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  1. Oh thank Christ for that. Jesus.
  2. Do I have any hope of being able to buy a 3080 this side of christmas? I might be compensating for not being able to get a PS5.
  3. Well, I'm sold. Where can I pre-order? https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-11-24-the-latest-focus-of-gta-6-rumours-a-dirt-road-in-virginia
  4. I've got the G290 and it's wonderful for Forza 7 but for various reasons I never got to grips using it on FH4 and prefer to use a pad for that. For F1 and Forza Motorsport it's a joy (although the brake pedal is way too stiff on mine).
  5. The licenses expire, so they have to remove it.
  6. Alex Jaques is replacing Ben Edwards as lead commentator on C4. He man is the most irritating commentator I’ve ever listened to. He is a pastiche of 1980s stereotypes of people into motorsport with a volume switch that changes to random levels 2 or 3 times per sentence. Only Alex Brundle comes close in irritation level (with his ran........Dom....pauses between words I.......n sentences). Sorry, I shouldn’t sit on the fence like this and should tell you how I really feel.
  7. I was a bit optimistic with the “few weeks” bit.
  8. That was nothing to do with Sky. It’s from the FOM world feed.
  9. Amazing race, amazing drive by Lewis. Superb way to win the title.
  10. I feel for him. He was in a class of his own for the first half of the race. He didn’t want to change tyres but the team made him and ruined his race.
  11. How and when did Verstappen get passed Albon? The last time I saw Max, he was spinning out.
  12. Loving this. Amazing that we still have all 20 cars in the race. Incredible skill by all 20 of these drivers.
  13. Stroll hopefully silencing some of critics this weekend. At least for a few weeks anyway.
  14. FA-18 Interceptor on the Amiga (which also had the F16) made me fall in love with the Falcon back in 1989. It was the only game I could play that Christmas as we didn’t have a joystick and that was only pack in game you could play with a keyboard.
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