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  1. That EG CoD reviewer is part of the problem. He thought the game was too slow and ponderous at launch. And in the comments you can see why, he never actually played the games before they devolved into runny twitchy jumpy shite. It's a shame but totally predictable what happened.
  2. My team had our first ever VAR game the other night (Celtic in the Europa) and even though it resulted in a penalty against us (correctly, and with penalty god Forster in goals penalties are no big deal anyway) it was swift and painless. There were two other small incidents which didn't even get looked at, which I think might have been 5 minute vague epics if they were in the EPL. None of these long mysterious pauses after every possible incident, the referee makes the call himself which is so important. Now I've said that, some mad decisions will be made in the second leg. The key to making VAR work long term is really restricting when it is used. Only for key moments and if the video is clearly not very clear after a couple of angles then don't even bother with a full review. I would suggest they shouldn't even use it for potential red card tackles, there's too much subjectivity and context there that can be lost in a replay for how significant a red card is. In some ways it's good supporting a team in a league with nae money (some of our teams can't even afford a grass pitch) and lack of VAR is one of them, by the time we get around to it the problems maybe will have been worked out.
  3. I can very rarely see the difference they're pointing out in the videos, unless it's framerate. DF Retro is awesome, the tech analysis of current games stuff clearly appeals to people but I think it's unhealthy.
  4. Challenge set in shithousery for Mourinho
  5. That Burnley thing is as much about the utter farce that are the new handball rules as it is VAR. That rule needs changed in the summer.
  6. La Mulana is the Ulysses of Metroidvanias
  7. Filming in Glasgow with our current weather, this film is going to be the rainiest film since seven.
  8. I like that making your pay off your 'getaway package' means Nook has moved on from real estate and is now a people trafficker.
  9. The Blood and Wine expansion is best left until you've finished the main game, it's so huge you could just about consider it a sequel, the story, although pretty self-contained fits better after the conclusion of the main story, and it's a nice farewell to the game to spend 40 hours in a lovely, warm, colourful environment. And to people struggling to get through the side stuff I always say TURN OFF RHE QUESTION MARKS. Makes the exploration much better and you don't get bogged down in chasing mini quests for hours.
  10. Absolutely mad game at Rugby Park the Scottish Cup replay tonight, Aberdeen beat Kilmarnock 4-3 aet. It was 1-1 after 90. Klmarnock went 3-2 up in the 116th minute AND STILL LOST! The winner in the 121st minute... was an own goal scored by a substitute who had just come on for Kilmarnock's main striker.
  11. Before VAR the attacker always had benefit of the doubt in such cases, was this dropped? And why?
  12. deerokus

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes. Battle Chasers: Nightwar (which is on switch, it's decent). The best known is probably Secret of Evermore from the JRPG golden era, although that is from a Japanese company ultimately. Arguably the South Park RPGs.
  13. deerokus

    Xbox Game Pass

    It's much better than any shenmue.
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