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  1. Cheers chaps! I’m surprised (& delighted) how many people keep discovering the show despite finishing up back in April. 


    Also It shouldn’t bother me because but i feel compelled to point out I’m actually welsh/Irish and I live in Scotland. No idea why I have the accent I do. Too much TV probably. 




  2. Thanks guys! It’s a m purposeful ending as I’m not going to be able to maintain the regularity I have for the past three years,  but I may still do the odd one if the opportunity presents. 


    Next week’s episode should be fun, though I don’t know if I can beat listening to it. I never thought being interviewed would be so nerve wracking. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Fierce Poodle said:

    Come on then @declan what were your favourite episodes? I’d put the Mel Croucher one up near the top myself.


    Mel was a highlight, and similarly people like Chris Crawford, Richard Garriott, Rod Humble and Tim Schafer were all around from the jump and helped shape the medium, so their stories were amazing. Steven Bailey and Mike Cook were, to me, the best examples of what I imagined the show would be when I first started. They hit that sweet spot of the cultural and social impact that games had on their lives, and also they're both really smart and engaging. I enjoyed needing out about Tony Hawk with Erica LaHaie. Ellie Gibson made me laugh more than anyone. 


    It's going to be interesting listening back when I start running them again. Like, there was an ep with Tim Kinzy & Andrew Seklir who made a documentary about Nibbler called Man vs. Snake. Aside from the documentary, both of them work as editors and when I interviewed them they were telling me all about the show they were currently working on called Westworld, which at the time I assumed would just be a cheesy cash in. 

  4. I've actually reached out to Jeff a bunch of times but never had a response. He seems very much like a man who lives to his own schedule but I'll keep at it. Thanks for listening!

  5. We're talking proper pie in the sky dream guests here, but it's Sid Meier, Peter Molyneux, Will Wright & Shigeru Miyamoto. 


    I have no idea idea how to get in touch with any of them but you never know. I didn't think I'd ever speak to Ken and yet here we are!



  6. I haven't posted about my show here for ages but Ken Levine was on today which was very exciting so I'm keen to share. When I first started the podcast he was one of my top five guests so it was a real thrill to chat. It helps that he was super engaging and we ended up with a really interesting interview too I think. 


    You can listen here: declandineen.com/checkpoints 


  7. Ashley, though Zacney is a good shout too! Thanks for listening,hope you enjoy them, tell your friends etc.


    After Biffo all the December episodes are all people who have made some of my favourite 2016 games, Zach Gage (really bad chess) AP Thompson (Beglitched) Alex Preston (Hyper Light Drifter) and Jonathan Burroughs (Virginia)



  8. 13 hours ago, Kingpin said:

    I'm behind the times but do any of the GFW crew still podcast? Specifically Jeff Green and Shawn Elliott. I'm aware of Rebel FM and Geekbox but the magic isn't there. 


    Am also a recent convert to the computer games show - enjoy it a lot. Elmo is not what I was expecting from his forum persona over my years of lurking but I like his ballbusting approach to hosting :D


    Being somebody who first got into podcasts through the 1up shows I've had Jeff and John on my show, and am hoping to get Shawn and Robert in the New Year. 


    Jeff - http://declandineen.com/checkpoints/lfxykybyyb5h2k2phzxh9938x33f73

    John - http://declandineen.com/checkpoints/ygaxeks8rppbwnwpt87cx8ybdf6tfd


    I haven't plugged Checkpoints here in a while, but I've been on a tear of great guests recently if you haven't been listening. The latest episode with Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen has been one of the most well received episodes I've done. Mr. Biffo on Monday too!

  9. Nice one, thanks! Gonna try that later. I'm currently stuck on the boss of level 6 but I'll get through it. I kind of love that I'm stuck, because it's not because I'm confused or under levelled or don't have the right gear, I'm stuck because I'm just not good enough at the game yet. Feels good. 

  10. What is the technique you're using to fly through the corners? I'm guessing that also gives you a boost for how long you stay airborne? Is it just holding the stick up and to the left/right? That's the one mechanic I've been struggling to hit consistently.


  11. Really enjoying it so far, new mechanics seem neat and don't change the fundamentals too much. 


    The decision to have so many different levels for score attack completely baffles me though. It should just be one map, five minutes, best score wins. 


  12. I don't know, and I'm not even sure how to check, but I think breaking the top ten or hitting new and noteworthy is a big deal in the same way that a game being featured is a big deal, iTunes is still the biggest marketplace. If people tweet at me or tweet about the show, I always try and ask how they discovered it. 90% of the time it's through Overcast, the Marco Arment podcast app. Checkpoints is regularly one of the most recommended games and hobbies shows, and that has absolutely helped new people find it. Since iTunes is still the biggest podcast store, so to speak, I think being reviewed well can only help. It's partly an image thing too. The iTunes page for a podcast will generally be one of the top hits when you search for it on google, so is always nice to have more stars. 


    In my experience, I've got most of my listeners through forums like this and word of mouth, but mainly from people on the show tweeting about it. There is a gradual uptick in listeners and subscribers with every new guest exposing the show to a new audience, which is one of the benefits of doing an interview show.


    I'm genuinely not sure though. Podcast stats are incredibly wooly and unreliable in general, unless anyone here can point me in the direction of anything better than feedburner?

  13. I hate doing the back to back posting, I may actually hold off for a while since I'm sure everyone who was going to listen has listened, but Checkpoints is fifty episodes old today. I celebrated by releasing an episode with Bennett Foddy - the creator of QWOP, philosopher, professor and some time bass player in Cut Copy - and launching a Patreon.





    Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who's checked out the show. Rllmuk has been good to me. 

  14. On 6 September 2016 at 15:07, Xevious said:

    I actually listened to Declan Dineen's podcast on the way home yesterday - see http://declandineen.com/checkpoints/ - and the latest is with Steve McNeil, once of the creators of Go 8-Bit.  Some pretty interesting background in the podcast.


    Cheers for the shout out! I didn't like the stage revolving bit but otherwise thought it was pretty great. It's a tricky proposition to keep gamers happy and appeal to a broad audience and I think they did a fine job of it. Certainly seems to have gone down well.


    One of the things I found most interesting about getting clearance was how difficult it was to figure out who owns what. Especially with older games, because companies have been bought and sold and dismantled so many times, tracking who owned the copyright was a nightmare. For instance, somebody might own the rights to the character, but another company might own the rights to the code, and somebody else might own the rights to the IP. There were some instances where companies would have to tell them honestly that they think it'd be OK, but even they couldn't be sure they actually owned the rights. 


    My favourite trivia was that Steve's first comedy job was as the guy in the audience for this infamous Brendon Burns bit: 



  15. On 19 August 2016 at 12:33, Butters said:

    Just finished listening to it @declan - really enjoyed it. A really nice mix of stuff in there. Top work!


    Thanks guys! Glad you liked it. Why not leave a review and rating on iTunes?  The latest episode is well self indulgent but I really liked it. The autosave episodes are basically my love letter to a life well wasted. 

  16. Checkpoints #45 is up, and as a huge fan of Idle Thumbs it was a real thrill to welcome Chris Remo to the show. Great talk!


    We talk early obsessions with Civilization, first discovering Star Wars via the PC X-Wing games, college dorm Starcraft battles, playing through the videogame canon in a matter of months, the history of Idle Thumbs and why his love of Lucasarts adventure games have played such a pivotal role in his life.



  17. 2 hours ago, Fierce Poodle said:

    Wow, that was long (approaching 2 hours) but well worth the time investment. I could listen to him talk for ages! Deffo one of the best episodes yet.


    That was well edited as well. I think uncut it was closer to three. I try to keep them relatively short but there was so much gold here. He spends about fifteen minutes minutely breaking down the definition of what a game is, which granted doesn't exactly sound like a party, but it was legit thrilling.


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