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    Illustration, 3DS, amiga, Wiiu, eating protein and lifting things, medium speed walking, lego, Japanese dramas, Anime.

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  1. mrpranny

    Nintendo Switch

    A friend , no really, is looking to buy a switch right now. Any ideas where to look for a new one with extra battery life ? They are saying online is sold out but thought I would ask here
  2. "Tiffin" should be taking to the ocean tomorrow! Sent by Shopto. Can only echo everyone else, this is perfect timing D:
  3. mrpranny

    Illustration Club

    Bourt! Awesome
  4. well... maybe not if they can't get them made in time
  5. Its a while ago but I seem to remember just shooting him till he goes away/ falls to his knees. But its a lifetime ago :3
  6. I guess you're talking about the modern day equivalent of the Neo Geo. Not sure how well that did due to not everyone having spare cash as high as twice as much as the current crop. Imagine buying all 3 manufacturers for 3K ( 2.5K) And in terms of what a phone is and does , a console isn't really necessary to anyone's life in the same way. Neither do they come in gold or diamond encrusted. Hopefully
  7. " the devkits are shaped rather wankily and unsubtly like the roman numeral for 5. To such a degree that no one wanted to point it out as it was too embarassing. *They're also easier to stack for devs."
  8. I did the same and thoroughly enjoyed that aspect. Heading into any area under levelled just to nab something cool. That for me is one of the greatest things about the game. It feels like you're doing something you're not supposed to and playing the game in your own way. I can see how that would seem like ruining the metroidvania aspect for some. Well I'd say it's quite like castlevania in that you'll enter some areas only to have to back out again and go another route . Metroidvania doesnt necessarily mean some routes are locked off by actual doors, as much as by difficulty.
  9. Not sure if it counts as its quite sparse in narration , but I've been playing The Last Guardian as my christmas game. The voice over at key points makes it feel really kids storybook like. So far I think is an all timer for me. (Perhaps its been patched lots but its easy to control Trico (so far))
  10. Havent played the others but Moonlighter is great and seriously addictive. Finished it this year on PC . The kind of game you fall asleep playing in a good way. Not necessarily that deep but the risk/ reward is strong
  11. mrpranny

    Illustration Club

    Probably most have seen but Painter 19 ( their previous to current version ) is about £20 on humble bundle. Still 4 days on it. I'm thinking about it but not sure if I'll use it with having photoshop. But seems a steal if youre in the market for something. I havent used the program since X so can't really comment on it. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/painter-create-with-confidence
  12. Thanks!, Thanks Dumpster too, already did the first part. Yeah that should be it, I have been there already.
  13. Cheers, I went back and brought some more of the right items, did all the last section again. Thankfully I kept 2 saves at the same place . Did it first try but my hands got a workout
  14. Its a great battle (and game) but (possible end boss spoilers !)
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