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  1. You were well quick through the middle sector, after you’d passed @Freeman In the green Porsche behind me (who I just couldn’t shake off) you were definitely a “Oh Lawd he Comin’” in the mirror in that massive Mazda. I managed to hold you off a bit by accidentally parking on the outer kerb after the last turn and ruining your straight. Didn’t you also overtake the 3 of us when someone else joined from the pit exit? What a move I got an amazing start, up through the middle of pimp and @Varnsen but lost it all immediately when I managed to get skewed by a kerb into my Corvette teammate (batmobile) exiting the Senna esses, followed by doing the same into the wall on the next turn, which I guess was cold tyres. First to 13th in 1 sector Never really felt like I got my head together after that but still enjoyed it immensely. Loved being in the really close train of... must’ve been 8 cars at one point. I had some space at the end so tried to go for fastest lap. Got within a tenth, was close but then found I'd fuelled myself 2 laps short so lost 2 flying laps coming in AGAIN. Esp annoying as I'd come in for a late tyre stop because I'd timed that wrong as well - and didn't take on any fuel. I need to work on a) strats and b) remembering about cold tyres at the start.
  2. Ah yes you're right, Atenza was the one. I gave up on the vette and joined the Atenza brigade in the end.
  3. P.S. I really like the Gr3 Corvette to drive but it never seems to be up there with the quickest. Gr3 RC F too, though that can be fairly competitive at a lot of circuits.
  4. Or just the same car you've already got 4 copies of. You can't sell them for money either.
  5. Sometimes you have to quit out of what you’re doing for it to trigger
  6. The GT-R is good everywhere because of its straight line speed, good for overtakes on the main straight at Interlagos. To me it's harder to drive than the R8 though. It's hard to beat the RSR
  7. Ooh fastest in a non-standard car choice in both B & C, I'll take that (Though I'm sure someone else would have claimed that but moved to the RCZ/GT-R and went even faster)
  8. morcs

    Formula One - 2020

    They’re infra red cameras pointing at the tyres
  9. Sector 1 of Spa Circuit Experience would be a good place to practice as well I think, bus stop and la source are places you can either gain a lot of time, or pirouette. It's in the 911 RSR too which is oversteery but in the good predictable way I love just repping a small section like that when practicing, esp when it gives you a leaderboard.
  10. Yeah you don't need clutch With practice you'll get better at knowing when to lift. You always hope you can just keep the throttle nailed and counter-steer, but often you have to lift at least a bit to get the back-end into line. Ultimately it's about not increasing the throttle until your steering angle is adequately reduced, but it's easier said than done, and when you do over-do it you just have to accept it and lift and lose a bit of time, as the alternative option is spinning
  11. Have you tried a good long session with TC off? I think if you keep TC on you won't learn to love the oversteer Gotta take the stabilisers off! What about cars that oversteer on the brakes? The Gr4 Cayman is like that, it's loose on the brakes then quite planted/a little understeery on the throttle, which is quite fun for sending it into corners and booting it out.
  12. morcs

    Formula One - 2020

    People I know keep taking the mickey out of how Chandhok walks, and I always forget to look at it.
  13. Sadly Race B seems to be a Gr4 RCZ fest again, despite the new BoP. Race C is where the TT is at
  14. I just don’t think better pedals will help that much, you still can’t feel when the wheels are locking like you would in a real car, you have to rely on sound and wheel feedback which you just can’t react fast enough to. Yeah a stiffer brake pedal might feel more realistic but I think once you’re used to a sponge one you’ll be just as fast?
  15. No brake pedal really has feel that I know of (i.e. force feedback), you get used to it
  16. morcs

    Formula One - 2020

    I think it depends whether you already have a TV package you can add on to. I just pay for NowTV.
  17. Amazing (He had traffic and less sticky tyres ) Really impressed at how close they sound/look together!
  18. I'm always surprised how diddy LMP (Gr1) are compared to GTs. I think your brain just sort of assumes they're about the same or bigger. I definitely prefer Gr3/2 because it feels like you're always driving either side of the limit, sometimes a bit over it, which is super exciting. Whereas in Gr1 you're just trying to always stay within the limit because they're too snappy if you go too far.
  19. Absolutely in love with Gr2 after that. The furious engine & gearbox sound and tyres screaming for mercy in the onboard lap at 1:24:40 I think that must've been a 1:29 attempt as I made two mistakes through pushing too hard
  20. Yeah so often I've been on full lock trying to 3 point turn and changed gears the wrong way because the paddles are 180 degrees around Sometimes I just bring the car to a stop and hope the game resets me. When it doesn't you look really stupid I swear I'm worse than everyone else at recovering. If there's argy bargy at the start I always end up 10 seconds off the back of the race, even though others got punted too.
  21. Recovering from a full spin/grass/gravel is horrendous on wheel too.
  22. I had a quick go but got really confused, having done it the other way around recently
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