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  1. Weird match. We looked fairly poor, plenty of handling errors and bad discipline. Still, Exeter players got a grand total of 45 minutes game time (3 late subs) and got two tries which makes me smile. Don't feel sorry for Lavanini btw, he's always been a complete fucking thug.
  2. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    @Tetmon a few of my friends are going mad trying to get eggs from 10000km, do you mind if they add you as a friend?
  3. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    My shiny luck mysteriously changed - after being annoyed by Raid Hour being cancelled, I managed a shiny mewtwo on my one and only raid that happened to be on when I finished work
  4. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    I haven't got to the Whismur bit of this one yet because I, as with everyone else, can't be bothered with the friends thing. Obviously I saw of them in town earlier and when I actually need them there'll be water types taking up all the spawns.
  5. Yeah it's nonsensical but it has been the entire run to be fair. Although wouldn't
  6. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    Nope. Just happened to be in town after work and spotted it on the Discord group.
  7. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    I'll do you one better, during the raid hour the other day we had (I reckon) an average of 15 accounts for 7 raids (so 105 chances) and got 3 shinies. Obviously, one person got two of them.
  8. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah, double dragon Dialga works quite nicely for the majority of them also.
  9. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. The IV won't change so neither will the potential stats of the pokemon.
  10. Starbreaker

    Pokemon Go

    Finally had a good week. 13 shinies in an hour and a half of community day (I had to go to work) plus a shiny murkrow. Then a shiny Duskull in the wild, and after a week of rubbish hatches I just got a shiny igglybuff
  11. I don't know if it's been mentioned in here (or if this is even the place to plug it) but I've been listening to a role playing podcast called Spout Lore recently. It's based on a game called Dungeon World, which is a modified version of Apocalypse World. The basic premise is the DM has a situational overview in mind and the players assist in building the world - for instance, they might go to a new town, the DM will say "it's a little fishing hamlet - Player X, what do you notice around the place?" and then they collaboratively flesh it out. Mechanically it's pretty straightforward, most rolls are made with 2d6 plus a modifier. Under a 6 is a fail, 7-9 is a partial success and 10+ is a total success. The only thing different off the top of my head is damage die although there's probably more. It's a lot more comedically focused than Critical Role and in general there's not a lot of danger placed on the characters, it's more about role playing and you really get the sense it's just a few mates having fun. The humour can be very crass but very funny, I generally will get a lot more laughs in a 30-50 minute episode than a four hour CR marathon. They're just working their way through the fourth season now. If you want a low effort comedy podcast with tabletop elements in then I highly recommend it.
  12. Really liking the increased brutality this time round - Matt seems to really be going hard on Nat 1s - and the increased emphasis on RP even in heavy combat situations. Good way to minimise meta gaming, although there's still far too much "I fail an x check" "I'll have a go too" for my liking.
  13. Not too far in to the new campaign, episode seven:
  14. Oh and I hate all the child actors and the constant twee acoustic music playing in the background whenever they're on screen.
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