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  1. You can retry as many times as you like on the expert run to unlock super. I always assume I'll get 1 bar on Astrosight so I just kept retrying the others until I got three on them all. I'm captaindeclan on PS4 btw if anyone wants to add me for high score battles. It's a shame they never managed to get the stretch goal for online multiplayer. It's something I was never able to try on the older games, I think it could be excellent fun.
  2. Aww man, has nobody made a new podcast? It feels weird to do two in a row. New ep is up though. Number 25! Officially a year old. My first guest for 2016 is Adam 'Atomic' Saltsman. Adam is perhaps best known for creating the genre defining endless runner Canabalt, as well as creating the Flixel design tool and founding the game studio Finji alongside his wife Rebekah. We talk the Super Mario Bros. piano grip, playing in punk bands, how Street Fighter changed his life, the creation of Canabalt, working with Keita Takahashi and the importance of degaussing. Also discussed: Symphony of the Night
  3. Holy shit at all those original Amplitude threads. So long ago. Despite unlocking Super I'm struggling to get at most of your scores. As much as only multipliers and no breaks sounds like the perfect score attack, the lack of consistent hard resets through the song can cause some of them to get really badly out of sync meaning you're jumping all over trying to keep a combo going. Since you only get 5 or 6 misses before you fail, I've been messing up songs I can breeze through on expert. Also, most songs have that one track that is just an absolute beast, and with no power ups beside multiply y
  4. AUTOSAVE - Episode 1 About two or three episodes into the show, I decided it'd be quite fun to make shows that were compilations of smaller stories. Twenty four episodes in I've finally finished one. There's jokes and embarrassing stories and pained memories and enthusiasm and joy and a drinking game that ends with bloodshed. It's a Christmas episode. Featuring: 03:12 - Samuel Baker - the composer of the Checkpoints theme tune talks videogame music, easter eggs & developing an ear. 23:17 - Raph Perks - Do you ever have a memory pop into your head that's so excruciatingly embarrassing that
  5. WEB RSS iTunes Checkpoints #21 & #22 are now up. 21 has been up for a while and is with Richard Lemarchand who was one of the designers of Uncharted 1,2 and 3 22 was recorded live from Gamecity To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Gamecity I recorded a special edition of the show live from the festival. This is different to the usual show where I have one guest and talk about the games that shaped them. In this episode, the checkpoint is a single year, and my panel of guests talk about their life and the games they played at that exact point. Since this was the tenth anniversary o
  6. Checkpoints #20 is up! Twenty episodes! I wasn't sure I'd make it to ten. Anyway, today's guest is the amazing Chris Crawford. Chris was a visionary creator in a time when the industry was still finding it's feet and when anything seemed possible. Many of his design ideas and principles are still taught and read by new developers, and his influence can be seen through the generations. Not least of which in the annual Game Developer's Conference which Chris founded in 1987. The first GDC was in his living room. His longing for videogames to broaden their horizons and his desire for new ways
  7. Checkpoints #19 with Kieron Gillen. A few days before his 40th birthday I sat down for a meander through videogame past with Kieron Gillen. After a long and storied career in videogame journalism - from early beginnings at Amiga Power to becoming one of the founders of Rock, Paper, Shotgun via New Games Journalism - Kieron has moved on to a successful career as a comic book writer and been annoyingly great at that too. With a hugely successful run of books from Thor to Darth Vader, as well as his two creator owned books with Jamie McKelvie, Phonogram and the Wicked and the Divine, which has
  8. I was at this! I also came 'from as far away as Scotland' like the article says. Cool! I took a video of the bit everyone was waiting for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJILaF2kykE
  9. Checkpoints episode 18 is now up with guest Jason Rohrer. Web RSS iTunes When I started this show I made up a short list of dream guests, Jason was one of them, so as you can imagine this was a real thrill for me. Add in the fact that he talks in great detail about the game he's currently working on, a game which sounds incredible and one which I don't think has been featured or talked about anywhere else, and this is a truly great episode, please do share it around if you like it. If you're not familiar with Jason, just a quick glance through his wiki should make you realise how fascinati
  10. Totally. Thanks though! This is one of those things that I don't even realise I'm doing until I listen back. I will continue to try my best! I hope it doesn't ruin it like Matt Bellamy's gasping breaths after every line ruined Muse for me.
  11. Checkpoints #17 is up - Today's guest is the Scottish novelist Christopher Brookmyre. Chris's love of videogames is peppered through many of his books, but most distinctly in his recent novel Bedlam which has subsequently become it's own videogame. We talk Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy, videogames as fuel for imagination, trolling Dreamcast players, and the parallels between the Quake scene of the 90s and the Punk scene of the 70s. All fun and games until someone loses an eye. Web RSS iTunes
  12. Checkpoints #16 is now up. Today's guest is Kirsty Rigden of futurlab, makers of Velocity and Velocity 2x. We chat Pikmin, Atic Atac, Wolfenstein, why we shouldn't fear AI, building a career in games, why the WiiU is the best console ever and, after a misunderstanding of a name, inadvertently come up with one of the greatest ideas for a licensed videogame ever. Oh boy. Web RSS iTunes
  13. Checkpoints #15 - Today's guest is John Ribbins, creative director at Roll 7, creators of Not a Hero, along with the BAFTA winning Olli Olli and it's sequel. We hit Urban Chaos, Rocket League, Doom, Death Tank, Bullet Storm, California Games, and the creation and development of Olli Olli. Believe me, he knows that it's hard. RSS Web iTunes
  14. Checkpoints 14 is up. Today's guest is Cara Ellison, best known for her videogame journalism, in particular her soon to be immortalised as a book "Embed with" columns, which saw her travel the world meeting developers and checking out the local videogame scenes. She's now moved into development and is currently working on the narrative team for Dishonoured 2 and a bunch of other secret things. She's also really into Drake. Like, really. We talk DOTA, Goldeneye, Her Story and why her heart will always be with PC Zone. RSS iTunes Web
  15. Checkpoints 13 - Today's guest is Geoff Glendenning, a marketing manager whose work on the UK launch of the original Playstation shifted the popular perception of gaming. Most videogame marketing to this point would have gone direct to the demographic: kids TV and specialist magazines. Geoff put Playstations into the Ministry of Sound. Along with some controversial ad campaigns, drug paraphernalia and incredible launch titles like WipeOut, games became the new cool. We talk Populous and Elite, taking some time for raving, GTA, Total War and Kingdoms of Camelot. This episode is more powerful th
  16. Latest ep of Checkpoints is now up. Episode 12 - Meg Jayanth - Today's guest is videogame writer and creator Meg Jayanth. We have a lengthy chat about her work as the lead writer on Time Magazine's game of 2014, 80 Days before delving into all kinds of other narrative based games. We talk IFs, MUDs, MUSHs and Fanfic. We also hit on our differing approaches to play, how she can't bear to say goodbye to Commander Shepherd, making GTA your own, the peculiar ending to Sim Tower and my poor romantic performance in 80 days. Oh Passepartout.... RSS iTunes Web
  17. Cheers man! I'm not quite sure how the listener ones are going to go, I guess more like compilations? I'm doing the first few chats this weekend so I guess I'll see. If you or anyone else fancies doing it just drop me an email and we'll sort something out: checkpointspodcast@gmail.com
  18. Episode 11 - slightly late because of the E3 reasons which you'll get when you listen. It's a great ep! Today's guest is Sean Vanaman. award winning game designer, one of the founders of Campo Santo and a host of Idle Thumbs. He also wishes he was a little bit taller. He wishes he was a baller. We talk about Campo Santo's upcoming Firewatch of course, and about the development of the Walking Dead series for Telltale Games. Along the way we discuss trust, lore vs. history, Half Life, Full Throttle, Portal, Bioshock and Safari Hunt. Videogames. RSS iTunes Web
  19. I started a twitter feed for Checkpoints, if you're enjoying the show please do give us a follow: twitter.com/CheckpointsShow Next episode will be during E3 and I'm very excited to say that my guest will be Sean Vanaman from Idle Thumbs/Campo Santo.
  20. Checkpoints #10 - Our guest on today's show is the editor of Eurogamer, Oli Welsh. As has become tradition we talk about the Spectrum, we compare film criticism to game criticism and discuss his journey to Eurogamer via Draenor. Along the way we hit Wipeout, Mario Kart, Test Drive Unlimited and a beautiful piece of brotherly love. Essential. RSS iTunes Web If you're enjoying these it'd be amazing if you could share the links around or tell a pal. I'm really pleased with them but I seem to have plateaued with listeners, probably because I'm sharing links in the same places every month. So any
  21. This episode (Kirsten Kearney) has led to this article on Eurogamer today: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-05-25-beneath-assassins-creed-unitys-bugs-lurks-a-surprisingly-human-game Have a listen if you've not already, I've got a great run of guests coming up. declandineen.com/checkpoints
  22. New ep of Checkpoints - Today's guest is Jonathan Smith. Formerly of Tt games, who were responsible for the recent LEGO game renaissance, he is now co-director of the newly opened National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham. We talk Nimrod, MUD, Command & Conquer, Sleep is Death, Counter Strike, the origins of Lego Star Wars and how Space Pants made him proud. Recorded live at the National Videogame Arcade. Web iTunes RSS
  23. New episode of Checkpoints is up! Today's guest is Simon Parkin. A writer & videogame journalist who regularly contributes to Eurogamer, The New Yorker, The Guardian and a variety of other publications. He also helped design the controversial tower defence game Sweatshop, which was famously banned from the App Store. We have a meandering chat about stories, the collector's impulse, Hidetaka Miyazaki and gaming as therapy. Along the way we talk Golden Axe, Final Fantasy 7, Bloodborne & a 4am moment of clarity when he realised Goldeneye had become a problem. We've all been there. itunes
  24. Thanks man! I've not listened to Gamerstyle yet but I will remedy that now.
  25. Thanks so much! Good timing too as a new episode went up today. #7 Kirsten Kearney - a videogame journalist and former frag doll. We talk about everything. Romance, business, murder, politics, image, obsession and revolution. All focussed through the lens of some unlikely games: Rainbow Six, Xenoblade Chronicles, Fallout 3, and Assassin's Creed Unity. iTunes RSS Web Seriously, so glad you're enjoying it. If you wouldn't mind giving it a rating on iTunes or something that would be amazing. It's so hard to stand out when there's so many other great shows out there, but i really feel like t
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