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  1. I know it's a thought experiment but those titles caught in licensing hell like Simpsons still make no sense here as you wouldn't be allowed to play them - mini console or not.
  2. So is the Lennon/McCartney songwriting credit just something automated contract-wise? - Lennon seemingly just being there in the later years? Not being smart here, could be I'm just reading the situation wrong as I'm by no means a Beatles expert.
  3. Sly has been heavily DNR'ed, I see.
  4. It's not on Amazon Prime in my country. I don't see it in iTunes Movies either. I know it's available in 4K DV.
  5. So where is the new Stallone cut of IV even available to stream? One of my fave 80's movies.
  6. There's a "Versions" sub-menu in there for a reason... Just saying.
  7. Checking out IW and Endgame there’s a clear uptick in depth and detail - immersion. Definitely more than just the AR shift. Both look superb.
  8. I remember being mightily impressed by the IMAX scenes on the TDK 1080P blu-ray release.
  9. With upcoming Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and Thor movies I have a feeling they'll be back on track.
  10. Thanks for elaborating on that game - so no REmake beater then?
  11. Anyone played Tormented Souls? Watching the video below only thing that worries me is the seemingly limited number of enemy types. Probably due to budgetary constraints. But looks great and could scratch that classic survival horror itch?
  12. Good point - can easily imagine that now I think about it (never tried).
  13. Battery life on the Quest 2 not that great.
  14. Watching Bawkbasoup doing RE4 VR right now. Looks great fun. https://www.twitch.tv/bawkbasoup
  15. Understandably so. Some reviews are out. Blu-Ray loves it: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Inglourious-Basterds-4K-Blu-ray/277854/#Review Digital Bits less so: https://thedigitalbits.com/item/inglourious-basterds-universal-2021-uhd
  16. Again - copied from the fantastic action figures thread. The sculpt is bloody amazing.
  17. Warner top brass is going to totally dilute that hbo quality over quantity formula in their desperate hunt to emulate disney? So much needless dross here.
  18. A shame that Universal did not want to spend on a proper 4K re-scan.
  19. I was alluding to the Rift Apart SSD moments and not critiquing the look.
  20. So this was rendered realtime on a PS5? Great episode - can't wait for the conclusion.
  21. If you know Bosman, you'll want to watch. If you don't know Bosman, you'll want to watch.
  22. Latest The Back Page podcast discusses Deathloop and the history of immersive sims with guest Jeremy Peel. https://podbay.fm/p/the-back-page-a-video-games-podcast/e/1631854800
  23. CPT Japan 2 top-16 starting soon. https://www.twitch.tv/capcomfighters
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