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  1. Monster Boy is really good.
  2. Ps now has got better recently, there's some decent ps4 games on there now. It's not as good as game pass of course.
  3. That Battlestar Galactica game is a lot better than you'd think. Age of Wonders Planetfall is brilliant.
  4. deerokus

    Xbox Game Pass

    Every entry is worse than the last for that lack of structure problem. The first is my favourite for that reason, there's no sense of progression playing the sequels because that is totally replaced by them throwing loot boxes at you every minute.
  5. I had an issue where I bought a game and some dlc, but one part of the dlc was actually included in the edition of the game I had bought (the only one available). It shouldn't have been for sale separately or should have warned me not to buy it. Refused to refund as I had downloaded it. I hadn't but I guess the version included in the game triggered their 'downloaded' thing.
  6. TMS is also a good length, about 40 hours which is satisfying but not too long.
  7. That's probably partly true although the series has changed a lot over the years, it started in the 80s but those entries are pretty hard to go back to and has generally got better as it has gone on. That said they're not quite like anything else. Anyway great music, adventurous/fantastical atmosphere, snappy real time hack-and-slash combat where you switch between three party members at will. Probably closest comparison would be to the Mana series in that aspect (secret of etc), or a more combat focused Zelda (the structure isn't like Zelda). Ys VIII adds a suikoden-ish 'collect all the npcs to enhance your base' system which is new. Same protagonist in all but one of the games but the stories are self-contained. If you have a pc just about all the older entries are on there cheap at the moment. Ys Seven, Oath in Felghana it Memories of Celceta are good options, although VIII is definitely my favourite of the series that I've played. It's regularly on sale on the eshop.
  8. I played a bit of Monster Train, it's this game with some tower defence type concepts, so of course I enjoy it. I feel it might actually end up being better once I've got my head around it. But until it comes out on switch this one remains my addiction.
  9. Youse should play Ys VIII. Action JRPG set on a mystical deserted island full of dinosaurs and shit. Amazing music.
  10. deerokus

    Xbox Game Pass

    What Jamie doesn't mention is that he runs Bethesda.
  11. This will sound silly but it might be because it's yakuza. When I bought it for ps4 years ago it wouldn't go through because the site's payment processor (maybe it was PayPal) saw the word 'yakuza' and thought it was something illegal and blocked the transaction! That said it wouldn't accept my PayPal password last night and I know it's correct. I haven't used steam in ages so had to setup my bank card again instead.
  12. The shop sells stuff that makes the game a bit easier for us mere mortals. It's the dark souls of arcade puzzle games
  13. You can use mouse and keyboard on the consoles anyway.
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