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  1. dogsout

    The Boxing Thread

    Completely outboxed and then jumps on the tiniest opportunity and puts him away. Crazy power.
  2. His passing yesterday reminded me of Stevie. Just ridiculous. I see he's made the most key passes so far this season (37, with De Bruyne in second on 36).
  3. Trent's range of passing is obscene.
  4. This has been really worth the 5 hour drive so far!
  5. I really don't get this. Keita made more recoveries than anyone (12), completed more passes than anyone (108, 94% success rate), had the most successful dribbles (3/4), and the most tackles (4/4). He was fantastic, and I came away from the game thinking he's finally ready to compete for a place in the team.
  6. My mum just finished it last night. She went straight back and started season 1 again. She also sent me a message ranting about how
  7. @dugI've got tickets for the Tottenham game. It'll be my son's first trip to Anfield. A mate of mine has friends with season tickets that travel up from Hounslow. Occasionally they can't make a game, and in I swoop. Never had any problems.
  8. dogsout


    That's Rocky II. Somebody didn't pay attention at Klopp school!
  9. It's funny seeing how salty they're getting about the pace stats. It's like me every year.
  10. I kind of can't believe it doesn't have its own thread on here. I smashed through the new season in two sittings and have started a rewatch of season 1 (which is now on Netflix as Top Boy Summerhouse, for those that haven't seen it). I was worried they would have lost the magic since it was cancelled but I actually felt it reached new heights during this season. My favourite British drama by far.
  11. Pretty sure he's got more assists than both of them since he's been here. He's just too head-down/stubborn once he's decided he's going to shoot, IMO. Also this is something Mane has done in spells during his time at the club, too. Doubt it's a big deal; I expect Klopp has already made them hug it out.
  12. Yep, and improved dramatically after it. Hopefully Adrian does the same.
  13. I'm kind of glad it happened today, actually. Hopefully he'll learn his lesson and won't dare try anything so stupid again.
  14. Same thing happened to me in a game recently - I was certain someone had booted me from behind, but when I turned around to see who had done it nobody was there. It was really sore for the first few days and I couldn't run so I thought I'd be out for ages. I was back playing again a couple of weeks later. Hopefully Alisson's injury is even less serious.
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