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  1. morcs


    I am concerned about when I go back to Formula Rosti. With the Starbucks a grind setting of 9 means it really strains through and gets a nice crema. With the Formula Robbo I got down to 7 and it was still flying through like muddy puddle water.
  2. morcs


    Just Google I ran out of Formula Rossi so I had to go and buy some Starbucks beans, by my second attempt I'd nailed the grind settings and it's il cafe perfetto! I'm so happy. When my Formula Rosse arrives I'll have to start all over again
  3. Must've followed him all the way to the circuit!
  4. morcs


    Here's a close-up
  5. morcs


    It's not a funnel it's a sort of semi-tube thing with filter papers in it. Though it does seem to have a particular shape so maybe it has a dual use? The white thing is a piece of card taped to the top to stop the filter papers escaping in transit
  6. morcs


    I use a Brita, main thing I've noticed is much less scale. Now that I'm happy with my grinder setup, does anyone want my Aeropress and Porlex grinder? Quite a nice little set up for someone wanting to get into proper coffee! I'd only want the postage, and maybe an amount of your choice donated to Shelter
  7. morcs

    The BTCC Thread

    Got myself a new favourite driver
  8. morcs


    For me it's mostly having the steam wand, as I do like a campachuchu
  9. I thought it was literally because he still didn't cross the line until the lights went out (i.e. his first stopping position was actually too far back, and the "false start" effectively just moved him closer to the correct starting position) Though that would open the unlikely opportunity of getting a rolling start by starting further back and correctly predicting the jump start so that you're already moving when you cross the line, a bit like when you hang back on a red light and overtake someone with ease because you correctly predicted it would go green before you got there
  10. morcs


    @milko so you brush out the grouphead after every pull? I only do that once a month if its lucky, when I'm doing the other stuff is that bad?
  11. morcs


    Haha I started writing a reply but had to leave Here it was anyway Cleaning is mostly just that I seem unable to go through the process without getting coffee grounds and coffee all over the side. My new grinder that goes straight into the portafilter is helping though I should probably get a grinds bin so I don't have to sweep the thing across the countertop leaving a spray of muck behind me. Though from what I read earlier maybe I'm overfilling and this isn't helping with the mess. Maintaining I think you're meant to backflush (5 minute job) once a week and descale once a month. Then you can do a full take apart the grouphead type big clean every 2-3 months (maybe takes an hour with some waiting around involved). Though you do have to get some bits that don't come with the machine to do it.
  12. morcs


    A Gaggia Classic It's an aftermarket portafilter though and I think the basket is a bit larger than standard, as 14g is not nearly enough to fill it. Reading up - too much grind amount would have the effect of making it pull too fast. I still have work to do!
  13. morcs


    Yeah I think I hit the "too fine" grind limit this morning as it started to taste bitter, but it still seems to pull the shot through too fast, so I'm thinking I need to increase the grind amount instead (also based on the fact there's not much resistance when I twist the portafilter in place)
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