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  1. I do like those curved vanes under the sidepod though.
  2. They do use an odd selection of music. A lot of episodes use parts of the Black Hawk Down soundtrack. At least it works well though, Clarkson's videos use some of the most awful music ever made. There's one piece of joust trumpet music that I can still remember now because it's so bad and was repeated so often.
  3. Weird I had a dream last night that I was Jeremy Clarkson presenting Top Gear. Citroen had remade the CX but I couldn't drive it without spinning and crashing, even at low speeds. It had a nice cream leather interior though.
  4. I'm sure Clarkson said 0-60 in 2.7 seconds for the Ascari (which is faster than the GT3 version would do it). I think they Veyron is about the same, but like you say about half a tonne heavier.
  5. The Ascari. You see them at FIA GT races in the GT3 class, after seeing the GT1 and GT2s they seem slow, obviously against road cars they're awesome!
  6. Yeah for some reason I found that bit quite funny, wiping the tears away from his enormous rubbery face
  7. Yeah I like these motor racing things they've been doing, especially as they can't stage them. It looked for a while like there was going to be a typical Top Gear fake close finish between them and the other diesel team, but the other team dropped out. How exciting would it be to do that 24 hour race though! Hammond hitting the Mosler was an emotional scene.
  8. Alonso has undeniably acted like a cock though hasn't he? Holding up Hamilton in the pit lane etc. Whereas Schumacher you could give the benefit of the doubt. Or have I been swung by conjecture?
  9. Yeah it definitely came across how awesomely quick it felt. It sounded like they had him changing up quite early so he wouldn't be getting anything like the full power, which is probably sensible! Even on Formula Ford track days they restrict the revs.
  10. I can't be the only person who was pleased when Murray Walker retired? He had no idea what was going on! Brundle FTW
  11. I'm definitely with you on the not sure if the wii knows what I'm dong thing. I can usually get lobs, but the awesomely satisfying sweeping leg punch in boxing eludes me, it just happens sometimes.
  12. Lob is move controller from low to high position as you hit. Spin is added by twisting your wrist as you hit the ball, which is a bit counter-intuitive. I think it should lob if you go low-high with the buttons facing up, and top-spin if you go low-high with the buttons facing the tele. You choose where the ball goes by timing your hit, hit early to send the ball back along the path it's coming at you from, and late to reflect it the other way, which is kind of intuitive, if a bit of a simplification. It does feel natural to a point. EDIT: mad side spin I think is just a side-effect of slicing the ball, which you do by contorting your wrist clockwise as you look at it (thinking from a right-handed forearm point of view).
  13. I do sometimes wonder what the controller can actually do, and whether I`m just being conned into thinking I`ve got more control than I have. It might just be that they`re not writing the software to use it properly yet but why do I have to press a button down to do a horizontal slash in zelda, shouldn`t I just wave horizontally instead of vertically? Also why can t I do hook shots in boxing with any consistency? The games that work best seem to be the ones that just work out when you move the controller\how fast you move it.
  14. There is some recompense in the fact that Cole is voiced by Terry Tate, as in the bloke in the Reebok Office Linebacker ads. (The pain train's coming etc.)
  15. There is a comic relief character in Carmine, I think hes listed as "most likely to get shot" or something in the manual.
  16. Still finishing off single player on Insane. It might just be me but I think it's now (since the patch) easier to dispose of wretches with one un-aimed shotgun blast, which is nice. Anyone else noticed if you take cover then repeatedly press the crouch stick, you can do grunting gorilla impressions?
  17. morcs


    When i try to remember what this is called my brain says "United Nations", why!?
  18. morcs


    Amusingly, if you had one of those stupid "turbo" button megadrive pads, you could fly across the top of the level avoiding all the badness (after jumping you could fly by bashing the jump button real fast). How on earth did they get away with saying pads had "slow-motion" buttons, when the button actually just pressed Start continuously. Rubbish.
  19. morcs


    Is it worth having a "post your favourite secret area" thread? Can I have the one above the ghost house in Donut Plains in Mario World? For no known reason we knew it as "The Toxic Dump". It was the place to go to stock up on everything.
  20. Yeah otherwise it would be luminesce?
  21. morcs


    I spent years searching for a Spectrum version, made me gutted I didn't have an Amstrad CPC.
  22. Best racing I've ever had is on Live for Speed's Blackwood GP Circuit
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