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  1. I seem to have a thing for the forgotten genius. Alongside Chris Crawford and Mel Croucher we now have Eskil Sternberg. The other genius Swedish developer who didn't make Minecraft, he made Love. This is one of the best chats I've had, but since nobody seems to know about him it's not been the most popular one so far, but I would highly recommend checking it out. Dude is amazing. Like, he's still doing games but he's also decided to try and re-engineer the internet as a side project. As a side project! declandineen.com/checkpoints
  2. Checkpoints #41 is out, with guests Andrew Seklir & Tim Kinzy. They both work as editors in LA, and it was in the editing suite of Battlestar Galactica that they got into pitched high score battles on a MAME machine. One of the games they got hung up on was Nibbler, and to try and get the best scores they started looking online for strats. This is where they discovered Tim McVey and the billion dollar game, and several years later they made a documentary about the whole thing called Man vs. Snake. The doc is amazing too, and I'm not just saying that because they're on the show.
  3. That ep is up now btw, as is the latest regular episode with my guest Chris Suellentrop who was a political writer for the New York Times and Slate for years, but has focussed more and more on videogame work for the past few years. He's written for everyone and is very smart and entertaining. Good episode! declandineen.com/checkpoints
  4. Hnngggh, don't stop. All you need to do now is copy and paste that right into iTunes, add five stars and hit submit. Seriously though, that is well nice, thanks so much. There's such a glut of content everywhere it's super cool that anyone even listens, let alone gets such a kick out of it. Those are some of my favourite eps too, the one with Steven especially because I grew up in a similar area. I'd be really interested to find out the demographics that listen to the show. I'm 34 and I'm assuming the listeners will skew around the same kind of age. Hopefully some of th
  5. Christ, I'm getting sick of myself, but the latest episode is with John Davison of 1up Yours and has a special place in my heart. I'm sure I first discovered stuff like 1up Yours and GFW on this very forum so I figure there will be a bunch of folk who might be into it. He was excellent. declandineen.com/checkpoints
  6. Glad you're enjoying it man, thanks for listening. This week's guest on my show wrote code for satellites, made a game every week for a year* and created a game jam on a train and called it the Train Jam because of course! Checkpoints #38 with Adriel Wallick - declandineen.com/checkpoints *this is my favourite game from that year. It is painful and true if you've ever tried to make something - http://msminotaur.com/gameaweek/week9.html
  7. I am totally doing this btw. I'll be there next Saturday. No idea what it's going to be like but I guess I'll see what footage I get.
  8. Two new Checkpoints since I last posted. Last week was Shailesh Prabhu, who started one of the very first Indie Game studios in India, and has a super heartbreaking story about game dev. This week is Marc Flury. He was the lead programmer on Beatles Rock Band before going off to form Drool with one of the guys from the band Lighting Bolt. He lives in Seoul now so my show is pretty much international. Drool are making Thumper which looks extraordinary. declandineen.com/checkpoints
  9. Hello & welcome to Checkpoints #35 with everyone's favourite gaming dad, Jeff Green. We talk about Jeff's delinquent youth in a pinball gang, how to balance marriage and Hearthstone, bonding with his daughter in WoW, how awful it is to have to write about modems and how amazing it is to write about games. We wax lyrical about Half Life and Doom, wonder whether stories in games matter, think about the impact of podcasting and share thoughts on the latest Hearthstone expansion. This was a treat. declandineen.com/checkpoints
  10. Yass! (thanks a lot man)
  11. Ha! It has been a little divisive. To William's credit the concept of the ep was my idea, I thought it'd be a fun experiment, especially given his reputation and how we got in touch in the first place. Back to usual next week though.
  12. New Checkpoints is up. I've decided to go weekly for a little, at least for the next month or so as I've got a back log of recorded episodes. Once I start panicking about guests or I'll likely push it back to fortnightly. Anyway, I'll keep this brief so as not to spam the thread too much. Today's guest is William Pugh, co-designer of the Stanley Parable, director of Crows Crows Crows and legit child. I am going to be very interested to hear what people make of this episode. declandineen.com/checkpoints - iTunes and RSS links are all here, why not write a review!
  13. Checkpoints #33 is up with Keith Stuart, Games Editor of the Guardian. One of the recurring themes of Keith's life in games is family. From his earliest memories of he and his dad as co-conspirators in the notion that a home computer would be 'good for homework', through to his own life as a father, and how he and his son's relationship has been completely transformed by Minecraft. Family chat! The teens are gonna love it. We talk about writing videogame manuals, the magic of Phantasy Star Online, the forgotten Mario and Zelda games on the CDi, chasing the football dr
  14. I know I'm back to back promoting but with a guest this good I am morally obliged. Checkpoints #32 is with a genuine videogame legend, Mel Croucher. Now some of you, much like me originally, might be thinking who? Listen to the episode and you'll see why I'm so excited. Mel Croucher formed the very first videogame company in the UK. He was responsible for some of the first videogames ever made in the country. He used to transmit his games over the radio for fellow enthusiasts. Add in to this an extraordinary life story, an incredible wit and
  15. Checkpoints #31 came out last week but the forum wasn't up. Anyway, it's an excellent ep with Shahid Ahmad. For many people, Shahid is best known as the Playstation Indie Champion. He was part of a team that changed the landscape at Sony, and made Playstation a home for indie developers, developing the rich ecosystem we see today. But before that, Shahid had already had a rich and varied history with videogames. He's won it all, lost it all, and won it all back. His life in games is an extraordinary story. We talk about getting RSI playing Speedball, sibling rivalry in Street Figh
  16. Oh man, thanks so much! That has made my day. It's been an odd week for the show as I discovered another show with a very similar format that started a few months after mine which is obviously fine, Checkpoints is a rip off of All Back to Mine, but from the outside at least they appear to be doing better and my competitive streak kicks in when I should really just be focussing on making the best show I can. Especially since I'm only making it because it's something I'd like to listen to. Anyway, new episode! Checkpoints #30 with John Robertson. John is a
  17. Cheers man! I'd never have done it without you and ulala and my crippling competitive streak. I don't know that I'll ever be able to beat any of those scores. My goal now is to try and beat every song on super, I've got three to go, Digital Paralysis, Psychofortress and Astrosight. They can all fuck off. They're never going to release any new songs are they?
  18. Checkpoints #28 is up and it is an absolute belter of an episode. Longest one yet, but it's all gold. My guest is Steven Bailey. He is stupid clever. He has a PHD in mathematics, he's likely written some of the best videogame writing you've ever read, and now as a videogame analyst he's charting the future of the industry. From unbelievable stories of arcade nirvana in the Welsh valleys through a battle with drug addiction via writing for teletext, living in hospitals and the life altering properties of Guardian Heroes. This is one of the most insightfu
  19. I really do need to go to one of the Glesgames. I've seen folk tweeting about it but I've never made it along. Especially as I saw some guy talking about how good he was at Amplitude and I'd love to try the multiplayer.
  20. Aww man, back to back promoting again. I'm too exhausted to care this time as I've just finished the most ambitious episode of the show so far. I think it's worked out. AUTOSAVE (2) - The Global Game Jam 2016 From January 29th to January 31st 2016, thousands of teams around the world decamped to various locations, formed teams, and made videogames. I spent the weekend at the site in Glasgow Caledonian University, and this special episode of Checkpoints follows three teams on that site through the whole weekend. It also features never before heard interviews with Adam Saltsman, Richard Lemacha
  21. Finally got Break for Me over 4k. Switching back to Freq mode was key as I kept dropping multipliers because I had to make leaps of faith back and forth between the two drum tracks. Such a great game.
  22. Checkpoints #26 with Kerry Turner iTunes RSS Web Kerry makes games under the banner of The Rabbit Club, is a freelance unity developer and founded Make,Play,Code - a course designed to encourage more women to make games. We talk about videogames as places to visit, rediscovering a love of coding, solo LARPing, why snow in games is amazing, revisiting that game that you could never beat and the videogame equivalent of guitar feedback. Some of the games we talk about include - Granny's Garden, The Sims, Fable, Cities Skylines, Sweatshop, Final Fantasy, Rodland and the Secret of Monkey Island.
  23. But Break For Me is my song! I just spent about 30 minutes trying in vain to map the perfect path through but couldn't quite match it. Not yet at least. We'll all be in the 4k club soon.
  24. Good scores! I've not had a chance to play much these past few days but I saw I'd slipped a few places when I jumped on last night. I put that right. Man, there's nothing like some good competition to push you further.
  25. It's the best. I never got that same sense of flow from Guitar Hero or Rock Band, as much as I loved them. Maybe because everything is so abstracted rather than just trying to feel like playing an instrument.
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