to some space opera if i'm honest. Played an hour or two of ME3 (maybe 2 as well?) and never touched it again (not sure why) so quite interested in a stand alone story set in the same universe!
  15. Might hold off a while and see what deals are about in the new year.
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