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  1. Ah I guess it was pretty stupid of me to assume they didn't provide some sort of clamping mechanism! I treated myself to a Logitech G25 for my PC last year, it really is excellent. 6 speed H gated/sequential shifter, weighted pedals with clutch, 900 degrees rotation! I hide it when I bring girls round
  2. I swear I posted a link to an ITV F1 article here (about how some drivers are better than others in the wet). Maybe that's what caused JohnC's problem and the post got deleted?
  3. Ah I must admit I haven't had a proper look at one, just used a mate's where it had a big knee-top base. I guess you can take that off and bolt it to a desk instead?
  4. Is there a better wheel for 360 than the official one you put on your lap? If not I can't see this working, sims don't really work on joypads (unless you're reaally keen on practice!) and I found that wheel doesn't really compare with one bolted to a desk in front of your PC!
  5. Yeah, the Wii itself! The Wii knows what it's putting out, so it just needs to subtract that from what is coming in (with some adjustments to allow for the distance of the speakers). You can mimic this by getting two speakers playing from the same source and wiring one up the wrong way round. If you make them face each other the sound gets cancelled out.
  6. Ah sorry I came here just before Top Gear and assumed nothing was going on. Are you keeping that itenerary for next week?
  7. Quite looking forward to playing this, it arrived this morning but I'm otherwise engaged this evening.
  8. Do they let you turn off TC and ASC seperately? Standard TC I think would be OK on a pad as it's difficult to moderate a trigger, but I don't want ASC doing all the work for me.
  9. I think it would depend on whether the computer was given detailed information about the track, or was forced to assess it using the equivalent of eyes and the feedback of actually driving around it. I think at the moment, in the latter case the computer would take many many more laps before it would be able to compete with and eventually beat a human driver.
  10. Cool will have a read of that when I get time. -- Hamilton has 'different mindset' - Kubica
  11. Did we have 4? Thought it was just 3, which we got alongside Assault Suits (Sweet) Leynos and DJ Boy from David Chan at his Chinese take-away. I think there was a furious timdp outburst when trying to complete Thunderforce 3. He didn't like being given the sage Farley advice of "run away, run awaay" I'm pretty sure the outburst occured during the boss of the first level you get to which isn't one of the initial selectable levels. Tim will no doubt cite this post as another example of "morco memory" Edit: 07:30 in this
  12. Ah yeah I agree. They're trying to introduce environmental concerns though aren't they (e.g. regenerating energy from braking)? Should be interesting to see what F1 brains and money can do when applied to that. Wouldn't be surprised though if that makes the cars even more ugly and Homer Simpson car-like though.
  13. Do you mean you'd rather have traction control allowed? I think no traction control is great! I have always wondered what an F1 car would look like if there were absolutely no limits (apart form obviously having to stay within the confines of the track). Would they look anything like they do now? Or would it be something like an enormous engine on loads of wheels with a giant fan for ground effect?
  14. Used to play Thunderforce 3 with timdp. Amazing wavy fire background! I tried it more recently, but because I couldn't remember the all weapons cheat I gave up due to massive difficulty. Did Aero Blasters/Air Busters have any sort of following? I guess it was a bit easy for most. I used to like the music on that.
  15. Can you pit though? Sorry I've only played the demo. LoveFilm say they've dispatched it so should get it tomorrow
  16. Gamertag "morco", someone had morcs
  17. Sorry yeah I did see you mention it, and should've piped up in support! It's always annoyed me that. I don't like the "lift me up lift me up" Moby rubbish they use either.
  18. Ah I always knew it as "The Formula One Theme" by Fleetwood Mac I'll vote for that too, much better than Three Blind Mice as used by ITV.
  19. What's "THE CHAIN"? Also not sure why people have a problem with Blundell, he doesn't have a major role and seems like a good choice for the part he plays.
  20. Hang on I just realised it's in the Top Gear slot! Can we do 9pm-10pm? That way we should all be pumped up with car lust! I should state that my attendance is based on LoveFilm having a copy available tomorrow. I also won't have had much practice, so may have to fall into the fun/timewaster category for the first session!
  21. Fine by me, and I seem to be the only confirmed 360 player!
  22. Sweet I'd never thought of this! Another consequence of the fixed rear axle.
  23. Fry them in butter, then take them out and reduce 1/2 cup of white wine in the pan. Add a half a tablespoon each of sesame oil, red curry paste and brown sugar and 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger. Then put the steaks back in for a minute or so. Awesome! Raw tuna and soy sauce is also amazing.
  24. Excellent! Look forward to it. I've survived today as there were new Adam & Joe and Ricky Gervais podcasts
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