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  1. Sky TV pundit trying pass himself off as being concerned for matchgoing fans is a particularly amusing highlight.
  2. It’s not necessarily just about Covid, it’s about how many players you have available, and Arsenal have a lot of injuries on top of Afcon absentees. How that is defined is the issue though, because clearly every PL club could have fulfilled their missed fixtures by dipping into their academies and so on. But the PL/EFL have let the genie out of the bottle now and clubs are clearly trying to game the system.
  3. None of it should be enough to get a game postponed. There shouldn’t have been a single game called off at PL level, it’s absolute nonsense given the size of squad available to these clubs. But the horse has bolted now, and Arsenal’s case is no less spurious than many others that have resulted in postponements.
  4. Gonna need to borrow some of Dr Klopp’s special LFTs to try and get the North London Derby postponed.
  5. Glad this flagrant cheating is being looked into. Although having seen how Arsenal played yesterday, maybe they’re regretting it now.
  6. Half time in the Man City game he asked Alisson to give his close personal friend and Covid-magnet Jair Bolsonaro a call. One private jet trip later and his perma-riddled arse was down the training ground coughing on everyone one by one.
  7. The Fox


    The FA conjuring up disciplinary charges from thin air, and Liverpool resorting to closing their own training ground because they're desperate to have their game against us called off. Ladies and gentlemen, The Arsenal are back.
  8. Easy to say Smith choked again, but in reality that was an absolutely stunning last three sets from Wright that anyone would have struggled to keep up with.
  9. Got a suspicion Wright might just shade it tonight, think he’ll have a bit too much consistency and experience for Smith, who will probably feel the pressure a lot more.
  10. The Fox


    We are a very stupid football team.
  11. The Fox


    Absolutely no chance that gets given the other way.
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