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  1. It's weird watching the brief highlights on the ITV F1 site. I remember when it was really wet seeing the McLaren crew come out, and thinking I really hope they put intermediates on because there was clear sky coming from where I could see. I had no idea Barichello was going so much faster at that time.
  2. I'll have a play, if I get it from LoveFilm in time. I'm on 360 though.
  3. Quali's not till 1-ish though? I guess they run other things on the Saturday?
  4. Brundle is so good though that I'd think of him as the commentator, just an incredibly knowledgable one!
  5. Yeah one sync thing isn't a biggie. I also like running over market stalls and smashing all their pots. For some reason that's a big thumbs up for me. It was the same in Wind Waker, I could spend ages making little scampy Link run around on people's tables smashing their precious vases and pots
  6. Ah cool. So beggars and pushing men don't count as innocents? That's my evening sorted! Choppy choppy!
  7. What'll happen if I ignore all the viewpoints and save citizens except the ones I need to do to progress? Also am I OK to mash up some fools whenever I feel like it, or will I be punished later for not following the creed? I'm quite happy to just run around the cities marvelling at the ambience, whilst slapping some bads at my leisure. If I must skulk around saving idiots and climbing identical towers I'll send it back to Lovefilm.
  8. Qualifying should be pretty exciting then, like last year when Hamilton got pole right at the last minute with an amazing lap. Silverstone feels much bigger than Donnington in terms of the grounds and number of stands etc. I can't imagine Donnington taking on the huge capacity of spectators that F1 brings.
  9. Yeah they've been doing this at Stab City in Birmingham for a while.
  10. I always enjoy sideways bob's long posts in here I always feel like I have to read them really fast for some reason. Hamilton was by far the fastest in the testing that I went to see last Thursday at Silverstone, which looks promising for McLaren, as Hekki had been fastest in the previous days. Kimi was nearly a second slower despite doing around the same number of laps. There was a marked difference seeing them drive though. Kimi drove like he was in a Scalextric groove, time after time with very little deviation. Hamilton looked like he had the car on the limit nearly all the time, locking up inside wheels on entry and carrying a small degree of oversteer through all the corners which was very impressive to watch. It was the first time I've seen F1 cars in the flesh and you can really see what the cars are doing, and consequently the different driving style, much better. Really looking forward to Sunday, we've got seats on T1!
  11. Ah yeah that's a whole different kettle o' fish! Tim Follin did it I think? Edit: Yep
  12. I dug up a YouTube video the other day and the level 3 music brought back instant feelings of fury and frustration!
  13. Nice! You'd think they'd give him an Enzo though! A bit more subtle than that ridiculous motorbike he's got anyway.
  14. Is it a special edition named after Kimi, like the Tommi Makkinen edition Lancer?
  15. Hey we don't pay for it, it can take as long as it likes! Highlight so far is Uzi's Civspeak at 50:30
  16. , out of interest? I and only got before I sold the game. In pretty much the same way as . Both are almost the same just with .
  17. It's taking about an hour and a half to download through iTunes for me 27 minutes remaining!
  18. Ghouls and Ghosts. You were supposed to play through the entire ridiculously hard game without a save mechanism, then get told you have to play through all over again because you don't have a powerful enough weapon to kill the boss.
  19. That is odd, it looks like the left rear is actually running positive camber. It might be just tyre deformation though, as the grooves look vertical relative to the car.
  20. My mates were taking the mick out of me and my suncream, now they're lobstered up to the max Every time I go to Silvertsone people get burned, even when it's overcast, so I came prepared!
  21. Ah bugger I hadn't noticed, formula one thread got that, now sandwiched by Gamerdork. I just asked him how he found it, apparently through iTunes, either by searching for games stuff or it was a highlighted podcast!
  22. Quick camera phone vid of Hamilton
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