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  1. Monster Hunter: World

    Do the regular monsters get harder after you finish the main quest? I was just doing an expedition and decided to kill a Barroth, he wiped the floor with me.
  2. Monster Hunter: World

    The Zorah Magdaros missions are terrible. What were they thinking?
  3. Monster Hunter: World

    Now I've picked this up and settled on a weapon (guns because I'm a coward) I'm really enjoying it. Played with a mate for an hour or so and it was quite the ego boost considering he's two levels above me - he was in the armour I had on yesterday before I got a significant upgrade and didn't know how to trap stuff. We took down a Rathion or whatever they're called fairly easily; it really is much better playing with people. Just to drive that home I did my first arena and it was hugely frustrating, I wasn't close to getting knocked out but kept getting stunlocked with poison. I had about three shots every 30 seconds or so; it took me a good 20 minutes.
  4. Monster Hunter: World

    Can anyone send me an invite for the PS4 squad? Username is PiercedFootSpike.
  5. Monster Hunter: World

    Managed to get into the flow of this a bit more. Is there a PS4 squad around? I'm off all week and having no friends is reaaaaaally going to pay dividends in terms of hunter rank this week.
  6. General chatter - discuss anything here

    No, I put that in. That's an equals sign, but I wasn't sure what my PB was (obviously 2).
  7. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Ah, okay. Would have made more sense if the proficiency bonus was written down somewhere.
  8. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Fuck it, I don't know.
  9. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Well, see that's where I'm confused. They're both definitely +5 but he's actually written the damage down - 1d6+3 for the sword, 1d4+3 for the knife. So it looks like they're +3 weapons right? Wait, hang on, is the +3 from my dexterity modifier?
  10. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Thanks guys! Very dumb question: On my premade rogue, my two weapons are shortsword and knife, both of which I have proficiency in. They're both called (name) + 5, is this a modifier or is it just the item name? And because I keep forgetting, do I add proficiency to attack roll or damage? Do I add a dex modifier too or just the proficiency bonus?
  11. Monster Hunter: World

    They kept cooking me fish when I ordered meat. The first time I ordered fish, I got chicken.
  12. Monster Hunter: World

    You're probably right. I'm off the back of playing Zelda and Mario so there's a chance I'm expecting a bit much. Yeah, I don't mind the moveset, feel like I can read him OK. It just felt a bit cheap - especially because the other death which was at least somewhat legit was him bashing me into a corner, getting blocked in and then having nowhere to go. It's annoying because I can tell there's a really really good game in here, but coupled with the tediousness of the inventory system I'm not sure I can be fucked to chisel it out.
  13. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Played my first game of D&D tonight! I had a pretty good idea of the general rules thanks to Critical Role/Hexx, and after a bit of initial trepidation I got into the RP quite well I think. They were a week into a little adventure so I was given a premade rogue who I decided to play neutral/chaotic neutral(mercenary background), suited me down to the ground as I had a decent grip on the mechanics. I managed to fish out a decent amount of information from the DM whilst staying in character which helped us and generally had a really good time. Some highlights: - they'd come across a door they couldn't open the week before so first order of business was seeing if the new mercenary who'd turned up would have better luck. I rolled a Nat. 20 on MY FIRST ROLL EVER... and was greeted by "despite your expertise, this lock is unlike anything you've ever seen. You cannot open it". - messing with the goody goodies - there was a human fighter who's alignment was Neutral Good but she was playing like a Paladin, constantly banging on about honour and valour and stuff. We came across two sleeping Goblins and after I took one out with a bow, tied the other up. The goody goodies promised to release him after he spilled his info but I, in character, said I didn't want an enemy at our backs and he was little more than an animal. They went on about honour a bit more and then spent five minutes dithering about what more questions to ask him. I slit his throat. This was shortly after the wizard (who was similarly getting bored) had missed him with glacial blast from point blank range, getting advantage and rolling a pair of twos. - Managing to a) trip a gas trap after rolling a 4 and taking 3 points of base constitution damage. Then b) failing to disarm said gas trap (rolled a 2) and taking another 3 points of constitution damage. On the plus side, it gassed all six rats who were waiting for us down the corridor. - Quite proud of myself for this one so forgive my self indulgence. The other rogue and I could hear a pack of Goblins on the other side of a low wall. He gave me a flask of oil to throw and prepped a fire arrow. Oil hit, arrow didn't. Cue six confused and oily Goblins attempting to zerg rush us. About ten minutes prior, my deft roguey hands had finagled an undying candle of some sort from a tomb, which I currently had tied to my back as a light source. I lobbed it at them. Cue the DM going into graphic detail of the poor things going up in flames and screaming. Definitely going back next week!
  14. Monster Hunter: World

    This is frustrating me a bit. I'm probably being picky but my hunter seems to have the turning circle of a large boat and the camera doesn't help. I've just tried the Anjarath fight and died. I get that it's supposed to be tough, but unlike BB or Dark Souls it's not a valuable learning experience. Two of my faints were in the realm of "complete fucking bullshit" - once he clipped about thirty metres through a tunnel and splatted me, the other he one shot me from full health from absolutely miles away with fire breath through a ginormous tree. Can't even use an SOS flare because the servers work, at best, 50% of the time.
  15. Monster Hunter: World

    I'm only about six hours in, am I doing something wrong with the auto lockon? It's piss poor. I'd like to be able to plan what I'm doing instead of making minute camera adjustments every half second and have my guy waft at thin air.

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