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  1. They're really bafflingly committed to that thing where some random people slate some shitty albums. The Venn diagram of giant bomb fans and people who care about some comedians doing comedy opinions on a "best of fall out boy" compilation album has to be... two separate circles? Their new era is like when Xbox went all in on Kinect.
  2. Hope there are no transgender characters or he'll explode.
  3. The Norwegians totally outclassed them, beautiful. Solbakken ripped them apart.
  4. Roma lost 6-1 to Bodo/Glimt. Good to see Mourinho's career trajectory hasn't improved.
  5. The trailer just makes the severe miscasting of all the major roles even more apparent.
  6. It's actually the first 2d Metroid I've played for any significant length of time. I always got lost after about an hour and half in Super. Played so many of its descendants however that I might as well be an old hand.
  7. In other words, British people.
  8. The enemies look really bullet spongey.
  9. Naughty Dog do that a lot and I don't know how they got away with it. Uncharted 3 has a fake Helen Mirren AND a fake Jason Statham. Both with American's ideas of English accents.
  10. This is a far superior game to Hollow Knight. It's not THAT hard, some of the reviews have over-stated that. Harder than the average modern game, and certainly hard for Nintendo, but not too extreme.
  11. The same team are doing the exorcist after they finish off this trilogy. That's going to be something else.
  12. Celtic played well today with a good crowd despite the annoying 3:30 on a Tuesday kick off. Giakoumakis is a steal.
  13. Battlefield 1 had a fake Robert Carlyle.
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