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  1. krenzler

    The Witness

    Only bonus in the game that comes from the realization? Or are there more?
  2. krenzler

    The Witness

    And am I right in remembering..
  3. krenzler

    The Witness

    Could be that he have seen it and don't think that much about it when I mention a big eureka moment. Will mention the river panel and see what he says. Thanks.
  4. krenzler

    The Witness

    A colleague of mine is playing this now. I've hinted that there is a surprise coming up when you think you've finished it (without spoiling anything). Now he's at a point where he's got the endgame reward and have gotten to the point where he can fly around the island. But he still doesn't know what I'm talking about and haven't gotten the eureka moment. Do you need to 100% all the puzzles before the game shows you what you can do? And am I right in remembering that if you know this thing you can just do it from the start of the game at 0% completion?
  5. I hope all these Deviators are talented people from classic titles of the past.
  6. Salt & Sacrifice did look very nice though.
  7. So we're not past this juvenile grimdark power fantasy yet?
  8. Nice to see some beautiful cinematography in a Marvel production. Thought it was outstanding and can't wait to see where they take it.
  9. Big bump.. Have anyone tried Surfshark on their LG WebOS TV for US Netflix? Been eyeing that option but have no experience with VPN services. Surfshark because it's relatively cheap, supposedly has good support, works with WebOS and seems to not lose too much speed?
  10. Just a silly question. How do you see how much space a game takes up before install? I may be blind but that info doesn’t seem to present itself readily?
  11. Another week - another episode. Will have to stick it here since it does not have its own thread.
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