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  1. Pressure on Vettel to not fluff fastest lap then
  2. morcs

    The Drum & Bass Thread

    I'm 40, I definitely had "this might be the last time" going through my head.
  3. morcs

    The Drum & Bass Thread

    Haven't listened to D&B for ages but ended up in Volks nightclub in Brighton on a stag do last weekend. It was so good I kind of had tears of joy in my eyes
  4. I was hooked by the Corvette V8 (C6R at the time) and the Murcielago V12, which made a thunderous low pitch sound as it approached you then screamed a bit like an F1 car as it passed. Just raised the hairs on your neck every time
  5. One second, imagine the last lap tension! Screw up the last corner and you're done!
  6. morcs


    I can't imagine it still being him though if it was more grown up/polished. Watching him feels a lot like watching a teenager in his bedroom who happens to be possessed by The Mighty Boosh's Spirit of Jazz.
  7. I’d like to see a 1 second penalty, might be more dramatic?
  8. morcs

    Ad Astra

    The “a chicken” era
  9. Weirdly I only started listening to the audiobook a little while ago (still going), not realising they were doing a TV version. I love the narrator's (Martin Jarvis) voices for Crowley, Aziraphale and Adam. Looking at the actors chosen I don't see how their voices can be as good
  10. morcs

    Ad Astra

    In that case I just learned that "Pollo ad Astra" means "Chicken to the Stars"
  11. I just looked on the Backpain website and it looks like a normal race at Paul Richard?
  12. morcs


    (He was great)
  13. morcs


    Simon’s car is better at leading thanks to the setup isn’t it, so it’s just getting the timing right?
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