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  1. that isnt silly in the slightest GW just being GW I guess
  2. Im reading Ragnar out of the space wolves anthology at the moment then straight into thousand sons
  3. Now Wii U is the only console that isnt region free, perhaps we should pressure Ninty into changing that in a firmware update.
  4. I used to love everquest on the ps2
  5. game seem to be turning into cex I see they are selling second hand phones and ipods now kind of like an upscale charity shop
  6. I half arsed some mead got a 5ltr bottle of spring water, chucked in some cloves, orange in sections, breadmakers yeast and six jars of honey, shook it then replaced the lid with a balloon with a hole in it believe it or not it came out great after 6 months, then bottled and left in the fridge to settle the must out of it crazy
  7. why not? They have made so much of a horlicks of it thus far, why stop now?
  8. ah well I enjoyed them, so really in the long run thats all that matters to me, I can see why some dont like them, but thats their opinion. But yeah, just enjoy whichever ones you want twinkly, report back on how you get on
  9. I sometimes wonder if the prequels had been all grimdark and gritty would people have liked them better...
  10. its like the 80s when they moved it to tuesdays, then wednesdays, then back to saturdays...
  11. why not just watch the films and decide what you like for yourself?
  12. Copyright Claims 160 claims alleged against CHS -GW won on 1/3 of the claims, including items such as CHS’ Powerfists -CHS won on 2/3 of the claims, including the use of the underlying shape and size of GW Shoulderpads. General Trademark Claims 9 claims alleged against CHS -CHS won all 9 claims, including either no infringement, or fair use of the GW trademarks on CHS’ website. Disputed Trademark Claims 21 disputed trademark claims alleged against CHS CHS won 11 claims GW won 10 claims GW Trademarks ruled “Previously Used in Commerce” Claims 61 claims alleged against CHS CHS won 35 claims GW won 27 Notable Trends and Individual Products Under Dispute CHS lost on some individual products including: -Doomseer -Dark Elf CHS won on some individual products including: -Jetbike -Super-heavy walker model -Lizard Ogre Damages Awarded: CHS ordered to pay GW damages of $25,000 USD
  13. So...GW won about 35% of their claims and got a $25k payoff, but Chapterhouse, and now pretty much any 3rd party bits maker are allowed to use things like jetbikes and the term space marine with impunity. GW are no doubt seething about this one... http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/4980/355433.page
  14. Its kind of nice to be able to gloat at somebody now after all we have been through
  15. it feels so sweet to be a Wii U owner now...
  16. Thats it then...Moffat has to go
  17. I dont think they are too confident about this film, they seem to only be rolling out Brad Pitt at the press launches
  18. fun fact, I once called Phil Harrison a clueless bald twat he wasnt impressed
  19. I would just love to see some new IP....
  20. Jack Tretton couldnt have destroyed Don Mattrick more if he had said "Mattricks mom loves the dick"
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