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  1. I don't know if it's just me but for the second Wembley match on the BBC in a row the colour is really weird in the sunny areas. I keep getting surprised Diaz is collecting the ball as he appears to be momentarily bathed in the glow of a minor nuclear strike whenever he gets it.
  2. I very much enjoyed the rolling during homing missile spam. I can practically hear you going "ohshitohshitohshitohshit!"
  3. First two Great Enemies down within an hour thanks to my new Zweihander "Git pancaked" build - got it up to +6 after having a couple of cracks at Margit; the trick is once things are through my summons they're on minimal health thanks to War Cry. Got the Kitty Cat first time, Margit took I think about five goes but I got him down to low health each time so I wasn't hugely worried. Running around Stormveil with a greatsword may not be the best idea; might have to switch back to Twinblade + Shield until I can open up some sites of grace. EDIT: Oh, and two of the Margit deaths were because I fell off the bridge as I'm a klutz.
  4. Right then. Ten hours in, which is about five hours further than I got with BB and about nine and a half hours further than DS3. Still haven't tackled any "proper" bosses but barring Caelid (which I might leave for a bit) I only have Castle Morne left to do south of Stormveil, which I'm attempting to put off because I'm a coward. Of the minibosses, the tactics are starting to drop into place a little bit - I had about five cracks at the Erdtree Avatar, and I forgot the immense satisfaction you get from thinking "I know how to avoid this", rolling through an attack at the last minute, and eventually whittling the boss down. That being said, I haven't settled on a build yet - I've got the Twinblade, but I'm using it with a shield unless I'm at a boss because I'm getting some joy parrying. I did pick up the Zweihander which I've got to +3; can't use it yet though as it makes me fat roll and I love my mobility. I really wish the Roundtable Hold event had kicked off so I could upgrade stuff further but I think I'm resigned to waiting to beat Margit before it happens. Do feel like I'm cheesing the bosses slightly - just using Lone Wolf Ashes to draw aggro and land some heavy attacks, normally by the time they die the boss is down at about a quarter health for me to bumble my way through. Still no spells. Do warrior-types use them at all or is that top arrow destined to be forever empty?
  5. So I've played a fair bit of BB and a little of DSIII and I picked this up yesterday; as much as I'm enjoying it there seems even less direction than in most From games! I've got a half-decent twohander, but no armour to speak of, nor any real idea where to go - I've cleared a couple of little dungeons (a werewolf guy and that Pumpkin Head one; the Sword Cat Statue kept mashing me though so may save that for later). Does anyone have a few tips for getting...I dunno, stable? Should I be aiming for the main hub, farming, looking for weapons? Obviously I feel very squishy at the moment, and keep chopping and changing my stats.
  6. Fantastic gesture from Josh Adams that.
  7. Well, definitely didn't see that coming. Is the upset on?
  8. Navidi and Faletau are having brilliant games.
  9. Listening to Jonathan Davies does periodically remind me how much everyone else must get pissed off when Austin Healy commentates. Wales look up for this. By far the best half of rugby they've had so far. Cracking match for the neutral and God help me I might be edging towards wanting a Wales win.
  10. You are of course entitled to your opinion. But even considering this is an gaming forum, I'm loathe to remember reading something I disagreed with more in the 18 years I've been here. What's next? Are you going to call Resi 4 a big pile of shit?
  11. That was brilliant. This time yesterday I'd not even watched TSS, now I've finished that and just polished off Peacemaker whilst pretty much rocking a massive grin the entire time. I don't have a lot too add that's not already been said; Cena is great at both the comedy and the more dramatic elements. I don't know if it's outright stated but it's pretty clear Chris is suffering from a lifelong case of PTSD, right? Also, for those interested, the song PM, V and Dyebeard are listening to in the van just before is also by Wig Wam - it's one of my favourite cheesy songs and was actually Norway's entry for Eurovision 2005. Anyway, by far my favourite superhero series; only The Boys and Daredevil (S1) are in the same ballpark and I enjoyed this significantly more than both.
  12. So far I have watched episode one once and the opening titles about fifty times.
  13. Anyway, apologies for the triple post but what a great pair of games today. I know Ireland are everyone's second team but for the first time in my rugby-watching career I was absolutely cheering France on today - ever since that NZ autumn international I realised that in spite of my genetic generalised hatred of French rugby they're the real deal. When they can get the quick offloads they look upstoppable, that fast rugby is still something NH teams are still struggling to adapt to and this French side have got it down to a tee. Shame for Scotland, Wales played a shitload better than the corpse of a side that trotted out last week but still weren't great. I must admit after the initial two pens went over my English defeatism went 'oh here we go again, they're going to beat us and then roll over' but I'm thankful that wasn't the case. Wales probably edged it but after the first half hour or so Scotland seemed to run out of ideas - the backs didn't have the pazzaz, and it really shows when Russell is having an off day. Interesting match tomorrow. With the U20s and the minor disarray England have, it's probably the best chance Italy have had in a good few years (since Ruckgate). I still think we'll win but close. Thoughts on the championship? I reckon France to steamroll everyone, except England will spoil it and beat them messily, then France will win on bonus points or diff or something.
  14. Ps I was wrong about Wales nicking it at 70+. By a whole 35 seconds or so.
  15. How in the world was that not Irish obstruction?! The 4 looked at the scrum half and shifted his arse into him. Dunno what the ref and TMO were on about, touch judge had that one bang on.
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