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  1. I am fairly sure the disc drive is a lot quieter in horizontal for some reason.
  2. I'm finding this really hard. Runs nice now with the SX patch but it just made me boot up The Surge 2 instead, which is more my style I think.
  3. I think if I said how I think it is pronounced with an Irish accent it would sound like Warsaw too. I suspect most people have had very little cause to speak or hear the word in their lives, of course it's going to be wrong. It's not like he's saying Glass Cow or Lay Chester. Their content went to shit when the pandemic hit for me. It's bizarre really, loads of boring play of boring games.
  4. Yeah. Ultimate team is like a third of EA's entire income. 2K are similarly hooked on the MTX. Not so much football manager though. If they're getting paid by hours played like Paradox are, Sega/SI will be making a killing off GP
  5. Well that's daft. Why is there an r in it? No wonder Darny got it wrong.
  6. Yep. First game I ever got a refund on on an Xbox. It's a completely unplayable mess of a control scheme. The sports stuff is because seasons are coming to an end.
  7. The Muppets holds up so well. My mind is boggled that Mahna Mahna is the very first number in the first episode.
  8. Yeah I wish there was a 'just unlock everything' button. They've awkwardly tried to structure a game around what's more of a piece of software/music toy type of thing.
  9. Watch Dogs 2 is quite a bit better than Legion.
  10. The vocal tracks from Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max and Venus by Bananarama blend so well. This thing is extremely fun to mess with.
  11. I only just realised this was the same developer as Murder by Numbers. Sequel to that please Epic.
  12. Phil Harrison is the Dido Harding of the game industry. Constant failure, keeps popping up untarnished. I'm not sure what his actual talent is supposed to be anyway. What's his background?
  13. I'd say Wallsaul. Is that right? Emphasis on the wall. I've heard of it but would have never heard anyone say the name.
  14. Yep. Runs like absolute shit on base xbone though. It's virtually trebled that framerate on the new consoles.
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