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  1. Race A (Brands GP in a stock Mister Two) is great. Fun to lap and good racing. Apparently they're all good
  2. Trying to get some GT time this week, Race C is a sweet combo
  3. Optimum is a 1-stop, mediums should last 5-8 laps, hards are around 1 second a lap slower.
  4. morcs

    Formula One - 2020

    San Marino? Or is that the location of one of those 3? I guess San Marino isn't actually Italy or something?
  5. Covid results at 9am. 2 or more positives on a team is instant expulsion.
  6. Go to Tescos/Asdas. There was a Ford foundry in my town, those same people always referred to it as Fords.
  7. Ah yeah I was doing that. Then I realised actually getting a "DR reset" could be rather fun, as you try to avoid the nutters in detention class and win races.
  8. Nobloski makes an appearance in Super GT's comeback video (in the last race)
  9. and you've been to Sport > Race Entry > Manufacturer Series?
  10. I use them they're fine, you just need a moment to get used to a soft brake pedal with travel rather than a hard pedal with force Though mine came with T-300 I think the only difference is metal footplates.
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