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  1. Lootboxes, always online, GaaS, skins that cost £20 each, grinding to level up your Kart with the option to buy your way out of it...
  2. New Baroness album is superb. I wish they'd dial down the shitty mix/distortion style - seems like a waste of very talented musicians - but it's not remotely as bad as Purple for that.
  3. There are a few much more negative impressions of this compared to last year, which are a bit puzzling to me, a few of them say something along the lines that it seems like 'just another immersive sim rpg shooter'. I must have missed the cascade of those recently?! There's Arkane's games and the most recent Deus Ex which has probably killed the series. It's hardly a crowded genre at the moment and it needs more than one studio making them.
  4. I only just realised that the James Corden of gaming, Greg Miller, hosted EA's thing. How is that not dodgy as fuck? No one seems to be bothered by it. That kind of shilly corporate cocksucking shit really makes me appreciate GB.
  5. I can see Alex going all Frank Grimes one day.
  6. deerokus

    Best New Music 2019

    Bruce Springsteen has a new album out and it's very very good.
  7. Must admit I don't quite get the totally intense revulsion a few people have towards him. He's just boring and tries too hard to be funny, no big deal, it doesn't ruin anything for me. I found Patrick far more irritating. Meanwhile, Dan somehow ended up sitting in on a table read of the Simpsons where he met Werner Herzog. What a strange life that man leads!
  8. That's the Spencer interview broken out into a standalone video.
  9. Each entry has had a less focused structure than the last I find. Wirhin an hour in 4 you've got a plethora of cars and have seen everything the game is going to do, really. The first one was the most satisfying in that sense for me, I do love the environment in 4 however and the general gameplay is fantastic fun. This dlc has informed me of the existence of the Lego Speed Champions so now I want to buy some of those.
  10. Put it this way, I get the max picture quality you can get on the non-4k tier with netflix. According to Google themselves I'd only get 720p in ideal conditions with Stadia (in practice I bet that's optimistic). Higher framerate and less compression being the reason I suppose. Also, clearly you can't buffer or locally cache a video game stream in the same way For those with Internet limitations Netflix also offers local downloading for quite a lot of stuff, which this obviously won't support. The guy on GB last night actually said that consoles are very expensive in some countries and this would be a great solution for these people. Do those countries where consoles are prohibitively expensive also have dirt cheap, superfast, low latency uncapped broadband for the masses, then?
  11. Yeah, by all accounts it was a good one as usual.
  12. I finally got round to listening to this, it's well worth a listen. Includes the full story of the Dick the Birthday Boy photo! Rich Evans is my spirit animal.
  13. There was a guy from Stadia on Giant Bomb last night. Seemed slimy and clueless. "I use it every day and have no problems with the Internet" says the guy living in the bay area with a fibre connection.
  14. Worth when you get the chance watching the interview segment with Hugo Martin of Doom fame, Marty Stretton and 'random guy from Google Stadia'. Fascinatingly awkward chemistry as Google guy showed up in full on coked-up snake oil salesman mode. Comes across as a real slimeball, while Hugo Martin looks somewhat unimpressed. Google guy's over the top shilling made the whole Stadia thing seem even more alarming than I felt already.
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