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  1. Tbf that's entirely up to the player, there's nothing in the story to make Geralt sleep with more than one person so you can RP him as being faithful to Yen or Triss if you so desire.
  2. Just look at that prodigious leap from Shilts.
  3. You know that Diego Maradona isn't in this photo, right?
  4. I don’t have a Syncbox so I can only get the lightstrip to work when playing media/games via the PC and running the Windows app. I guess the advantage of the Syncbox is that it would work with consoles too, but it’s a lot of money just to add that functionality so I’m not that arsed. I have a hub in addition to the lightstrip.
  5. Anyone been following https://twitter.com/80sAging ? Huge big match feel going into tonight's clash between Chimenti and Nivaldo. It'll be a shame to see one of them go out so early, but that's knockout football for you.
  6. Just don't bother with the cherry bakewell ones. Vile.
  7. Those Xmas Pud digestives are out of stock for my Ocado order next week. Anyway most of the M&S £1.50 cookies are lovely.
  8. I'm still waiting on my case, fuck knows when that'll surface. Cooler Master don't seem to be able to make anywhere near enough of them unfortunately. When was the last UK 3080FE drop too? Must be nearly 3 weeks ago now.
  9. If you have a living room PC then you don't need the syncbox as you can just use the Windows Hue Sync app. It's a bit more faff though. I have a lightstrip behind my Sony OLED synced up in this way.
  10. Thanks. So for PC with a view to getting a PS5 at some point in the future, I want the 7P?
  11. Are these different to the 7X/7P?
  12. tbh I think the best implementation I've seen so far is in Minecraft.
  13. Unprecedented scenes as the 3070s were up for a full 8 minutes before going OOS.
  14. Yeah the 3070 definitely looks the better buy at 1440p compared to the RX 6800.
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