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  1. So once again the retail pricing for the AIB's will shoot through the roof - bye, bye MSRP.
  2. Isn't the Ampere architecture generally better for this none gaming stuff - like rendering etc.?
  3. https://wccftech.com/powercolor-radeon-rx-6800-xt-red-devil-overclocked-2-65-ghz-on-air/ Looks pretty sweet does the Powercolor Red Devil 6800XT.
  4. Yes, yes - this is not something NEXT-GEN (or is it THIS?). Bloody lovely as always none-the-less.
  5. So AMD SAM doesn't appear to NEED PCIE-4 so when NVIDIA rolls out their alternative it'd be nice to see AMD opening that feature up for more boards other than 550/570.
  6. Nice to the point teardowns of both machines. Touches on potential problem areas.
  7. The State of Play trailer goes up to 4K60 in the options. May not have done initially (?) but does now.
  8. I love how the texture on the white on both console and controller is actually very small X's, O's, squares and triangles dotted randomly.
  9. It is one good looking compact little card that 3070 FE. If only you could buy it. Exciting times ahead.
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