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  1. Yeah it was her tweet (and a few others makijg similar remarks) that I noticed but I wasn't sure what had sparked those tweets in the first place. Glad they're doing Silent Night Deadly Night 2. The first one is actually a decent film, the second is an outrage.
  2. The other day suddenly loads of twitter folk were writing a out how much they dislike RLM, did any one specific thing happen? Or is it just because people take offence to their not really liking the modern star wars films much?
  3. Yeah the game is clearly designed around objective modes more than previous ones. At the same time half the player base can't/won't play objectives.
  4. Yes, the second expansion is so good and expensive it would have been acceptable to sell as a full (if shorter) sequel. When that's over, yeah, emotional.
  5. I've assumed ever since the initial ps5 details came out last year that both consoles will be approaching Five Hundred And Ninety Nine US Dollars at launch.
  6. They've made the Nintendo Wii U mistake.
  7. The 1200msp was the original price.
  8. Gunslinger is really good but I don't know why it's quite a lot more expensive now than when it came out last gen. It was 1200 Microsoft points on the 360, about a tenner. 18 quid for a port of a last gen XBLA game is a rip off.
  9. deerokus

    Google Stadia

    FM can run on very old hardware (I am pretty sure my 10 year old laptop would do a passable job) although obviously the idea of playing it on a chromebook is quite compelling. Also if Stadia was super-powerful, running it with all the leagues running would be a strong pitch too. Not sure how fast it is in reality. The downside is that you're missing out on the custom skins, graphics packs, edited databases etc, which is a big loss, akin the to switch version in a way.
  10. deerokus

    Nintendo Switch

    I didn't realise fm20 was coming out on this. There goes my life then.
  11. All the games are set after the books and the author of the books considers them non-canonical, but it's also worth nothing that he's a dick. The books are hit and miss, I'd not worry unduly about reading them before the show.
  12. Yes, NES' popularity came a lot later in the UK in general, after the computers had started to lose ground - by which point the Master System was around and was a more powerful (cheaper? I think it was) system. Certainly I'd say the MS was more popular at that point than the NES but regardless, neither was all-conquering. We're talking 1990ish here, much later than the US NES craze.
  13. I was a master system kid but I also had a Game Boy at the time, which was in truth the best system of the era. Loads of friends and cousins etc had NES so I didn't miss out on the classics like the Mario games.
  14. Not liking the trailer at all, JJ Abramsified/Strange Thingsish pish. Why is it so self-serious and pompous?
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