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  1. Are people seriously defending Klopp saying he can't be arsed to manage his team for the replay? Obviously it's fair for him to complain about the amount of football in England, and it's sensible to rest players, but what possible reason can there be for the manager to not show up? It's ridiculous.
  2. NXT vs NXT UK WORLD'S COLLIDE Houston, Texas NXT Women's Championship Rhea Ripley (c) vs Toni Storm 200 points NXT Cruiserweight Championship Angel Garza (c) vs Isaiah Scott vs Jordan Devlin vs Travis Banks 200 points Imperium vs The Undisputed Era 150 points Finn Balor vs Ilja Dragunov 150 points DIY vs Moustache Mountain 150 points Mia Yim vs Kay Lee Ray 150 points WWE ROYAL RUMBLE Men's Royal Rumble Winner: Roman Reigns 500 points Women's Royal Rumble Winner: Shayna Baszler 500 points WWE Universal Championship Strap Match The Fiend (c) vs Daniel Bryan 250 points WWE Raw Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) vs Asuka 200 points WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Bayley (c) vs Lacey Evans 200 points WWE United States Championship Andrade (c) vs Humberto Carillo 150 points Falls Count Anywhere Roman Reigns vs King Corbin 100 points Shorty G vs Sheamus 100 points MEN'S RUMBLE BONUS QUESTIONS 50 points each 1. Entrant #2? AJ Styles 2. Entrant #30? Elias 3. Longest innings? Kevin Owens 4. Surprise entrant 1? Cain Velazquez 5. Surprise entrant 2? Edge WOMEN'S RUMBLE BONUS QUESTIONS 50 points each 1. Entrant #2? Ember Moon 2. Entrant #30? Sasha Banks 3. Longest innings? Alexa Bliss 4. Surprise entrant 1? Lita 5. Surprise entrant 2? Scarlet Bordeaux
  3. The Fox


    Let's not let Luiz off the hook either because that's absolutely brain dead. Just let him shoot.
  4. Just over halfway through volume 2 and so far it's much, much better than volume 1. The subtext is pretty on-the-nose at times, but then it is intended to be suitable for younger readers too, so that's fine.
  5. The Fox


    Such an absurd, cowardly and negligent decision not to sack Emery before the last international break. Would have given Arteta some bedding in time with most of the squad, and a couple of more winnable fixtures to start off with.
  6. The Fox


    lol, had to be him. Fucksake edit: ah that's fucking gutting ffs
  7. Didn’t think much of episode 1 unfortunately, although the fight scene in Blaviken was good. Will stick at it for episode 2 though if people are saying it’s an improvement.
  8. The Fox


    Yeah his press conference was very encouraging I thought. He certainly talks a good game.
  9. The Fox


    I think Ancelotti is probably finished as a top level manager over the course of a league season tbh. Crossing everything that Arteta at least just makes us a bit fun again, because aside from that flurry of transfer activity in the summer, everything about the club has been utterly miserable for months. I think Aubameyang is probably nailed on to leave in the summer, as I doubt his brother slagging off Ljungberg & Arteta on social media is a complete accident. On the pitch it's obviously not good news, but this wouldn't be the first sign that he might be a bit of a dick. For one thing he's tight with those AFTV dickheads, ensuring that he'll be exempt from their ire no matter what he does.
  10. The Fox

    The Boxing Thread

    Joshua has boxed well, but Ruiz has been atrocious.
  11. The Fox


    If human fidget spinner Ceballos is classed as ‘top tier’ then we really are in the shit.
  12. The Fox


    I’m starting to think I may have got this one slightly wrong.
  13. The Fox


    Yeah I can see why this may have been an issue at the time. Presumably he has improved since though.
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