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  1. I don't think they're even really testing anything, they will have already decided the cheapo model next time round will be drive-less. They're quietly establishing the precedent so there's no big outcry like last time. The extremely strong rumours are/were that at launch they'll have a peasant model which is less powerful and with no discs, and a next gen 'X' equivalent. This totally fits that.
  2. deerokus

    EU tariffs on game consoles

    This would obviously only affect the xbox. Even then, it isn't made in the USA as far I know it wouldn't apply either. Bit of nothing. Edit: I suppose Stadia, potentially, but again, there is zero chance that wi will be manufactured in the US.
  3. deerokus

    New SNK console(s): Neo Geo 2 & 3

    They're each in the shape of different versions of the Neo Geo logo.
  4. deerokus

    Chaotic Productions

    I love a good chaotic production story, reading today about the mess that is the production of the latest version of Dr Dolittle (a $175m talking animal film by the director of Syriana, how can it fail?!) led me to discovering the amazing tales of the Rex Harrison film. There are good write ups of what happened on Wikipedia and around the internet, and I think Lindsay Ellis might have covered it in a video. It's an amazing tale, but the highlights include: -The original choice for screenwriter retired, and his writing partner was fired for missing deadlines. Rex Harrison then started being a cunt and fell out with the eventual choice. -Rex Harrison continuesd being a horrible (racist) cunt, insisting on having Sammy Davis Jr fired, making anti semitic comments to Anthony Newley, trying to have his role reduced and disrupting his scenes, and his entourage made racist comments to a black cast member. The rest of the cast hated him. -The studio decided to replace Harrison with Christopher Plummer but then changed their minds, leaving them having to pay Plummer a full pay packet. -All the animals had to be quarantined when they were brought into the UK, meaning they had to buy lots of new animals at huge expense. They also didn't have any time or money to train the animals. -Terrible weather. -Ranulph Fiennes bombed a concrete dam the production had built, in protest at the damage they were doing to the village. As a result he was thrown out of the SAS. -Sheep kept pissing on Rex Harrison, a parrot had apparently learned to shout 'cut!', a goat ate the script, a scene of ducks on a lake fell apart when the ducks were unable to swim, sank and had to be rescued. A giraffe died at some point and squirrels kept eating the set. -Locals in St Lucia threw stones at a giant snail prop following an epidemic of gastrointestinal disease on the island that had been spread by snails. -All of this and much more meant that it ended up three times over budget! It of course got very poor reviews (it is a very long boring film, supposedly for children), and came out while the Jungle Book was still on general release. As such it was a massive bomb, one of a series of films which nearly bankrupted Fox and helped cause the end of the traditional Hollywood musical. Beautiful. This seems to be a cursed property - a recent tour of the stage version collapsed just a few months ago due to poor ticket sales. The current one sounds not much better: http://collider.com/robert-downey-jr-doctor-dolittle-movie-reshoots/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Any more good disastrous production stories?
  5. deerokus

    New SNK console(s): Neo Geo 2 & 3

    What the fuck is going on in the game industry this week with so many weird announcements? I'm all up for more stupid hardware.
  6. deerokus

    Huge Capcom Announcement - Home Arcade

    This thing is so gloriously stupid, I love it. It reminds me of when companies used to make terrible peripherals all the time. The RE4 chainsaw controller!
  7. deerokus

    The Surge: Metal Machine Soul Music

    That is very generic looking, it's like they looked at Anthem and thought 'how can we do a cheap, less inspired knock off of this already boring environment?'
  8. £500+ pricing (quite feasible if not cheap for the tech in this) surely puts it out of the reach of the mass market that consoles are usually aimed at. If it only comes down over time by the same amount as this gen has I'm probably out of playing games
  9. Sounds like an expensive system.
  10. deerokus

    The worst crimes in music

    It's almost impressive that a group with six (!) drummers of one sort or another and three guitarists manages to make this sound so flat and lifeless.
  11. deerokus

    The first one is still the best one

    I might argue Forza Horizon is one, the sequels diluted the progression more and more to the point where there is little feeling of reward from doing anything in the game. You're just going from pointless race to pointless race arbitrarily grinding meaningless numbers, with you quickly amassing more cars than you'll ever use.
  12. It was really annoying that for ages a lot of the arguments about the issue involved journalists seemingly deliberately conflating accessibility and difficulty, muddying the waters of the debate and causing everyone to talk past each other. They're different things and the needs of people with disabilities shouldn't be hijacked for a totally different thing because some game journalists can't finish a game to review it. I would love a controller that doesn't fuck my hands due to my disability (MS Adaptive Controller isn't appropriate for me but is a brilliant thing), but that's nothing to do with difficulty, don't try to argue that those of us with shite joints, for example, can't play difficult games. And now GI.biz has posted an article saying what seems to be this same thing, but seems to understand it as happening the other way round, literally the opposite of what happened! (Also he uses the term 'differently abled' - please do not ever use this term for disabled people, it's incredibly patronising and many find it offensive. Reveals the writer is doing the same thing, using disabled people as a crutch for a weak argument).
  13. deerokus

    This is Hip-Hop.

    I appreciate that Czarface put out instrumental versions of their albums, perfect for playing in my work where the actual rapping wouldn't go down well.
  14. The Expanse (amazon) and The Good Place (netflix, some of the same creators as US Office and Parks and Rec but even better).
  15. deerokus

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    For some reason Gascoigne in Bloodborne was incredibly easy for me, and I don't know why.

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