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  1. On 21/08/2022 at 11:13, jonamok said:

    I’ll never understand this ‘dances with spoilers’ mentality.


    I think it's partly a side-effect of streaming media. When I'm getting obsessed with a series I always want to talk to people about it, but my friends will usually be further ahead or behind in the series, but at least reading forum posts there's the temptation that you can share thoughts whilst avoiding spoilers, even though you can't.

  2. 12 hours ago, jonathanhoey said:


    OK it's Obvious/10 but there's a decent observation in there about Mercedes' chances tomorrow. The thing just doesn't go in a straight line, does it? We saw it last week at Silverstone when Hamilton kept diving down the inside of the Ferraris, he would get ahead and then they would simply drive back past him on corner exit/down the next straight. 


    And there was a bit of that with Hamilton vs MSC again today. The Ferrari powertrain is evidently just a rocket. 

    Exactly that. When Lewis went up the inside of both the Ferrari and Red Bull at Club, he exited the corner onto the pit straight with more speed than either of them, yet by turn 1 Perez was alongside him again


     Maybe they’re running a lot of wing to make up for lack of ground effect?

  3. 3 hours ago, Graham S said:

    Yeah, I'm still watching. My GCN subscription has done its bit to aid my sanity over the last couple of years. Nice views, people burbling about nothing, look up at about 4pm for 2 minutes of action, I love it.


    I just paid for this because I love having Le Tour on in the background whilst I work but hate all the donkey adverts.


    I'm already annoyed because it's all cyclists talking with the translator over the top, but the original audio is too high in the mix so it just sounds like two people talking on top of each other 😅 The English one sounds exactly like David Baddiel

  4. 51 minutes ago, merman said:


    No it didn’t, it gave him third.


    Relieved that Zhou was ok, but the safety car made it artificially exciting rather than a proper competitive race.


    Eh? If everything from 3:52 here is “artificially exciting” I’ll take it any day! Brilliant racing, regardless of who you wanted to win. The atmosphere was incredible, so much excitement 🤗



  5. I had tickets to Bristol, Brussels and Barcelona in a sort of accidental alliteration ticket buying spree.


    Yeah he's making an album, and inviting a live audience to try and force himself to actually do it :lol:


    I agree with @milko, the ads don't really capture him very well IMO. He's been doing a sort of talk show too which sometimes works OK, sometimes feels a bit forced. This week it's Jack Black and some guy which for some reason I'm not expecting to work great.




    The Erykah Badu and Reggie Watts one was good though.



    Reggie does "the lick" at 54:52 (and other points) 😊




  6. Watched Mortyplicity (decoys episode) again. It's definitely one of my favourites. I love the wooden pinnochio and muppet families, Starfox Rick and the terrifying skin-flaying Rick mutant.


    Also this stupid bit I find really funny.



    Even silly little things like Rick saying "It's too quiet" then getting into an argument with Summer about missing the first "It's quiet".

  7. 1 hour ago, Sidewaysbob said:

    regarding the mercs new cooling. this helps explain it


    It looks like they've moved it all up.



    It actually looks like the bodywork is designed to funnel air into the hole, so the cross-section of airflow that's heading for the intake isn't as small as it first appears? Just the ducting is exposed rather than inside the hole if that makes sense?

  8. 47 minutes ago, jonathanhoey said:

    No one's really saying put a wall in, but a lot of the ex-driver commentators always blame the tarmac runoff, and most of them specifically said of this incident that there should have been a gravel trap and Lewis should have backed out. 


    If there was a wall there though would Max still have made the move, knowing there was a good chance they'd both end up cr0nched into each other and the wall?

  9. It does seem like these things get more complicated over time as folks work out how to exploit the rules.


    Does anyone know about rugby? I have no idea what's going on in scrums these days even though I used to play, seems like another case where the rules are being exploited in a way that just confuses the audience.

  10. 27 minutes ago, ryodi said:

    but Hamilton slowed down so the gap didn’t get any bigger when he cut the corner so it was fine.


    I know this bit isn't right - as @jonathanhoey pointed out, the radio message we thought was about Hamilton not gaining time was actually about Max not gaining an advantage.


    Also Max staying within the white lines seems to be quoted as part of it being legal, and there's definitely precedent for that being OK in countless past overtakes, where the driver on the inside is allowed to "claim the exit" so to speak.


    It seems to be something like:

    • If a car gets "alongside" (with more devil in detail in that definition) on corner entry, then both drivers must leave a car's width for the other driver in the first part of the corner
    • but at some point (after the apex?) the inside car can squeeze and use full track width


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