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  1. I think all of those have been on ps plus already (apart from monster hunter maybe?) if you're coming from ps4 it's quite likely you already have them.
  2. I'm loving this on switch. It's confusing given the total absence of a tutorial and a pretty vague introduction, but in the best way. Gorgeous looking game on the switch screen.
  3. Descriptions appear fine in podcast addict. Might be an old feed you're subscribed to or something.
  4. If I was buying one there's nowhere I can put a PS5 in my current setup. Stupid design.
  5. No, digital is much more expensive on the whole for new releases.
  6. Swithering between neither and a series x. I don't usually buy consoles at launch but that series x all access thing is tempting.
  7. Mostly yeah, you do get some good bargains on discs now and again though. Of the 4 platforms I think the discless ps5 is the best value. The one s is bargaintastic however. Going to think about which I prefer.
  8. It doesn't, it's a loss leader, they're more than making up the difference in charging you more for psn games and taking a bigger cut.
  9. Even low end tvs are starting to be 4k by default. I got one during lockdown which I'm chuffed with for the 400 it cost me, that's more than I've spent on a TV before but needed to treat myself. Even the usual 900p xbox one stuff looks awesome on it. I don't yet have a 4k console but I can't really see the difference between 1440p and 4k on Netflix (43" TV) so I'm not sure if it'll be apparent in any games.
  10. Having just said that about Ben, he tweets nonsense Yeah, I'd much rather hear Ben's hilarious comedy stylings than the South Park guys...
  11. Abby's just not a very pleasant person. Lost any respect for her around the Matt Pascual incident. Ben I have more time for, he's awkward and annoying but he's not a bad guy really.
  12. Not if you already own them. Let's assume a lot of people already own at least one of these three games.
  13. No, make them look better and in certain areas play better (Sunshine needs a lot of work to be more fun) . Include the untouched originals via emulation if you want. Yes it is. Activision can make games of a similar age or older that feel identical but play even better than they did in the day and look like modern big budget games and will charge you a similar amount. Or you can do this and charge like 20 quid for the package. I'll probably buy 3D world mind.
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