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  1. Haven has a nice style and atmosphere. Very basic gameplay but seems charming.
  2. It was always first person but originally there were third person cutaways (sounded like the modern deus ex games, cuts to third person for actions like climbing, taking cover and for cutscenes). At some point they made it all first person. At least they aren't selling loads of clothing microtransactions as far as I know.
  3. That person revealing a lot about themselves if they think you can't see your penis in first person.
  4. No problem there, just if you'd used this specific deal before.
  5. Yeah that's what MS said at the time of launch. It works fine on Gears Tactics, Yakuza LaD and Forza Horizon 4 though, I am sure it will be sorted fairly soon. These systems have been coming in hot certainly.
  6. Only if you've never used it before. If you have then the deal is the same but it's 10.99 instead of 1. Still an amazing bargain.
  7. Stick drift seems to be a much more common thing to all controllers than it used to be. I assume they're all using the same crap supplier for the analogue sticks.
  8. I like 4 but can only play in short bursts. They've obviously gone for a very open structure with this series but it just means nothing is very satisfying or rewarding, the original had the structure perfect for me.
  9. Hmm, well that's another one that isn't tracking. Funnily enough the 'buy cyberpunk' one did though! Pretty bargainous though considering I had 15 quid of gift cards thanks to MS rewards from the last month or two.
  10. It's GOG and they're a very venerable, great site owned by the developer of this very game.
  11. What's the hotshot racing quest actually asking you to do? It's very vague.
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