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  1. On current form I don’t think Hudson Odoi or Greenwood have any chance, but there’s still time to turn it around. Maddison I think we’ve seen enough squads to show that for whatever reason, Southgate doesn’t rate him, and I don’t think he’ll be in the Euros squad. I think Sancho, Grealish & Foden are all locks to get in though.
  2. Impossible to leave Saka out of the England squad if he keeps this level up, so I wonder if Southgate might be tempted to choose between Shaw and Chilwell, then just use him as LB cover too to free up another squad place.
  3. Villa are just kicking the shit out of Saka here. Blatant rotational fouling that they’re getting away with scot free.
  4. The Fox


    Cedric is fucking terrible btw.
  5. The Fox


    Outside the box it should be a red for DOCGSO, no?
  6. The Fox


    He’s got to go ffs. David Luiz would get three red cards for that.
  7. So the Southampton red card has been overturned but the Arsenal one has been upheld. Can any laws nerds explain why that is, because to my uneducated eyes they looked essentially the same?
  8. I take it you are unfamiliar with Runarsson.
  9. The Fox


    Fucking hell, what a dipshit.
  10. Very good and logical rules where if Luiz tries to foul him he gets booked, but if he doesn’t he gets sent off.
  11. @RJames I can't see from the pics but have you got the fan on the cooler (Mugen 5 it looks like?) set to intake? If not it might be worth flipping it - my temps went down with my cooler set to rear intake with a 3080 FE in an NR200P, compared to rear exhaust. Then 2 x bottom intake fans under the GPU and 1-2 x top exhaust fans. edit: nvm just saw the bit saying you had the cooler intaking air already
  12. Tuchel is a bum who falls out with absolutely everyone. Recipe for disaster there. Anyway, what a statement to put out about your club’s best ever player. Stay classy!
  13. The Fox


    Yeah he’s still a fucking imbecile but Xhaka did improve us a lot today.
  14. Yeah he was obviously very good at QPR but I'm surprised at how quickly he looks like a top Premier League calibre player.
  15. Bit worried that Arsenal are going to lose out on Big Sam to a fellow relegation contender.
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