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  1. Scored an unexpected ticket! On my way back, surrounded by salty City fans. What a day.
  2. dogsout

    The Man Utd Thread

    I thought it was you, too. Probably the boycott since '05 stuff...
  3. Of course it won't change. He's already faced several challenges like that in his short time in the PL. Klopp complained about it after the Burnley game and the melts in the media just whipped the 'MiNd gAmEs' narrative out. Just like it was 'unlucky' last season when Pickford exploded VvD's ACL.
  4. His "injury problems" were actually just one long-term injury that was mishandled and has now been dealt with through surgery. Also, Thiago missed a chunk of the season because Richarlison tried to break his leg. It wasn't like his body couldn't stand up to the rigours of the PL or something. He just got targeted by a dirty cunt and was unlucky. See also: - Matip's season ended due to being fouled by Kane (which somehow resulted in a Spurs freekick). Not a big deal, if it didn't happen then it was just a matter of time because he's so prone to injuries unfortunately. - Gomez did his knee in England training. - Jota missed a chunk of games due to being hip-tossed (no foul again) and twisting his knee against FC Midtjylland. - VvD is the obvious one. Pickford should have been locked up for that challenge and the result was our season being chucked into the bin and a freekick to Everton. So many of our injuries were due to bad challenges and it's been infuriating having to listen to people try to explain how Klopp has 'run his team into the ground'. Not saying you're doing that, btw, @feltmonkey ... Kind of went off on a tangent there. Sorry! Shit season, glad we got out of it with something to show for it. I don't think we need a lot of work in order to challenge again next season. Need our players back, the fans back in Anfield will help massively, and maybe not being absolutely abused by referees will help. I can barely bring myself to post on here these days because of the usual shit posters with their usual shit takes, tbh. Salah is an "elite diver" apparently. Although he doesn't even average one foul awarded for every two games he plays. Last I checked there were over 300 players that had been awarded fouls more frequently than him this season. I've watched him trying to carry on playing whilst being headlocked and shit and the narrative is he's a diver. I've watched both Salah and Mane being wrestled all game, every game, and we pretty much get fuck all for it. Defenders have clearly been told don't bother trying to tackle them, they'll just go round you. Grab 'em and let the ref decide. And unfortunately the refs in this league are of a disgraceful standard.
  5. He's out of the ICU and on the mend. Thanks for all of the positive thoughts, guys. I really thought he wasn't going to pull through, to be honest.
  6. I forgot to update you @Dudley: He's off the critical list! Long road of recovery ahead but he hasn't stopped fighting and is in good spirits.
  7. I don't suppose any of you guys could tell me roughly what I should be looking to sell a PS3 Madcatz Fightstick Pro for? No idea what they're worth these days - ebay prices are all over the place. I haven't played a fighter for such a long time now; I'm totally out of the loop.
  8. Yeah, just a wired headset into the controller. So basically a bunch of us have moved over from PS4s and we're all having the same issue. All of our voices dropping in and out and sounding "robotic" if you get me? All have open NAT types. Tried DMZs, port forwarding, different headsets, etc. Edit: got everyone to change DNS to Google's and it seems to have sorted it.
  9. Picked one up the other day. Haven't had an Xbox since the 360 and loading it up for the first time felt like coming home. What's going on with the parties? The audio quality is piss-poor. Has it been like this since launch and is there any word that it's going to be fixed? Is this a problem you've all been experiencing?
  10. Only because my youngest climbs all over me and gets tangled. It's not a huge problem but I'd prefer wireless. Thanks, all!
  11. Finally picked up a Series X. I'm after a wireless headset and I'm a bit lost. Wired isn't an option due to the distance I sit from the TV and young kids that love running about between where I'm sat and the TV unit. I've always just used a cheap headset with a 3.5mm but I mainly play shooters and I'm sick of not being able to hear my opponents' footsteps clearly. Anyone care to make a recommendation? I've been looking at the Arctis 7x and Hyperx Flight. And a bunch of others but I've had enough of looking about and reading conflicting information so I'm hoping you guys can just put me out of my misery.
  12. Bit random but Paul is my cousin. He's very, very ill at the moment with covid.
  13. Forget goggles. You're sitting in the corner, facing the wall with the club safety helmet on at this point.
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