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  1. £25 in Game in store, I saw today.
  2. Decay is good, but... it's about 15 minutes long (more if you get stuck I suppose, but you almost certainly won't, it's not exactly difficult). A lot of effort has obviously gone into it, but it's ludicrously bad value for the money.
  3. What's caused you to give up? The in Greede?
  4. I agree with this. There are some absolutely fantastic jungles and forests for instance, which would be perfect for housing beasties and treasure. They just look pretty in this, but it'd be epic if suddenly a bear, unicorn or Sean Bean leaped out from behind a tree.
  5. Yoshi's Story. My cousin played this way back as her first game, and loved it. Less punishing than Mario.
  6. It's multi-use, in case anyone else is planning on using it. Which they should, because 75% off Demigod is awesome. Great game, never really had much of a chance to get into playing it online though.
  7. I think if you replay a difficulty you've beaten, you keep your upgrades... don't think they carry over between difficulties. There aren't any especially difficult trophies, you don't even need to beat the hardest difficulty.
  8. @LeChuck: I see what you mean about that bit, it wasn't the most imaginative thing ever, but it's such a tiny fraction of the game that I can't say it really diminished much in terms of how I enjoyed playing it. But...
  9. It didn't even have a proper box. I should ask for a refund. I pretty much know the gift-giver must've done all sorts of things with it first.
  10. Weirdly I got given a copy of this today! Never played it before. Better be the best game ever.
  11. I wish, with this one, they'd scrapped any element of the courtroom bits. Outside of the courtroom they're just annoyances. Being in the field allowed for some absolutely ridiculous lines of testimony. If they're gonna do a spinoff, they should do it differently; make it more of a traditional point and click with puzzles, cutscenes, interactive inventory etc... Broken Sword, Monkey Island and the like can spin fantastic yarns without the need for reams and reams of text boxes, so this should be able to as well. I wouldn't want that kind of game to replace the main series, but I'd rather they either made a main series entry, or something different enough to be worth bothering with. I would begrudgingly buy another Investigations title and give it another chance, more out of duty to the series than anything else, but I really won't be sad if they decide it's a failed experiment.
  12. On the plus side, that still gives you two weeks to enter this one. *Edit* In fact, I'll change the topic title since there won't be a March one cos of the deadline.
  13. Finished this, finally. That last case outstayed its welcome by absolutely ages. My mind ended up switching off and going through the motions in the end, which for the End section of a final case, is pretty damn poor. Ending spoilers: I'm a massive fan of the other games, I love them all, but this was really quite poor. I'd happily never see another Investigations spinoff.
  14. Yup, absolutely ridiculous bit that. The worst part is There's only one other really aggravating bit in the game, in case 5, and that's down to a really lazy design choice presenting a contradiction that isn't meant to be one.
  15. Was that the bit where ? (Kept it vague in case it wasn't)
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