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  1. It is pretty terrible but one thing I like is how they go all in on the flashy colured suits. Not like those black X-Men getups of yore. Especially for such a large group of people.
  2. Speaking of Daigo - last match of this CPT season.
  3. Could it be that the message in THAT song is some sort of decoy?
  4. Makes sense somehow as the last 3 will be 2.39:1 aspect ratio.
  5. Herb Trimpe Hulk encounters (and fights) all kinds of men and monsters. Wolverine, Doc. Samson, Absorption Man, Swamp Thing, Wendigo, Groot etc. etc.
  6. At least it was not a big fat d...
  7. It blows my mind how many subtle references and clues are in this show.
  8. Can we have The White Room next please?
  9. Mikami recounting his career from early days and forward.
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