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  1. Heading to the match this evening and to the final. Twickenham was buzzing when I headed home from work at 1. Cannot wait!
  2. If you're not already, head across the bridge to Real Ale, an amazing selection of beers in there!
  3. No way! One of England's better players yesterday and one of the most consistent all tournament, playing out of position! I assume you missed the tap tackle on North?!
  4. I cheated! It's salted pollock from the ethnic aisle in Tesco, it's close enough. Recognition from Davros? I've made it! Will have to have a go at salting it myself some time.
  5. He just wanted to try some games out. He'd been to a few other places to play games, all I remember him saying he'd played was Settlers of Catan, Khet, poker and a few others. He had some more game nights lined up, he didn't want to play Carcassonne with us as he had a game of that coming up. It was a very surreal afternoon.
  6. Ages ago, Dave Gorman tweeted about wanting to try some board games and my sister-in-law invited him round to play some games. Fast-forward to today and we spent the afternoon playing Zombies!!! (he won) and ticket to ride (he didn't win) with him.
  7. Home-made chicken, ham and leek pie, chips and mushy peas. Mmmm.
  8. One of them was my photo, which I explained the date and time is wrong on my camera, someone else also posted a similar thing.
  9. Sabes

    District 9

    Ha! We came out thinking . Great film, really enjoyed it.
  10. My sister's done some filming for this (part of the sticking to your seat thing) and Tracer's missus is involved in the live show as part of his team. I hope Derren doesn't come and erase my mind now I've leaked this hot info.
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