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  1. Cheers, I'll give this one a go! Thanks all
  2. Which Tomb Raider is this?
  3. Should probably add I'm looking for something relatively linear like The Last of Us
  4. Just finished The Last of Us, and have only played FIFA so far on the PS4 (don't have much time these days!). Any recommendations for my next Third Person game?
  5. We clearly have different definitions of cheap!
  6. Cheap alternative thal looks modern and pretty? Ty
  7. Well, there was also an element of 'I have no clue what I'm meant to do', despite my love of Tycoon games etc
  8. I downloaded this a few days back and closed it as I didn't see much depth to it. Reading this thread makes it sound like I missed the point!
  9. I just bought the pink one, but I have no idea why! I don't have any other vinyl or a record player. Damn you RLLMUK!
  10. Hi there, I'm thinking of getting tattoos on my back representing each country that I visit, along with its name and the year, in flag form. However, flags are generally quite plain, so I was wondering if anyone here could come up with an interesting take on it? Also, feel free to poke holes in the general concept before I go ahead with a potentially ill-thought-out idea. GT
  11. Snooze-worthy so far, only watching it for Eminem.
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