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  1. Two newish records I've bought. (prev owned on other formats, really pleased to have the Vinyl)
  2. Really into Roxy Music on Vinyl. Including commercial stuff. I now have all 8 on Vinyl and their 1st Live album. I really love the music, the style, the vocals, eno on 1st 2, lyrically, some of it, you just need to listen. Crappy phone pic of their 2nd, which I have on as we speak
  3. For a friend with such a kind heart
  4. I noticed them codes could be like playing a game in itself Sorry man. Good Luck with it
  5. All Cars Press A, A, Y, Y, L, L, hold R + X, release all, then hold L + A (highlight All Cars) All Parts Hold X, press Y, A, L, R, R, release all, then hold Y, press A, release all, then press X, X All Tracks Hold A + X, press L, release all, press A, A, Y, Y, hold L + R, press X AUTO ABORT tap A, L, X, R, Y, Hold L+R, tap A, X BATTLE PAINT SHOP Hold A, tap L, R, L, R, (release A), tap X, X, X Brakes Press Y, Y, Y, hold L + R + A + X (highlight Brakes) CAR COLLISIONS Hold L+R, tap X, Y, A, (release L+R), tap X, Y, A CAR MINES Hold L+R+X, tap A, Y, (release all), tap A, Y Cheat Menu Hold L, R, X, Y (highlight Options on main menu) CONE MINES Hold Y, tap R, L, (release Y), tap X, Hold A, tap X again, (release A), tap X again Demolition Battle is now available Hold L + A and press Y, X. Release the buttons, then press and hold R + A and quickly press Y, X. FOG COLOR Hold L, press X, (release L), Hold A, press X, (release A), Hold Y, press X, (release Y), Hold R, press X FRAME SCALE Hold L, tap A, A, Y, (release L), Hold R, tap A, A, Y Increase Car Mass Hold A, press X, X, Y, release A, then tap L, R (highlight Mass) Invincibility Hold L + X, press Y, A, release all, hold R + A + X + Y INVISIBLE CAR Hold L, tap X, (release L), Hold R, tap Y, (release R), tap A, Hold L+R, tap X, (release L+R), tap Y,Y,Y Invisible Track R, L, Y, X, A, A, X, Y, hold L + R, then press A (highlight Invisible Track) Random Weapons Hold L + A, press X, Y, release all, then hold R + A, press X, Y RESURRECT IN PLACE tap R, R, L, L, A, X, Y SUICIDE MODE Hold Y, tap R, L, R, L, (release Y), Hold X, tap R, L, R, L Super Speed Hold Y + R, press L, release all, hold A, press A, X, release all, press A, A, A Super Tires Hold R, press X, X, X, release, hold L, press A, A, Y TIRE SCALING tap X, Y, A, X, Y, A, Hold R, press A Track Orientation is now available Hold L + R and press X. Release, then press A, X, Y. Press and hold L + R again and then press X again From Gamefaqs...hopefully these will work...i'll copied and pasted, but its changed layout somehow, sorry. Www.gamefaqs.com Then San Francisco 2049 codes http://www.gamefaqs.com/dreamcast/198528-san-francisco-rush-2049/cheats
  6. Can I please say, I didn't mean any disrespect with my childlike drawing. You guys have some skill, like, real amazing. I said the same thing to a friend having lunch today. Sorry for Generalising, but some real talent posted here x (not me!)
  7. I've read....Box-set of Jesus & the Mary Chain is due. Also a re-release, or an anniversary special of Velvet Undergrounds 2nd. (which I've heard, but don't own at this moment in time) My bro bought me the black keys 2nd on vinyl yesterday, I played them and that particular record to death when I was younger. My 1st black keys on vinyl.
  8. I bought Bryter Layter on CD, I don't know a great deal of Drake, I Love his voice, and the CD I bought was lovely and gentle.
  9. That is some fold out Kern, Awe. I replaced the Clash the Clash right away. (bought the CD as a kid and am a clash fan (been to a few Strummer gigs e.t.c)
  10. I'll proclaim this to be a modern Great despite the Negative i'll get.
  11. Is it that offensive *leaves*
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