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  1. Was genuinely surprised to see this as my most played game. I figured it would be a Forza variant. Wait I definitely do own an original xbox, I think I just had a different xbox live account for that. A
  2. I still can't get over Max saying he never gets gifts from the stewards. What an insuferable petulant arsehole.
  3. Remember back in 2014 when they made the last GP have double points? That was mental.
  4. Max: "I never get presents from the Stewards". Max's memory is as short as his temper it seems.
  5. Christian Horner has been summoned to the stewards for breaching the sporting code. What's that pertaining to?
  6. In entirely unrelated news, Max has new racing gloves this weekend which feature a crowbar attachment.
  7. Guanya Zhou confirmed at Sauber. He was superb in F2 last year, bit quiet this year though but solid none the less. Just quite a bit overshadowed by the rookies. https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/video.guanyu-zhou-announced-as-2022-alfa-romeo-f1-driver.1716573421860457478.html
  8. Playing Devil's advocate here, he actually lost out on both VSC periods. While the SC period did let him catchup 3 seconds to Perez, he would have done that in a couple of laps anyway an the SC period actually cost him 3 laps of not being allowed to overtake plus an additional 2 laps without DRS. So I would argue all 3 Safety Car periods (virtual or otherwise) negatively impacted Hamilton's race.
  9. France was a pretty epic race long battle for 1st
  10. Max: “I tried everything I could” yeah we saw.
  11. So Hamilton will start 10th (would have been 5th without the engine penalty). Superb example of the how the sprint race can significantly lessen the penalty of being excluded from qualifying there
  12. If it was me I’d be doing everything I could to lessen the damage on Sunday.
  13. It lessens the penalty because it’s unlikely he’ll start from the back of the grid of the main race where there are 26 points up for grabs instead of 3. It’s why grid penalties are applied to Sundays race and not the sprint. Otherwise it’s not much of a penalty. So it lessens the penalty because he has an opportunity to claw some grid places back, literally lessening the penalty.
  14. At least the sprint race eases that penalty somewhat.
  15. It’s just a sense I get from him in interviews.
  16. I'm fully aware of his past and I watch F3 and F2 and so was very anti-mazepin well before he made it to F1 (and very much still at the start of the season). But I do think people can grow and learn from their bad behaviors and I get the impression (rightly or wrongly) that's he really trying. The proof of the pudding is in the eating of course, so time will tell. I'm just a big softie and want give people second (ok, seventh) chances. But definitely not an eighth! Edit: Just to clarify here, I’m not saying that I like him or excusing his past behaviours. Just that some of that intense disliking of him I had is slowly fading as I sense him trying not to be such a piece of work.
  17. I think I'm actually starting to warm to Mazepin. I felt for him then.
  18. Pretty much everyone I've spoken to today (who watches F1) forgot Qualy was on today. In fact, I had also forgotten until I put FP1 on the tv.
  19. Doesn't look like Forza Rewards are coming to Horizon 5 https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/articles/4405566679315-Forza-Rewards Bit annoyed as I spent ages making sure I was at the top tier for when FH5 came out (although I'm still almost 700 points behind Boozy!)
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