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  1. I've only ever seen one, and i bought it!. Can't remember if it cost me £3 or £5.
  2. Is it the see-thru one Matt?. Wouldn't mind a clear TFT to go with the Wifes PC.
  3. Went this morning and it was pretty pants. Master System II with Ayrton Sennas Monaco GP II, Spiderman, Assault City, Dead Angle, Dynamite Duke, Altered Beast, Vigilante, Sonic The Hedgehog. £3 Batman Returns MD. £1 Boxed Thomson Sky Digibox. £10 Couple of Dan Brown Paperbacks. 20p
  4. Its quite common for old laptops like that to be that sort of price . I find them a pain to get rid of unless they're at least something like a 266MMX though.
  5. Loose SNES, two pads, leads, 'Slick Stick' arcade stick and the following carts. FIFA 96 Nigel Mansells World Championship Super Mario Kart Super Wrestlemania Starwing Jurassic Park Rise Of The Robots Streetfighter II Turbo The Mask Unirally Aero The Acrobat Donkey Kong Country Rival Turf Super Bomberman 2 Warpspeed Lemmings 2 Parodius £12 Loose SNES, 2 pads, leads, Nigel Mansells World Championship, Super Tennis (boxed but rough), Stunt Race FX (boxed), Pilotwings (boxed but rough), Pugsleys Scavenger Hunt (US NTSC), cart adaptor. £6 Loose Sega Saturn model 2, two pads, leads, PGA Tour 97, Sonic Jam. £4 Xbox, leads, 1 pad. £20 That was about it really, theres another one at the same place tomorrow but the bank holiday ones are usually smaller with less traders. I'm hoping to get some goodies then as well.
  6. Someone posted this video on another (non-gaming) forum i use, thought it was pretty cool!. http://pagentsprogress.com/?p=282
  7. Black Gamecube with Zelda WW Ltd Edition and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. £15 FIFA 2004, Wave Race and Wrestlemania 8 (all Gamecube). £3 Duke Nukem, Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver, GTA, Bloody Roar 2 (all Playstation). £3 Sega Master System Control Stick. 20p Street Racer, Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Global Gladiators, Virtua Fighter 2, LHX Attack Chopper, PGA Tour Golf (all Megadrive). 50p each Non gaming stuff. 256meg PC133 laptop sodimm. £5 Speedtouch 576 wireless modem/routerboxed with leads and microfilters. £2.50p There was some other tat as well but its still in the car.
  8. MINE 3.2 P4 DFI Lanparty mobo 1gig Corsair PC4000 RAM (want 2gig for it) ASUS X800XT PE 2x 120gig SATA Samsung Spinpoints (want two big IDE drives for storage) Lian Li PC-61 KIDS Aopen EZ65 XC Cube 2.6 P4 1gig Kingston PC3200 RAM 120gig SATA Seagate Gigabyte 6600GT WIFES AMD XP2600+ Barton DFI Lanparty mobo 1gig Geil PC3200 Sapphire 9600XT 'Fireblade Edition' 120gig IDE Samsung Spinpoint Beantech BT-84B Laptop Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V2060 1.73 Centrino 512meg DDR2 (want another stick for 1gig) 60gig hdd dvdrw Download Box Shuttle SK41 AMD XP2400+ 1gig Samsung PC2100 120gig Seagate (2 big drives coming soon!) 64meg Radeon 7000 (passive cooled so quiet) Noiseblocker 80mm fan on the cooler etc MAME Box Dell Optiplex GX260SFF 1.8 P4 512meg Crucial PC2100 128meg Radeon 9200 (half height) I won't list all the half assed and half broken stuff i have here, or i'll be here all night.
  9. None of them mate, only really it bought it for the games though as i picked up a boxed snes a couple of weeks back to sell on...just wanna make up a half decent bundle.
  10. Six switch woody, 2600 Jnr and a boxed Asciiware Playstation arcade stick. £15 Chakan, Steel Talons, Streets Of Rage II, Comix Zone, Quackshot/Castle Of Illusion Disney Collection, and Pacmania for the Master System. £5 SNES with pads and leads plus Super Mario World, Streetfighter II, Mario Kart and Super Empire Strikes Back. £2.50p That was is really, was a crap day...i'm tempted to go back up there and see if the lad who wanted £40 for his NES has sold it yet!.
  11. Do they have to be frog ones?, its just i wore a hole in them and ended up with dalmation ones instead...
  12. Didnt bother to go today...got up this morning, realised i was skint (well, will be after taxing the car next week) after checking the bank and knocked it on the head. I had a few quid to go with but decided to avoid it...i would of probably seen loads of good stuff and took cash out the bank i shouldn't of.
  13. I'll be getting up in about four and a half hours time...on my only day off i get all week...why...
  14. Haven't tried it yet mate. I was late getting out of work to go and pick it up and as sods law states it had already started to rain. Gonna get it somewhere dry and leave it to dry out for a few days before i attempt to stick 240volts down it...
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