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  1. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    Yup. But if you have a Shadow Ball one then don't touch it, it's a legacy move now and still by far the best for flat dps. I The current possible charge moves are Psychic, Focus Blast and the three elemental ones (one each fire, ice and electric).
  2. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    So apparently Ice Beam Mewtwo is the best ice attacker in the game by a significant distance, at least until Mamoswine comes out. I've caught nine new ones thus far but unfortunately they're all fairly crap, I seem to attract 10atk ones like Naieve. Still, at least with Ice Beam I should be able to make Ray my bitch if and when he's back. And the wonderful thing at the moment is I'm meeting and raiding with loads of people, our little raid crew I suppose are on the dedicated side so it's quite rewarding actually helping people and passing on little tricks and tips for fighting and catching. We've actually set up a whole new chat for raids and we're consistently getting eight or nine people.
  3. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    So happy! He's the one I desperately wanted!
  4. Starbreaker

    Favourite acting performance of all time

    No, I totally agree. The other one I was going to mention was Man on Fire - mediocre movie, phenomenal lead actor.
  5. Starbreaker

    Netflix Recommendations - See OT for other thread

    I've seen a few advertisements for that. I'm a bit put off by the fact that they all say "Netflix limited screening" though - am I right in thinking they're going to pull it after a while, despite making it? Because that just seems incredibly cynical.
  6. Starbreaker

    Favourite acting performance of all time

    From a technical standpoint I think Robert De Niro in Raging Bull is hard to top. He's not my favourite actor by any stretch but it's the first film I ever watched where it almost transcended acting - there was a point where I just thought "wow...this is a real life guy who's pouring every single iota of himself into a performance". From a personal standpoint, there's a few that mean a lot to me that I'll openly admit aren't even that great. Jean Reno isn't a terrific actor but I love him in Leon because it was one of the first "grown up" films I was allowed to watch. Harrison Ford in Star Wars but Star Wars has a special place in my heart. It's all about personal context.
  7. Starbreaker

    The Good Place

    Just a reminder that season 3 starts on the 28th. I'm just rewatching the series for the first time and season one is obviously a completely different beast but it's almost like watching a completely new show. All the hints, the nods, the little mannerisms - it's just beautifully crafted. I've been really enjoying the podcast, Mark Evan Jackson is as great an interviewer as he is an actor and the love they all have for the show really shines through, not to mention all the effort that goes into the episodes - it must have been such a hard sell to the network but they're reaping the rewards massively and I couldn't be happier. The Mike Schur shows from the last 10-15 years have been some of my favourite TV. There's something new every time and he obviously pays a lot of attention to detail. When you think there was, what, 9 seasons of The Office, 7 of Parks and Rec, 5 and counting of Brooklyn 99 and now three of this, and barely a dud episode between the lot of them. Excellent stuff and for a show that seemed to have such a limited scope after six episodes it's weird to almost know that they're going to knock season three out of the park. Everything is fine.
  8. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah, it's a bit of a weird one. Apparently the electric charge move is fantastic though. Seeing as how everyone is posting them, here's my general Mewtwo team. Please excuse the "hilarious" nicknames.
  9. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    Dark types are the most reliable counter - specifically bite/crunch Tyranitar. However, if it has Focus Blast DON'T use them unless you have a surplus of people (it'll one-shot them). You'll be able to figure this out by the recommended team; if he has Focus Blast then it won't have any Tyranitar in it. In this case, try and use a decent Gengar with dual ghost moves if you have one. Gengar is a decent glass cannon for any moveset.. Shadow Ball Mewtwo give very good DPS and can also take a few hits. Bug types are good if you have a few high powered ones but tbh I don't and never bother with them. Other than that, just go with anything that's not psychic-weak and you've powered up a decent amount. Dragonite, Gardevoir or Bite/Crunch Gyarados will do you fine.
  10. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    ...okay, so the 3-man idea that my raid group had might need a rethink...
  11. Starbreaker

    Biggest discrepancy in gaming - your opinion Vs everyone

    Because I've just seen a topic about it (and I'm expecting to be roundly shouted down here), Gwent is fucking shit. You've this massive, beautiful, dense open world full of amazing possibilities and what do people choose to obsess over? A card game. Oh, and Hearthstone is also shit. And any FF card game. In fact, any card game in a videogame is shit. Except Tetra Master (I'm not a monster)
  12. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    It means on your first two raids ever you had the top 1% luck. Shinies aren't any different to the normal types but they only have a 10% chance of currently dropping from legendary raids. I've done over 30 Articuno and not had one. It's a silly thing to get annoyed about but as it's all based on RNG (and some people raid fairly frequently - I tend to do at least a couple a day, which means money on raid passes) I somewhat understand the frustration. You being there didn't diminish their chances of a shiny in the slightest but it is incredibly jammy
  13. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

  14. Just binged season one, I watched the first couple when they came out but it never grabbed me for some reason. So glad I picked it back up, it's incredible! Apologies if this has been answered about a million times, early season 2 thing that's been bothering me: I realise this is a silly thing to get annoyed about in a show containing angels and demons and angeldemons in coffee cans.
  15. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    Got a Kanga! Just the Tauros left

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