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  1. Yeah I know it'll be good - used to do Forza 3 will rllmuk and everyone was super-clean, except Boozy the Clown's constant swearing
  2. Edit: I really wanted to set up a proper PC iRacing/AC etc. rig one day, but I noticed Asetto Corsa is on PS4 too? Is it good? I'm in the wrong thread/sub-forum aren't I
  3. I've managed to turn this into a sort of "Forever Alone" Christmas, so I'll be on GT Sport soon. I had some issues, such as not being able to fit the tele in a Vauxhall PeePee, and a delivery driver stealing the first steering wheel I ordered, but my "haul" is now complete.
  4. iRacing tonight. I think there’s an official stream but this is Jimmer’s
  5. morcs


    Did you get some beans? Algerian Coffee Stores was warning about high demand.
  6. But you have iRacing etc. for that, and they don't look as nice Arguably a better choice but maybe the more casual/less techie audience would be put off by that. Maybe sim racing will get a huge bump of evolution in the coming months. I think some of the network issues are practically unsolvable though unfortunately.
  7. I wonder if this will cause a rush to get F1 licensing into one of the proper sims. Some have F1 mods already, though I guess they won't have all the circuits. The graphics on the Codies game are mighty impressive though I have to admit.
  8. I missed the start but apparently drunk Johnny Herbert completely missed turn 1 and jumped into the lead?
  9. Lando was straight on Jimmy’s stream having a laugh with him after, I love it. A huge racing fan who literally lives in a shed racing with pro F1 drivers. It’s heart-warming, in a way the opposite of real F1
  10. It’s not really official, Formula 1 are just desperate last minute involved. Jimmer and Lando can’t join the server CLASSIC Jimmer
  11. Hmm yeah seems to be an official one now. GO JIMMER!
  12. Jimmy got loads of “camera time” The track limits were left on liberal setting to help the newbies so they might as well take advantage. The steering wheel I ordered from Amazon says delivered but there’s no sign of it, so no GT Sport for me
  13. F1, F2, BTCC drivers and good racing in here:
  14. I’ve panic bought a wheel and PS4, hopefully arrive Tuesday
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