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  1. "I've got to stop now, because I've got a lump in my throat" What a guy. RIP Murray.
  2. No lag issues but the game is definitely back to being as smooth if not better than before the last patch and they've fixed most of the annoying pop in aswell. I've had the weird rumble when when you're just running around and also phantom arrow sounds? Seems like a new sound effect/bug around looting is very similar if not the same as the arrow landing near you. The guided missile is loads of fun though. I say this after only one game using it but I was firing 20+ rockets from my hidden hideaways and much fun was had by me. Didn't kill anyone with it of course. Gave a Red Night a bruised toe.
  3. Do you have Save The World? May be for that mode.
  4. Everyone getting the 7.4gb 1.36 PS4 patch? Seems large after the map update only being 2.1gb
  5. Is everything saved server side on this? (PS4) Ie. If I switch between two PS4s is it just a case of logging in to my account or would I need to sync save files/data.
  6. I'm thinking about getting a second PS4. When switching between them is it easy to sync cloud saves or better just to put saves on a USB stick? Anything else I should be aware of.
  7. I've bettered most of my records now. Think they only match or come up short against kelthink though. Will update after double checking. Hope to submit some scores for an RGA but keep forgetting.
  8. Haha, ouch. I know your pain mate. Was on for better scores a few times and went OB on 17 or 18 at Vortex.
  9. I have played a hell of a lot of World Tour on the PS3 and then this year I played a lot of World Invitational on PS3 too. Had to learn the new standard controls with this one, coming from using advanced shot on those versions but I think the classic slider bar makes it easier. Those scores are beatable, definitely. My Imperial Garden score has a double or triple bogey in that round! Same for Vortex I think. It's having the consistency to pull it all together in one round. Eventually someone will post a -30. Learning the putting is key to consistency, you need to be confident in the longer putts to account for the RNG.
  10. Finally played a few more 18 hole rounds today, I've updated the ladder. I had the worst luck with my custom clubs. The opposite of yours @smithstock , six +1 level upgrades and four +2 level upgrades of the ten. And then my bonus upgrade was only a +1 as well. So only +15 from a possible 44! If I understand it correctly. Oh well. I've only just seen the online tournaments, so will try and join in the next one.
  11. I've filled in the tournament doc, just need to get some 18 hole rounds played.
  12. Couldn't remember if this has been linked earlier. Was chatting with @smithstock about this: http://www.4gamer.net/games/272/G027216/20170831177/ Some planned DLC details including three new courses.
  13. Ah, I suppose I should have read the email instead of scrambling for the link. Thanks!
  14. I've got the email but on my phone the link just takes me to the Everybody's Golf purchase page on PSN. Have you had any luck?
  15. The course you get from ShopTo (and any PSN pre-orders) is the Green C.C. Nothing is exclusive to one store or another as far as I know.
  16. They can take all my money for DLC courses too. I've now got my code for the pre-order one and will happily pay for the other. Not sure about the tickets as that's one thing I haven't found on the course yet. But I wouldn't pay for things like that or clubs. Give me a Bloodborne costume and I'll break though. If you've seen Swanson on the course that may have been me. Begrudgingly world class golfer that he is/I am. I've not seen Chubbs yet. Is anyone using the different types of ball at all? I've stuck to standard so far but have built up a little collection of the different ones. Will add details to the spreadsheet later aswell.
  17. Cheers @smithstock for the online multiplayer details. Loving the game, I was a bit wary at the lack of the advanced swing but can't see myself missing it now having played a few hours. So if you were on the fence because of that, jump off. It does feel a bit grindy initially but that for me was partly due to playing so much of the beta on the first course. I've now opened up the first 3 and the various modes switch back between them all. I've been doing some 'challenge mode' then going to the open course to do the daily rankings and just look around for collectibles. It's glorious.
  18. I've just realised the code in the box is for That's You. So not sure where you get the code either. ShopTo usually have their codes under the account section but I can't see anything.
  19. ShopTo have delivered. Has anyone checked if the voucher code for the extra course and costumes is redeemable yet? Mine's installing.
  20. Smithstock is the new sheriff in town but I'll chip in and help where I can. Hopefully we'll get a lot of the old Clubhouse players showing up again. It's the Ryder Cup next year... I had to look it up: https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?s=&showtopic=165144&view=findpost&p=5471480. Nearly 10 years ago. That's blown my mind a little.
  21. ShopTo have taken all my money. Nothing regarding dispatch but here's hoping.
  22. I've ordered off ShopTo so have my fingers crossed. May be able to join you if they come through. Are the pre order bonuses the same physical VS digital? Can anyone recall how the character slots work against levelling up? ie. Does each new character you save have their own stats and clubs? I was wondering whether it's as well just editing the appearance of your character in slot 1.
  23. Yeah that was still checked and no luck toggling it off/on again either.
  24. Any ideas why my TV remote would stop working with the PS4? Used to be able to navigate menus, TV apps with it.
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