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  1. I don't know if it's been mentioned in here (or if this is even the place to plug it) but I've been listening to a role playing podcast called Spout Lore recently. It's based on a game called Dungeon World, which is a modified version of Apocalypse World. The basic premise is the DM has a situational overview in mind and the players assist in building the world - for instance, they might go to a new town, the DM will say "it's a little fishing hamlet - Player X, what do you notice around the place?" and then they collaboratively flesh it out. Mechanically it's pretty straightforward, most rolls are made with 2d6 plus a modifier. Under a 6 is a fail, 7-9 is a partial success and 10+ is a total success. The only thing different off the top of my head is damage die although there's probably more. It's a lot more comedically focused than Critical Role and in general there's not a lot of danger placed on the characters, it's more about role playing and you really get the sense it's just a few mates having fun. The humour can be very crass but very funny, I generally will get a lot more laughs in a 30-50 minute episode than a four hour CR marathon. They're just working their way through the fourth season now. If you want a low effort comedy podcast with tabletop elements in then I highly recommend it.
  2. Really liking the increased brutality this time round - Matt seems to really be going hard on Nat 1s - and the increased emphasis on RP even in heavy combat situations. Good way to minimise meta gaming, although there's still far too much "I fail an x check" "I'll have a go too" for my liking.
  3. Not too far in to the new campaign, episode seven:
  4. Oh and I hate all the child actors and the constant twee acoustic music playing in the background whenever they're on screen.
  5. I love TP and this book in particular but everything aside from David Tennant in this is bugging the shit out of me. It's incredibly faithful to the source material but there's a hell of a lot of filler and it just seems a bit directionless at the minute. I'm still enjoying it and the jokes that hit are brilliant but something about it feels a bit forced.
  6. West Indies are tearing Pakistan to shreds. Gayle might be able to reach this total by himself.
  7. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah, my friend is having problems too. Been happening for a few days at least. He said it might be something to do with the apple watch maybe?
  8. Matt has recently done a one shot with Stephen Colbert for comic relief and it's just as cute as you'd think (reddit link becauase I'm lazy but I'm sure the YT link is fairly straightforward to find).
  9. Killed the Witches first time. Knowing the gimmick obviously pretty much trivialises the fight but another area done! Vicar next
  10. That'll definitely happen, although hopefully I'll be able to take out the Witches solo. They will fear my new Ludwig's Holy Bae (got all the way through the new area really no bother, looted the badge, immediately fell off tower to doom).
  11. No, got him! Thanks for dealing all the damage and then facetanking. I screamed and jabbed at him with the extended axe to shave off the last sliver! I'm shaking again though! That second phase is brutal.
  12. Cool. Just at the scourge beasts, password is rllmuk.
  13. Yeah I'll head there now. Give me between three minutes and an hour. How do I set a password? First time doing co-op.
  14. @DC ooh yes please! I'll farm some stuff because he ganked me again I'm free pretty much whenever so just give me a yell.
  15. I got Blood Starved Beast down to about 1/10 health at the second try but unfortunately I'm now totally out of Pungent Blood Cocktails (and molotovs, antidotes...pretty much everything) so will need to farm a bit. I used 6 of the buggers but only managed one crit/visceral - when he's in an attack animation he moves really unpredictably at the target. He's not too bad to dodge mind, 90% of the time if you go diagonally behind him he'll miss. Think I managed to get one parry but then got a bit greedy, it's the poison that's fucking me more than anything mind. Thinking about using the bell if I don't get him next time. The PS4 has been off for half an hour and I'm already getting itchy though. Curse this game.
  16. Wow, this really is starting to click a little bit. The aggressive mindset really does help; previously I'd sit looking at massive enemies for ages and take tentative swipes at them and get bashed to pieces whereas now I'm running at them and making a nuisance around their legs. Timing rolls and dodges is super satisfying to pull off, I also don't think I really got the weapon aiming system before and now I've figured out the roll/dodge, R2 charge+aim at their bum, dodge incoming attack etc rotation...In a weird way it's sorta like an action/turn based RPG hybrid, if you fuck up you have to accept that you have to use your next "go" to heal or reposition or whatever. Cathedral Ward to Old Yarnham whilst just having a wee explore which I was pretty happy with. Moderately lost now but have managed to get my Hunter's Axe to +4 (I think) although I'm still a bit at sea with regards to upgrades. Do I want to be going for Ludwig's Holy Blade now I'm in the CW? I'll never raise 20000 Blood Echoes, I'm far too much of a chicken!
  17. First time. No big.
  18. Got him! Only started to use blood vials when I was consistently getting him below half health. Glad I killed him, I nearly chickened out and called for help! Gazza next. My parrying is miles better than last time I played so I'm sure he'll be an absolute walk in the park...
  19. So I downloaded this when it was on PS Plus about eighteen months ago, one shot Cleric Beast (remember this information), and then hit a complete wall with Gascoigne. I've never been a great player and even though it frustrated the hell out of me I didn't delete the game as I could tell it's something really special. Since then it's been sitting on my standard PS4 hard drive taking up space whilst other games come and go, taunting me, mocking me, The Game That Shall Not Be Spake Of. Even though I'm rubbish at it, obviously it's atmospheric as hell and it really fascinated me. During the interim I've been reading loads of lore and info and things about it, so despite being trapped at the start I know nearly all the story, the bosses, enemy weaknesses, builds, I know the correct way to stagger Gehrman, how to find Micolash again...and the other day, after finishing the Witcher 3 DLC on Death March and finding it really fun, I knew it was time to awaken anew and cleanse Yarnham of the foulness. My new Neo-like knowledge would grant me powers I was unaware of in my previous incarnation. It's currently Cleric Beast 7, Me 0. Fuck this game. I hate it. I love it. I'll show it though, I'm a single 31 year old male with a week off an a large bag of performance non-enhancing drugs. (N.B. The reason I'm actually struggling against CB this time, somewhat annoyingly, is the arena/camera - I'm actually finding his attacks really easy to deal with when I can see the damn things coming but he keeps trapping me in a bloody corner and then mangling to death whilst feathers blur up the screen. I'll have him though).
  20. Concussion protocols are working out well then.
  21. "That's just two players going hard at it". Erm, I think Farrell gets a rough time of it but at full speed that looked late, leading with a shoulder, and eyes off the ball. Anyone else? Obviously I missed the first half because I was working. So glad I managed to catch us getting a fucking kicking though.
  22. Didn't it come back off an Ireland player? So offside against green. I'm only listening to the commentary so forgive me if I'm talking shit
  23. Just managed my last divine beast (camel). Fuck me, I don't understand how a game so perfect could make such a massive misstep. Horribly designed zone, dungeon, and boss. I'm glad that's over with so I can never set foot in the Gerudo desert again.
  24. Only seven nil so far but Ireland are looking very ominous.
  25. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    Er, I guess confusion and psychic or dazzling gleam? Anything super effective against fighting will do you but tbh if someone wants to take a gym they'll take a gym. Defence is pretty much a joke at this point.
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