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  1. Yeah if so they should at least have released the first 3 at once. Less risk of losing a lot of viewers perhaps.
  2. Someone in the comments section of that article mentions that: "Paul Bettany has said the 9 episodes need to be looked at in chunks of 3. So 1st 3 episodes are the 1st act, middle 3 are the 2 act and the final 3 are the final act" So we'll probably say aaahhh at the end of next episode.
  3. I thought the rewind and Wanda's reaction before that was a big clue? Unless you're not sure of her powers of course. I think it's based on the comic House of M but I've been intentionally avoiding reading up on that.
  4. I'm OK with this setup if it switches back to reality next episode. And all the coming episodes being more like 1 hour.
  5. https://www.techpowerup.com/277265/cd-projekt-red-co-founder-publicly-apologizes-for-console-launch-announces-support-roadmap
  6. I was slightly underwhelmed by season 2. I remember season 1 being better paced and written but haven't seen that since it launched so it may just be a case of raised expectations. First episode felt grand with the big setpiece (the change in aspect ratio was interesting - was it filmed in iMax I wonder?) and was a great start to the season. After that I feel the writing and tension took a downhill slope with some filler episodes (we need to go to this place to get this thing so that we can get on with the main objective). Side quests. Season 1 had this too but I remember them bein
  7. How is this game running on PC now? I think it had a lot of issues at launch - have most of them been ironed out by now?
  8. I’d start with Resident Evil HD Remaster. Ditch the tank controls and put it in widescreen. The lighting and atmosphere is unreal. Next play RE4 - the best action survival horror ever. It just never lets up and stops giving. Controls takes a bit getting used to. It’s a long game hence I’d recommend starting with the shorter more focused REmake.
  9. Nvidia kicking themselves in the teeth and then coming to their senses. Just slightly weird really.
  10. I can only get the ships from China option - Russia and Spain is grayed out. Sold out I guess?
  11. So once again the retail pricing for the AIB's will shoot through the roof - bye, bye MSRP.
  12. Isn't the Ampere architecture generally better for this none gaming stuff - like rendering etc.?
  13. https://wccftech.com/powercolor-radeon-rx-6800-xt-red-devil-overclocked-2-65-ghz-on-air/ Looks pretty sweet does the Powercolor Red Devil 6800XT.
  14. Yes, yes - this is not something NEXT-GEN (or is it THIS?). Bloody lovely as always none-the-less.
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