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  1. I went past 2 teenage girls in the park listening to an old filthy D&B track earlier. That warmed the cockles
  2. Can you see that it has hub caps at that speed?
  3. It still has a special place in my heart but I've finally reached the point where I'd be embarrassed/scared to play "hardcore" to someone who's never heard it, as I know it probably sounds ridiculous to them now.
  4. morcs


    Rain coming. Apparently lightning within 7 miles would stop the race? The tyres are rubber! I guess they evacuate the spectoids?
  5. morcs


    There’s someone called Will Power
  6. Followed DC and (I guess) his sons through passport control in Nice last night. They were on my flight to Heathrow. He still looks in good shape, if a little sunburned!
  7. He got alongside Max twice iirc?
  8. I think it was close still. A couple of times DRS was nullified by Max also picking it from a back marker. On another lap Hamilton went too wide in a passing attempt and that took him out of range for the whole of the next lap. I think if they hadn’t pitted him there could have been at least another opportunity or two, depending on back markers etc. but difficult to say how long he could keep really pushing those tyres, and in hindsight pitting was a better option.
  9. Off to Brands on Sunday for the W-series final and DTM Haven’t kept up with either. Seems like W-series has done as badly as expected? Looking at the standings at least it’s not completely a foregone conclusion? DTM now 2 litre too, though still a lot more power than other touring cars? Seems it’s the full circuit this time, I’ve only ever seen racing on the Indy. We have Paddock Hill grandstand tickets, from memory we won’t be able to see the extended bit? Should we walk out to see more of the full GP circuit?
  10. Is that the racing point job that’s offering half the market rate?
  11. Ahhh I was really rooting for Alaphilippe but seeing Bernal’s interviews I really like him too.
  12. Does look like it was following a lorry carrying white paint.
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