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  1. Fair enough. The man really boils my piss though, if an English pundit had made a career out of shittalking an entire rugby team based on nationality they'd never be given the time of day. I was driving home from an utterly superb showing by the Chiefs today so hearing his verbal diahorreah really took the shine off.
  2. Really? I thought it was a pretty shitty decision to make as a gay man who's so strongly flown the flag for inclusion into a "masculine" game and has suffered so much at the hands of haters. Ho ho, us gays love that sort of thing - carry on you madlads! Right result, probably a red by the letter of the law but I think the law is wrong. I look forward to seeing Jiffy throw his toys out of the pram once again, it always makes me happy. Cunt.
  3. Ref wasn't great but there were a few marginal calls that could have gone either way. France probably deserved it more though.
  4. Sarries to be relegated from the Prem, regardless of whether or not they climb up the table. Means if they retain the HK this year, they can't defend it next year.
  5. Yeah, I'd say level 11 at 35 hours is smack bang right tbh, I know I've spent longer than that at a lower level! It is quite a slow levelling up process for a western RPG to be honest, but that's one of the things I rather enjoy about it. It's not about grasping for ability points for a big hike in power, more finding the wee little gaps and tweaks in the interim.
  6. Baa Baas - Wales has been brilliant. Everything I love about rugby.
  7. Starbreaker


    Business sport. I love Arsenal but I find football as a proposition entirely fucking grim right now. Tough to divide club loyalty and personal agenda when it gets down to it, I can't sit down and enjoy football on a Saturday afternoon any more. Nice to see Phil McNulty providing impartial analysis as always. The simultaneous attempted hand wringing about "oh woe is a once great club" coupled with the obvious attempt to stick the boot in is quite interesting.
  8. Yeah, sorry for the facetious reply - doesn't come out as tongue in cheek written down. You can ignore it, but imo the complexity gives the combat it's richness. It's a right bastard to start off with, but somewhere along the way you learn to like the inventory trawling - the game tries to make you FEEL like a Witcher: You're poor, you're knackered, every enemy can shred you if you don't prep. There's something immensely satisfying about getting ready for a fight for me. It's not the same as Soulsborne - thank christ, because I'm mediocre to poor at videogames - and the actual com
  9. Wahoo! One of the best gaming choices you'll make. Note: the first time I played it, I gave up after about 4 hours. It can be pretty intimidating/confusing until you get used to it - if you need any tips or info then ask, goes without saying that it's worth sticking with. Just to get you going: 1) Use Quen. Like, a lot. Even if you use no other signs in the entire game, use Quen every time you start/think you're about to start a fight. Use Quen. Use it. 2) Take literally everything that's not nailed down from the poor, downtrodden villagers. M
  10. One tiny flaw I've noticed recently, a lot more obvious on Death March - I HATE the forced fist fights in this game. You end up in the invisible barriers whilst the camera goes mad and if you're not dodging perfectly for the five minutes or so it takes to grind an opponent down you're toast. So frustrating when you compare it to the rest of the combat.
  11. I managed to snatch about two hours of gaming time last night, and proceeded to waste it completely playing some random Oxenfurt merchant at Gwent. I've become everything I've ever hated.
  12. After two playthroughs of avoiding it entirely I'm finally doing Gwent and am mildly to moderately addicted. On this playthrough I also started on Death March for the trophy. Not a winning combination, poor level 6 Geraldt is having to cheese his way through level 30+ areas just so I can get a Cow card. Worth it!
  13. Me too! As an England fan the amount I want Wales to win this is completely alien.
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