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  1. You can tell the love that's been put into it. I'm a bit overwhelmed by it if anything.
  2. Despite the name change it's still the same studio, owned by take two, so they do have the rights.
  3. God of War won nearly everything. Bit silly really.
  4. I also seem to remember it was first revealed at the very peak of zombie fatigue, so didn't exactly garner much excitement. Then it took quite a long time to come out before Sony just quietly released it with little fanfare or marketing backing as they clearly didn't have very much faith in it. Woke reviewers behind all of that too.
  5. Christopher needs to Judge when it's time to wrap it up. Manon Gage got cheated.
  6. It's perfect on Deck.
  7. If anything it could infect the rest of MS like a virus.
  8. I sort of hate Activision and was looking forward to someone running them properly, making use of some of their games that aren't CoD. Maybe the FTC could make them break up the Actizzard King conglomerate at least.
  9. I'm currently using typhoid Mary, red skull and taskmaster. With zero and enchantress to cancel out the negative effects when needed. It's really powerful.
  10. Tom Hollander would have been better.
  11. That was the problem I had with uncharted 4 really. The previous games were daft shooters and knew it, suddenly in 4 we are supposed to take these characters seriously as real people. Mad.
  12. I think that makes you woke going by the creator's comments.
  13. It's absolutely true. The deck doesn't benefit from anything faster than uhs-I speeds. You can get cards that are theoretically three times as fast but there's absolutely no point for gaming.
  14. Just get whatever decent brand is best value. Samsung evo or SanDisk are usually a solid bet. Don't worry about getting the fastest speed, those are for professional photographers, drone pilots and stuff like that where a lot of writing is done to the card at blazing fast speed. No need for it in gaming.
  15. It does get decent but it takes too long to get to that point. I don't even remember there being anything non politically correct in there. I guess he wanted us to think the main character was some cool guy instead of slightly annoying.
  16. Seems like you can get it to a fairly consistent 30fps. This is a pretty detailed report on how it runs (click the 'review' tab). https://steamdeckhq.com/game-reviews/marvels-midnight-suns/ Firaxis stuff is never brilliantly optimised. I'm playing on series x and even there it runs perfectly but the image quality is kind of soft, definitely some upscaling going on. It's a really good game. They nail the feeling of the powers surprisingly well for a turn based game - Captain Marvel's hits look and feel really powerful. And it's really satisfying when you manipulate the situation to extend your turn and wipe out loads of goons. Katherine Castle on RPS mentioned that and compared it to Gears Tactics which I think is spot on. I really enjoyed that game too.
  17. Zero followed by Red Skull or Typhoid Mary really pisses people off!
  18. The crowd barely acknowledged the hat trick scorer and give a huge rapturous applause to the sub. Pretty pathetic, real charity match vibes.
  19. I'm actually enjoying Portugal, that's not supposed to happen. Very entertaining team without Ronaldo.
  20. I basically blame Spain for ruining international football by standardising that incredibly boring style of play, so get it up them.
  21. I think there was one guy on here but generally not recommended. A lot of faff and driver issues and the UI isn't very good on such a small screen.
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