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  1. Blizzard thankfully ARE being sued - but by the state. Inviduals seem to have very little power. The game industry's lack of unionisation is a big element here.
  2. I'd imagine it will be on the game pass cloud thing at some point. Maybe.
  3. A guy who was a good friend when I was at school is a pilot of private jets that you can hire these days - basically a flying taxi for rich people who aren't rich enough to own their own private jet. His Instagram is often filled with whatever destinations he's at, the Seychelles one day, Macau another, Dubai another. This will be the closest 99. 999% of people get to his job.
  4. Always my favourite part of a new gen, when the new hair tech gets rolled out.
  5. It sounds very different tonally due to the different approach to localisation compared to the old games. Not necessarily a bad thing
  6. Awful, awful stuff., it's clearly a deep-seated culture at Blizzard to the extent they should be shut down. I remember that gamer gate guy Mark Kern was a Blizzard dev. Probably one of many there.
  7. Yeah it's well done all round. I don't think I've yet played a bad Annapurna game, like Devolver it's pretty much a mark of quality when they are publishing.
  8. No I think that's a simultaneous global unlock.
  9. The discovery mode looks like a total chillout delight.
  10. 30 afaik but can go higher with VRR.
  11. It's one thing that annoys me about xbox. On ps4 I can control the media apps and even the dashboard with my tv remote. Xbox doesn't support it for arbitrary reasons.
  12. A lot of the third party stuff will be available on xbox.
  13. It depends. Genshin Impact is an example of a cross platform game that runs much better on phones than on ps4 (and we're not talking super-expensive phones, midrangers). It's like 20fps on ps4 a lot of the time where my Poco F3 hits 60 fps easily. That phone is cheaper than a Switch OLED. The game is identical otherwise. But, you know, Konami so this will be pish.
  14. Don't think so. There's hardly any sticks that work on xbox but there are new ones coming. The Hotas One that many of us have is alright, although the throttle feels a bit cheap and loose to me. Can't complain for the relatively low price though.
  15. I can't see them doing that (who knows with the top gun stuff) but they could totally use the tech for a more casual/gamey spinoff. They made a game called Flight a few years back which was like that. Flight Horizon, get it done.
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