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  1. morcs

    > Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

    "A real London guy. Walkin' around with a bit of pepper in me pouch, do you know what I mean?" That's always my favourite bit, the first bit where they're just chatting, one of them will tell a joke and pull a face, followed by some slapstick punching, impromptu silly songs and now the CGI stuff too. Not usually as keen on the other bits but absolutely loved the ghost hunters Bruce Forsyth one.
  2. morcs

    Formula E

    Even now if there were no restrictions the car would be so fast it wouldn't be humanly possible to drive it.
  3. If you don't sit the exact right distance from the TV & dead centre, you're not watching the original art.
  4. morcs

    > Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

    Yeah I just thought usually when they do that gag - Bob can't do it but ends up doing something equally funny, though I guess they covered that in the orange peeling one. I liked Tom Hanks walking off as well.
  5. morcs

    Put Here

    The Centurion thing did this in the Programming Language Learners thread and it was interesting for a while, like milko says
  6. morcs

    > Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

    I liked the spontaneous DAAAAAAAAEEHs near the beginning. I was slightly disappointed that Bob's face didn't do something different when he tried to do the face hole thing.
  7. Ah maybe I have this. My mate who's a video snob saw my tele and said he thought something weird/synthetic was going on trying to smooth stuff out and kept going on about it whilst his wife said how good the TV picture was (vs their 3 times as expensive one ). I've never noticed. In your face video snobs/Tom Cruise
  8. morcs

    Audio Club

    I do have a Mini 2. I guess you have to put the audio in and out via the TRRS (headphone) jack? That could be possible.
  9. morcs

    Audio Club

    Does anyone use a loop pedal/looper? It seems like something that would be dead easy to do in software, but I've tried the Ableton one and it's a bit shit in terms of being on a per track basis. I guess you could just use a regular sequencer and put it in a loop though. I just want to imitate Marc Rebillet
  10. morcs

    Marc Rebillet

    He seems to attract a higher standard of YouTube comments than usual too. "Marc snorted cocaine once and the cocaine got high" The theme now seems to be people asking if "he remembers that time he sold his place in line for the iPhone" I ended up watching the entire live feed of his first UK gig on Facebook. Norwegian Airlines lost his luggage so the venue got him another keyboard and loop station on the day. I guess he had his laptop on the plane.
  11. morcs

    > Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

    I liked that at one point Vic put his leg up, like he does on the desk, but just up in the air.
  12. morcs

    > Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

    I didn't understand why George and Prairie Pete didn't win that thing though?
  13. morcs

    Marc Rebillet

    I got tickets for Bristol
  14. morcs


    Yeah I would be nice to have some remasters, just because they compare badly to other tracks in a playlist, and just longer versions of Bank Account and Thinking even if they just repeat what's already there
  15. morcs


    I've discovered him recently too. Bank Account and Thinking I've become obsessed with: I like that the lyrics are actually pretty creepy too Sometimes shit gets scary when you unlock the door I like thinking 'bout you, gonna think about you more Actually "Weird part of the night" has a similar subject: between 3 and 6 when no one can fuck your shit so in touch, thats the best send that girl a risky text (in a silly high voice ) I'm not so keen on the Knower stuff, Im sure it's technically impressive but for me there's a bit too much going on compared to his solo stuff.

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