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  1. This was most of mine back in 2016 just before I moved house. It's all mostly in boxes in the loft now (including the consoles). My regularly accessed library is mostly digital these days.
  2. Perhaps a defining photo for this generation would be more a changing of the guard photo. With Hamilton & Vettel next to Leclerc and Verstappen.
  3. Hopefully we will look back with the same fondness. However, and I am purely playing devil's advocate here, I suspect we won't have the same awe as the we do for the photo above. A photo of Sainz, Norris, Russel and Albon is certainly a photo of 4 superb and entertaining characters in F1, as were Senna, Prost, Mansell and Piquet (even if the latter is to a slightly villainous degree, the cheeky monkey). I can only speak for myself here, but for me, the awe from the photo above comes not so much from their characters but their accomplishments. That photo contains 305 podiums, 146 wins and 11 world titles.
  4. So what actually happened here? I can't find anywhere reporting on the outcome. Edit: Oh it got voted down apparently. Autosport can't be arsed to report on it. https://www.planetf1.com/news/f1-bosses-vote-down-reverse-grid-races/
  5. I really, really hope they don't go through with that. It would start to feel really artificial if they did that. It sounds like 3 teams are steadfast against it and it needs to be unanimous to make that change for next year, mercifully. However, they can add it to the rules for 2021 without the teams consent.
  6. This is worth a watch. It's a mini Ted's notebook about what they are having to do for the Typhoon. Puts into perspective how manic it's going to be on Sunday morning. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/11832800/hows-suzuka-preparing-for-typhoon When I used to work at FOM, it would literally take days to build the tv compound (what we refereed to as 'the village'). There is more than just the main tv studio building, there are other huts too which the FOM staff then go into to do their normal jobs when there is no action on track. We would only be in the TV building when there were cars on track (be it F1 or any of the supporting categories). I have no idea how they are going to get it all built up in a just a few hours on Sunday morning.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised to see variants with different storage capacities in the same vein as the iPhone. A 256gb, 5125gb and 1tb SKU selection maybe.
  8. Always having to start in P13 on the grid in Forza 7.
  9. Congrats on 100 episodes! I'm still loving every episode. I'd not played Beneath A Steel Sky before and have just bought the iOS version based on your enthusiasm. You should get a finders fee. On an unrelated note, I found a big box of Amiga disks in a retro games shop in Nottingham (Parallel Universe), they were all apps or demo disks but I did stumble upon an app called Vista which I spent hours on as a kid. Totally boring by today's standards but it generated, well, vistas. It took an age to run but I was so mesmerized by it as a kid.
  10. Who this morning issued a statement of support for Giovinazzi. So unless Vettel decides to call it quits at the 11th hour, the Hulk maybe out of F1 next year. He's only 32 so hopefully he can make a comeback. Maybe take a shot at the WEC title (although they're calendar is now june to june so I guess that's not doable.
  11. I'm really surprised by this. Money must have been a factor here surely. I mean we are talking about guy a who crashed all by himself, behind a safety car, on live tv and in front of thousands of fans and then thought "i know, I'll just say that guy behind me hit me, they'll never know otherwise".
  12. I watched this again for the first time since seeing at the cinema at the weekend. I really liked the closure that some of the characters got in the second act but the third act really is superb. It really did feel like an immensely satisfying conclusion to 22 films worth of investment. In particular, the moment from "on your left" to when Cap delivers his line had the hairs on my skin standing on end. Even now actually.
  13. The rain was blamed for this but it was clearly Walter White and his giant magnet.
  14. I'll never forget Maldonado intentionally ramming into the side of Hamilton during a cool down lap after Spa qualifying one year. Mental.
  15. But that's messing with my small brain and it throws up so many questions. Are they allowed to reference events from the other 2 films? Are all those characters created in those films now the sole property of Sony? Will they still inhabit a universe where the snap happened? Will the post credit 'far from home 'scene be factored into the plot? What about the Stark Tech suit? Do we need to stop talking about Spiderman in the MCU phase 4 thread? But if Magenta isn't real, then why can I see it??
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