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  1. For sale (postage not included but I'll try and do it as cheaply as possible) Coin games: Cuba libre £45 Colonial Twilight £50 Falling Sky + Ariovistus £80 Ceres £5 (zip lock solotaire wargame) Phobos Rising £5 (zip lock solotaire wargame) Oh my Goods + Escape to Canyon Brook + Longsdale in Revolt £30 (no box for Escape, will put in deck box) Cubo £5 Bios Genesis £20 Neanderthal/Greenland/Board £60 (ecklund, would like to not split) Madame Ching £5 Minecraft the Card Game £5
  2. I've never seen it to that extent but i've definitely witnessed gamer frustration. One chap in particular who occasionally plays at our group takes mortal offence if he's targeted in any game when he's not in the lead. If you happen to do this he will then target you regardless of whether it helps him through the game or not. We don't tend to play many direct conflict games when he is there. Same player also loudly tells everyone how he has the worst possible luck when it comes to games with any form of luck, even small amounts. Played a game of Powerboats and because he got himself into a bit
  3. LaParka bought 1 share in TAG for $70 @Professor Rob
  4. Recently been having issues with buttons registering on the joy cons. Is this an issue other people have had or have I got some duff controllers? Looking at buying a pro controller too, is £55 about the average price?
  5. It's an evolution of TM apparently with slightly more complex mechanics. Friend who has played both says it's about 60% more complex than TM I'll pm you my address I didn't realise that you needed premium either! If you still fancy a go of it I'll get premium too
  6. And TM is on boardgamearena if anyone fancies a game online
  7. @Cosmic_Guru I'd be interested to read that the guy whose copy it was purposefully chose a difficult race to play (engineers) and came last. My one criticism is that the race you have can dictate how you play instead of letting you do your own thing. I had the ice Maidens and they're stronghold ability is to get 3 points per cathedral (the round ones) so I kind of focused on that and got a bit sidetracked. We drew two race tokens out of a bag and chose one of the potential four just so it didn't feel too unfair. @scottcr I've not played it yet but clans is on the horizo
  8. Can you pass and then come back in when it gets back round to you? And God bless you for doing this
  9. Played so many good games over the last few weeks, couple of highlights being: Terra Mystica - finally played this game and I can now see where all the praise comes from. Played it twice in as many weeks and both games were considerably different. We had the expansion races so there was always something different to look out for. The rules explanation took a while but really, the game is quite straightforward. You just don't have enough stuff to do everything you want to do. You put out the lowest level building which gives you workers, which you can upgrade to give you cash and po
  10. Sorry for taking so long, bit of a pants week. LaParka buys Tusc for $20 LaParka buys S&NA for $45 Professor Rob buys B&SLC for $75 MalevolentPanda buys M&C for $105 SimonC buys NDY for $125 LaParka has $435 Professor Rob has $425 MalevolentPanda has $395 SimonC has $375 ================== Start of Stock Round 1 ================== @Professor Robhas the Priority Deal
  11. Think i've done it correctly! should be @Professor Rob turn next
  12. I want to be able to bid on S&NA, so I have to set aside $45 to be able to participate in that potential auction? I'm passing on Tusc. If that's correct I'll load up the file and do the following: Bid $45 S&NA (exciting!)
  13. I'm interested, been talking with my group about possibly playing 1830 so any help in learning the ropes would be welcome!
  14. Its been a fortnight since running the two groups (I say running, I mean harassing people on BGG and FB to turn up) and we've had between 14 and 9 people turning up to both evenings. This week was probably a little less because of the weather. We've had a good mix of games and people and I think people are enjoying themselves because most come back or are planning too so far the games that have been played have included: 6Nimmt! Sagrada, Taj Mahal, Thurn and Taxis, Ethnos, Vast: Crystal Cavern. Kanagawa, Poison, Trickerion, Glen More, Heaven & Ale, Dodekka, Timeline
  15. Yeah, I've got it and really love it. The states of siege system is brutal though I don't think I've got past the second era. The history is interesting and I find I play it over a couple of nights. The way Cromwell changes combat is cool too. Obligatory recommendation is to watch the Ricky Royal series too.
  16. Thought i'd start a new topic instead of cluttering up the general chatter thread. Our second group has its first evening tonight in Chester (vicars cross if anyone is free) so really curious to see the amount of people who can make it. The one part which still makes me chuckle is a 'maybe' is probably not, a 'yes' is still probably not and a 'definitely' is usually a maybe The group in Ellesmere Port is now on to its third and hopefully permanent venue. The first really suited and the management were happy for us to be there but we did get the impression we were tolera
  17. No worries, i'll probably go for Bora Bora at least if its still available in a couple of days. Had a bit of an expensive month with boardgames so need to see if I can afford it
  18. Interested in any trades? Looking at bora bora and Delphi
  19. This is my nightmare. Since it's me and another chap kind of organising it I don't mind waiting and potentially missing out on a spot but I'd hate for someone to make the effort to turn up and then have to wait around for a game to finish. I went to one games club and after playing a quick game two of the group left me and this other person to set up and play a potential five player game between themselves. I made my excuses and left.
  20. Awesome, the group we play with are all pretty chill to the point that we don't really play any games with much take that aspect. Some like wargames and will occasionally play something along those lines, but mostly it's medium to heavy euros You're not the first to mention about the waiting round. I think we've all got filler games hidden in our back pockets!
  21. Buoyed by the success of the gaming group, me and my partner in crime have started another one! This one is in Chester (Centurion pub, vicars Cross) on a Tuesday evening. We had a few interested people saying Tuesday suits better and chester would be easier so thought, why not?
  22. Had our biggest turn out at the club last night with 13 people managing to come and one chap making a flying visit just to say hello. Two guys came from as far as Prestatyn because their regular group play a big game of scythe once every six weeks and they're not keen on it Quite a few games were played which included 7 Wonders, Sagrada, Suburbia, Azul, Notre Dame, the Quest for Eldorado, Metro, Troyes, Arboretum, deep sea adventure and For Sale. I was in the Troyes game and I'm glad someone was able to teach it to me! Hardest part of the evening is making
  23. I was originally impressed with what they managed to fit in ultra tiny epic kingdoms but in the end I sold it. A lot of games could shrink to the same size and still fit everything in the box and feel more fleshed out. Its another reason why I love Phil ecklund games, his boxes are tiny but have ridiculous game dept
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