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  1. Henderson for Bellingham while Mount stays on. Gareth Southgate is a sick man.
  2. This Qatar keeper needs a move to England, he's pure Box Office.
  3. James Maddison at left wing back is certainly a choice.
  4. Petition for him to be called Gavin from now on. All in on Canada in this one!
  5. Comical defending from Schlotterbeck, who looks absolutely useless, but what a finish.
  6. You can take Romero out of Spurs...
  7. Most of the Puma WC kits are horrible, but this and Uruguay's home shirt are lovely. Pretty much all the Nike kits are shit apart from Brazil's, and the Portugal away. France away is ok. Most of the Adidas kits are nice, Mexico away being the highlight.
  8. I'd be amazed if he didn't go to 3-4-3 in the knockout stages, and to be honest I'm not convinced by the argument that it would be a bad idea. The trend of defensive solidity tending to win tournaments is pretty clear. The idea that we would blitz Brazil and Argentina off the park if we just unleashed all our attacking talents seems fanciful at best.
  9. I think we need a few more replays of their heads smashing into each other.
  10. Group D is an interesting one, because it's obviously not beyond the realms of possibility that Denmark top it ahead of France, meaning France would probably meet Argentina in the first knockout round, and one of the three favourites would be going out relatively early. Mind you, the holders never even made it out of the group stage in 2002, 2010, 2014 and 2018, so I suppose an early French exit shouldn't be all that surprising.
  11. That would be my team too if we really must play 3-4-3, but you just know it'll be something horrible like Pickford Walker, Stones, Maguire Trippier, Rice, Phillips, Shaw Mount, Kane, Sterling
  12. You're right - "barely scraped through" was hyperbolic on my part, but I do think if you look at performances in the early stages for a lot of recent winners, it's still fair to say that they weren't initially playing well. France 2018 - absolutely awful in the group stages. No real attacking cohesion at all, and only scored 3 goals. Giroud introduced to the starting XI as a result. Germany 2014 - easy win against Portugal after Pepe's silly first half red card, but then struggled against Ghana and USA, and needed extra time to eke past Algeria in the knockouts. Spain 2010 - lost to Switzerland in their opener and really struggled to create chances. Del Bosque refused to drop Alonso and play 4-3-3 (probably for political reasons), so instead dropped Torres for Pedro and moved David Villa to centre forward. Struggled to score goals all tournament, but had a water-tight defence. Italy 2006 - laboured through the group stages, drawing to USA and making hard work of beating Ghana, and were extremely fortunate not to lose to Australia in the first knockout game. France 1998 - Got 9 points in an easy group, but changed system as they weren't quite clicking. Henry was used as the main attacker earlier on. When Zidane came back from suspension after his stupid red card against Saudi Arabia, the system changed to him and Djorkaeff playing off Guivarch. Needed a Golden Goal to beat Paraguay in the knockouts.
  13. The Fox


    He has a good end product tbf but yeah, he can be very frustrating in open play.
  14. The Fox


    Making very hard work of this so far. Not at all convinced by Vieira, I have to say.
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