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  1. morcs

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    I guess that's £10 a month on top of all the other stuff you need to pay for to get Sky TV? I'll wait for a NowTV deal too
  2. morcs

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    It has! Jimmy Broadbent again Sharky, sorry! TLDW: In VR your brain just sort of sums your left and right eyes' different angles and removes it, when sitting on the main straight he can read the Spa Francorchamps banner when what you see in 2D is blocked by the halo. Apparently the wing mirrors are way more noticeably obstructing (but similarly don't affect your driving).
  3. morcs

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    I guess it's different looking at it on a 2D screen image vs it physically being between your two eyes in 3D/reality.
  4. morcs

    Motorspot chat - No dull F1 though

    Haha I was trying to find a version of that that wasn't on Facebook (Facebook making it really hard to share things other than on Facebook)
  5. morcs

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Yeah I think his father died which was part of his difficult situation too Also, he literally lives in a shed. For me he combines Murray Walker's infectious excitement with a very un-Murraylike knowledge of what he's talking about!
  6. morcs

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    It does. Apparently you really feel it pull you into the ruts. Though I got that info from the "gloved YouTube dickhead" I'm afraid
  7. morcs

    Put Here

    I feel like this thing @centurion is building has to be impressive even if it's just purely due to the amount of effort he's putting into talking about it.
  8. morcs

    Motorspot chat - No dull F1 though

    Sorry to keep talking about sim racing in here but I noticed yesterday iRacing have launched the BMW M8 GTE car, and all of the comments are like this: I like this meme
  9. morcs

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    You do that
  10. morcs

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Jimmy says it's great except the tarmac grip still isn't right. I watched a bit of him doing rallycross the other night and it looked and sounded properly visceral Enjoyed this one too:
  11. morcs


    It's not like the Starbucks beans but...I really like it! It's probably much better for my insides as well.
  12. What made me think of it was Bug Bomber on the Amiga. It was like 4 player Bomberman but you could lay eggs of various types which allowed you to build up an army. One of the things you could lay was a creature that would go around converting other players' eggs to be yours before they hatched. I loved that idea, and always had dreams of building a bigger scrolling version that supported more players, where if you completely defeated another player they turned your colour and had to join you. My imaginary version was called "Wizards of Alkeir" and I made a theme tune for it on a Yamaha keyboard
  13. Are there any multiplayer games where everyone effectively starts as an independent, but once you've been beaten you belong to the victor's team? I'm thinking of British Bulldog and other playground games.
  14. This almost describes why oval racing is so good, despite looking boring from the outside. It's all about who cleverly uses the tyres and buddies up with opponents to share slipstreams.
  15. morcs


    My milko Fomula 1 Testarossa beans arrive today. Unfortunately I have a cold which has reached the stage of constant liquid snot so not sure I'm up to tasting.

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